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The Cult of Diana

"This Paul hath persuaded and turned away much that...the temple of the great goddess Diana should be despised, and her magnificence should be destroyed, whom all Asia and the world worshippeth." (Acts 19:26 27)

She was the great one, the goddess, "whom all the world worshipped." Her beauty was indisputable, her magnetic charm irresistible. Peoples everywhere were drawn to her nurturing instincts and her sensual appeal. Though she had many lovers, she was held up almost as one possessed of pure innocence, as "The Virgin." Her radiant and shining symbol was the star, and she, herself, symbolized the mysterious moon, in all its nightly glory and brilliance.

The Two Dianas

Diana with tiera
If you believe I am describing Diana, you are correct. I am. But, which Diana? For the Holy Bible records a revealing, yet curious, episode in the universal worship of the great goddess Diana during the tumultuous time of the early Christian church. The book of Acts records how the people of Ephesus grew angry when the gospel preaching of the Apostle Paul threatened to overturn the worship of Diana.

In the days of Imperial Rome, Diana represented all the gods except Jesus. Her lovely and fetching "image" was prominent everywhere. It was said that this image of Diana had fallen from the heavens to earth. Thus, she was a heavenly "star."

A devoted cult grew up to venerate the image of Diana. And people everywhere practiced "craft"—witchcraft, magic, and sorcery—in her name. (Acts 19:26-27). Realizing that the Christian truths that Paul represented opposed their evil doings and their false religion, the people of Ephesus rioted. Demonstrators cried out in their wrath, "Great is Diana of the Ephesians."

The Bible says that in the wake of this momentous event, "the whole city was filled with confusion."

Henry Kissinger and Princess Diana

This picture was published in Time magazine in an issue highlighting 1995's renowned people of the year. The caption read: Kissinger me you fool: Between revealing that she had strayed ('there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded,' she told the BBC) and ranging far and wide as an angel of mercy, the Princess of Wales more than ensured her coronation as 'queen of people's hearts.'"

A Global Cult of Diana

The venerable religion of Diana never really died out. It simply went underground for two millennia. Then came a real, flesh and blood Diana to grace the Earth for a brief span of years. Like the Diana of old, this Diana, too, was romanticized, beloved, and even worshipped. Her magnificent image became omnipresent on TV, in magazines, newspapers, and movies, and on billboards.

It can even be said that a global "Cult of Diana" has, over the years, grown up around the very image of Diana, Princess of Wales. Millions of tabloids with her pictures have been sold. Photographic books decorated with her smiling visage are popular bestsellers.

The fashion world followed her choice of clothes, and women everywhere fantasized that they, themselves were princesses, modeled after the image of the precious, lovely, and desirable "Lady Di."

And so, Diana became today's "star." In fact, as a symbol of his devotion, her ill-fated lover, Dodi Fayed, gave Diana a diamond-studded ring in the shape of a star to seal the couple's vows of engagement and intent to join in holy matrimony.

The Moon and Star: Symbols of Witchcraft

Dodi was a Moslem. Like others of this religious sect, he paid homage to the symbols of Islam: the crescent moon and the star. Whether or not Mr. Fayed knew it, both of these symbols spiritually represent the great goddess Diana. The ancients fully understood the esoteric significance of the crescent moon and the star. So, too, do the bulk of today's witches. Their government-sanctioned and IRS tax exempt Church of Wicca recognizes and embraces these symbols. To modern-day witches, the great goddess Diana remains the supreme deity.

In ancient, pagan Shinar, Babylon, and Sumeria, Diana was called Astarte, Ishtar, or Ashtoreth (Star). One of her names as the moon goddess was "Sin." And to this day, sinful covens of witches gather in 13-person circles on the night of the full moon. They dance and howl in unison to the goddess Diana, and they perform a ritual to evoke the spirits which they call the "Drawing Down of the Moon."

Charles and Diana

A supposedly blissful Diana and Charles in 1981, shortly after their marriage.

Occultism With A Royal Flavor

It is a known fact that today's royal family, the Windsors, as well as many of their peers, practice astrology, magic and witchcraft. Diana Spencer, Sarah Ferguson and others have openly engaged in sorcery and frequently sought the advice of occultic seers and "sensitives." Some profess a belief in pyramid powers; others have taken secret vows to honor the Earth Goddess.

Prince Charles, of course, as an environmentalist, is deep into the ancient religion of the goddess Diana, known under the name of Gaia. He has also been initiated into the secret Royal Society called the Order of the Garter. The "garter" refers to the sexual, tantric magic of the goddess Diana and evokes the erotic imagery of the great deity, "Diana, Whom All The World Worshippeth."

The World Seeks After A Queen

Diana's Burial Plot

Diana was laid to rest near the grounds of her Spencer family estate North of London, on an island surrounded by an egg-shaped pool of water. The pagan symbology (egg representing fertility) was significant.

