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Texe Marrs

Federal Atrocities Mount Up

"CIA, Contras and Cocaine linked to L.A. Gangs," read the headline in the Columbus Dispatch (Ohio) daily newspaper (Sept. 1, 1996). "Lawmakers Demand CIA Drug Probe," trumpeted Final Call newspaper (Sept. 17, 1996). Just as we've said in Power of Prophecy all along, the rogue government agency known as America's Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is proven to be the #1 crack cocaine distribution organization in the world.

The American people are finally being told what readers of Power of Prophecy and Texe Marrs' books have known for years: Rogue elements in the CIA and its rotten-apple cousin, the FBI, constitute America's largest, slimiest, and most despicable nest of criminal dope dealers!

In Power of Prophecy, I have repeatedly exposed Big Brother government's bloody acts of state terrorism. I have also reported on the many other criminal acts committed by the Shadow Government and its Gestapo police bureaucracy. Now, the national press is playing catch-up.

Here are some of the revelations that recently received press attention across the nation:

(1) CIA Drug-dealing: In a spectacular series of recent articles in the San Jose Mercury News and syndicated nation-wide, investigative reporter Gary Webb documented how CIA Director William Casey and his lieutenant, Oliver North, set up criminal cocaine rings in the black ghettos of Los Angeles. They supplied the leaders of the Cripps and the Blood gangs with tons of dope, clandestinely flown into the United States on CIA-contract aircraft. Thanks to the CIA and the White House, millions of dollars of crack cocaine was funneled by gangs into Los Angeles, then into Detroit, Philadelphia, Cleveland, and other cities.

Cheap and deadly cocaine flooded black ghettos. Crime and perversion multiplied—and the federal government was, and is, behind it all!

(2) FBI Laboratory Scandal: FBI agent and scientist Frederic Whitehurst, head of the FBI's criminal laboratory, blew the whistle on his agency's tampering with and manufacturing of evidence. In national television interviews and in newspapers (see USA Today, Sept. 13, 1996), Whitehurst stated that lab reports on evidence in the World Trade Center and Oklahoma City bombings were tampered with. Moreover, in the past several years, dozens of other criminal case reports were falsified and evidence manufactured. Tragically, a number of patriots have been falsely accused and convicted of crimes based on tainted, FBI lab reports.

(3) TWA Flight 800: Over 100 people reported seeing a missile or a streak of light zooming upward through the sky and impacting into the doomed airliner, followed by a fireball. Among the reports are eye-witness accounts by engineers, teachers, airmen, and other airline pilots. Since the airplane was out of range of the "Stinger" weapon, the shoulder-fired missiles supposedly possessed by independent terrorists, the only reasonable conclusion is that a CIA-supervised military unit is responsible (Austin American-Statesman, Sept. 19, 1996).

Why would the feds commit such a heinous act of terrorism? Consider this: President Clinton promptly took maximum advantage of the TWA 800 tragedy. He demanded that Congress approve $1.4 billion for new, "counter-terrorism" tools. Over $400 million of the funds will be allocated to government wiretapping of telephones and the development of interactive computer banks to monitor and track so-called "anti-government suspects." You can spell that, "Project L.U.C.I.D."

(4) U.S. POWs Abandoned to Communists: Newly declassified documents show that President Eisenhower, the Pentagon, and Ike's CFR-affiliated Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles, knew immediately after the Korean War that more than 6,742 American prisoners of war were still in Communist North Korean prisons. But Eisenhower decided to lie to the American people. He falsely claimed that all the POWs were returned (The New York Times, Sept. 17, 1996).

What happened, then, to the 6,472 men who were abandoned? According to recent, U.S. Senate testimony by Col. Philip Corso, top military aide to President Eisenhower, our U.S. intelligence found out that at least 900 of the POWs were transported to a Nazi-style research hospital run by Communist Czechoslovakia. There, according to the Senate testimony of a former Czech official, Major General Jan Sejna, they were used as human guinea pigs. The American POWs were subjected to chemical, biological, and other mind control and disease-causing agents, and were tortured and brutalized by Communist scientists. These ghastly experiments on our soldiers and airmen were supervised by Russian doctors.

TV and the press in the 1950s repeatedly showed us glowing images of a friendly, smiling, suntanned "Ike," strolling on the greens of luxurious, country club golf courses. Meanwhile, overseas, hundreds of our POWs were undergoing savage horrors and painful bloodletting. Their plight was so terrifying we cannot even imagine it.

The adulterous, womanizing Dwight D. Eisenhower, who, as a U.S. Army general, cheated on his wife by shacking up with a female soldier under his command, was a very evil and cunning deceiver. In retrospect, perhaps Ike's constant smile was just a sinister grin of demonic glee.

CIA dope-running; government sponsorship of gangs and inner city violence; FBI tainting of evidence; White House coverup of POW abandonment—surely God's judgment is about to fall on this once, great nation for the sins of its unholy leadership and government.

God is not blind to these grievous crimes. It was Thomas Jefferson who said, "Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just."

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