Thus, we come to the death of Diana Spencer, the late Princess of Wales. The whole world mourned her death—yes, even the population of China, Hong Kong, and other distant points in Oriental Asia cried tears and sent bouquets of flowers and sorrowful messages of condolence following the tragic fall of this alluring, feminine image of beauty and innocence. The Princess of Wales capably proved to be a Queen and Star sent from heaven. She remains, in her death, "Diana, whom all the world worshippeth."

We cannot however, cast blame for all this on Princess Diana herself. Somewhat shy, lacking self-esteem, and being drawn almost against her will into castle intrigue and double-dealing, Diana did not purposely hold herself up as a goddess. It was the world that put Diana on a pedestal. The people clamored for gossip and tidbits of news about her. Millions sobbed with her personal tragedies and cheered her on against adversity. She became Diana the Divine not because she grabbed for glory, but because the people wanted it that way. Diana's adoring royal subjects willingly submitted to her and bowed down before her because they wanted to worship the feminine image of a heavenly Queen right here on planet earth.

Long Live The Image Of Diana!

And now, the broken and lifeless body of the lovely Diana Spencer lies in rest on a small, lush and fertile island, surrounded by a tranquil body of water, on the grounds of the ancestral mansion of the Spencer family of British nobility. Yet, her image remains, vivid and compelling, in the minds of men, women and children everywhere. Diana is dead. Long live the image of Diana.

How fascinating it is, that in the Bible, it is prophesied that in the last days an image will be established and worshipped by almost every person on Earth:

"And he doeth great wonders...And deceiveth them that dwell on earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do...saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live." (Revelation 13:13-14)

Please note that this image is to and not of the Beast. Then, in Revelation 17, is a breathlessly startling image of a beautiful woman, a harlot, bedecked in jewels and wearing scarlet, called, "Mystery Babylon, Mother of Harlots."

Like the inhabitants of Babylon, Egypt, Greece, and Rome, the 1990s people of earth are demanding a Queen of Hearts to whom they can wholly devote their lives and bow down before in utter admiration. In Catholic Churches today, we find prominently on pedestals and altars the image of "Mary," whom worshippers pray to as the Queen of Heaven. Catholic doctrine teaches that Christ is not enough, that God has a mother, our co-redeemer, also worthy of our veneration and adoration. Watch out, because Bible prophecy says that, indeed, a Queen the people shall have!

Troubling Questions

Following the death of Diana of Wales, probing and troubling questions come to the fore. Just as in the case of Diana of the Ephesians, confusion reigns, and many people are growing discontented, frustrated, and angry. They are asking:

  Was Diana killed in a horrible and tragic accident—or was the Princess of Wales murdered?

  Why did Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family refuse to accord the dead Diana the courtesy of a State funeral, complete with all the glitter and accessories, pomp and pageantry befitting a much-beloved, late member of royalty?

  Why, indeed, did Prince Charles, Prince Philip, the Queen, and other members of the Royal Family stubbornly decline to so much as publicly issue a statement of sympathy and regret until forced to do so by prevailing public sentiment, and then, belatedly, five days after her death?

And More Questions...

There are also other questions that beg to be answered. For example:

  How deeply was Princess Diana immersed in the supernatural? Had she, before her death, become demon-possessed as a result of her unnatural interest in fortune-telling, psychic phenomena, and her contacting the spirits of the dead? More important, was Diana's death a judgement from God, exemplifying the ultimate penalty to be paid by those who reject the Holy Spirit but seek after "familiar spirits?"

  What of Prince Charles? Was he responsible for the Princess' unhappiness and misery? Is he, too, controlled by devils whom Charles invited into his soul by virtue of his own, dark involvement in the occult? What, then, shall be Charles' ultimate fate?

  Is there a "big picture" observable here? Did Diana's decision to marry a Moslem and have a baby with Dodi Fayed have anything to do with her death?

  Is there in existence a long-held, secret theology of British Zionism connected with the Royal Family and the throne of England?

  Is there an inner circle of powerful men behind the scene in England, and in Europe and the Americas, who believe the Royal family to represent the Throne of David, the House of Jacob, and the blood lineage of he Christ?

Young Prince William, heir to the throne.

Did these men mandate and dictate a sentence of death for Diana?

  Was Diana, in fact, felled by an assassination plot? If so, who is responsible? The American CIA? British Intelligence? Scotland Yard? The Israeli Mossad? The French Secret Service? Interpol? Did the Royals hire an unheralded, rogue group of professional assassins to do the dirty deed?

  What shall become of Prince William, heir to the throne? Young, and handsome, the future of the Prince is now energized by the charisma of his late mother and the devotion paid to her by her worshippers and admirers around the globe. Will Charles allow his son, William, to be crowned in his stead? Is this all part and parcel of a staggering plan of the Illuminati for these last days?

  Finally, could his Royal Highness, William (the name "William" means the "Will of I Am"), someday be universally acclaimed as Prince of Wales and of the entire planet earth, defender and god of all faiths, and protector of the image of his beloved mother? In sum: the Antichrist and Beast?

"...and all the world wondered after the beast...and power was given him over all kindreds and tongues, and nations. And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb, slain from the foundation of the world." (Revelation 13:3, 7-8)

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