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The Mysterious Riddle of Chandra Levy

In all the horror and psychodrama that ensued after the September 11th terrorist attack on America, the scandal involving Congressman Gary Condit and the missing intern, Chandra Levy, was swept under the rug. However, strange as it may be, the mystery of the Chandra Levy disappearance is intimately connected with the war on terrorism and especially with the September 11th hijackings and mass murders.

Just two months prior to her disappearance, Chandra and her mother, Susan, flew to Israel where Chandra was photographed in odd, but revealing, esoteric poses amid ancient ruins. These pictures were later published in Talk Magazine (Aug. 8, 2001) and elsewhere.

World Trade Center Attacks

Did Chandra Levy have advance knowledge of the September 11th horror?

The Tribe of Levi

Keep in mind that Chandra's Jewish name, "Levy," comes from the tribe of Levi. In the Bible in Numbers 1:48-51 the Lord spoke to Moses commanding that the Levites be appointed over the tabernacle of God and be ministers. Only the Levitical priests were ordained to offer a holy sacrifice unto the Lord. The Levites kept the law.

Did the notorious men of Satan's Washington, D.C. Illuminati brotherhood endeavor to commit the obscene abomination of sacrificing a young Jewish woman named "Levy" on their high holy day, the day revered in the occult netherworld as the day of Grand Sacrifice? Did Chandra Levy's murder symbolize for them their liberty to be free of God and God's law?

Chandra Levy a Mossad Agent?

An accumulation of evidence indicates that the 24-year old Levy was a youthful recruit of the Israeli Mossad, that nation's premier spy agency. In that capacity, she had served as an intern in the executive offices of California Governor Gray Davis, an Illuminati initiate, and that is where she first met Mr. Condit, also an Illuminati servant.

In Washington, D.C., Ms. Levy not only began a relationship and affair with Gary Condit, she also was introduced to the perverted inner sex lives of numbers of other congressmen, all of whom are part of D.C.'s exclusive satanic brotherhood.

Working at the top level of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the ingenious Chandra was able to obtain highly classified information pertaining to Timothy McVeigh, then awaiting execution in a federal penitentiary. She came upon documents linking McVeigh to a broad, Illuminati-U.S. intelligence operation involving FBI and CIA-sponsored domestic "pseudo terrorists" (McVeigh, Nichols, et. al), Arab Islamic agents, and foreign intelligence services (Germany, Britain, and Israel).

Gary Condit is himself a senior member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence, a fact that Chandra Levy used to good advantage in her role as a Mossad agent. Ms. Levy requested Condit obtain for her a position at CIA headquarters, suggesting that if he did not, certain "private things" about Condit's intelligence connections and his grotesquely satanic, sexual misconduct might be made public.

I believe that at that point Chandra Levy had somehow stumbled onto the most shocking intelligence secret of the last few decades—the horrific Illuminati plot to manipulate so-called Arab Islamic terrorists to smash airliners into the World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon.

Death in Baphomet's Rock Creek Park

This unauthorized disclosure sealed Chandra Levy's doom. On May 1st, a date numerologically and occultly significant in the Illuminati's witchcraft and satanic calendar, she was disposed of during a ritual at D.C.'s mysteriously gothic Rock Creek Park, a large, forested area which is shaped like a goat's head—the hideous head of Baphomet, the Masonic goat-god, representative of the coming antichrist.

Israeli Spies and Commandos in New York City

According to Ha'aretz, the largest circulation daily newspaper in Israel, on the day the two hijacked aircraft exploded the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, five Israelis were sighted atop a New York Manhattan building. They were working a video camera. This Israeli spy team videotaped the entire terrorist incident from start to finish. Nearby observers who clandestinely saw them were astonished to see the five men shouting joyously and jumping up and down as the explosions ripped the towers and each building collapsed.

These nearby witnesses phoned the NYC police and the FBI. The FBI came and arrested the five, who turned out to be Israelis carrying false visa papers. The Ha'aretz article said the five were stripped of their clothes, incarcerated in dark jail cells, and interrogated nonstop for 13 solid hours by FBI agents. The FBI interrogators accused the five of being Israeli Mossad spy agents.

Their arrest alerted the FBI to the existence of some 200 Israeli "commandos" training at a warehouse in New Jersey. They and the five arrested were "employed" by a bogus moving company owned by an Israeli.

After diplomatic intervention at the highest levels of the Israeli and U.S. governments, the NYC FBI squad was ordered to cease their investigation, release the five suspects, and turn them over to the Israeli Consul. They were immediately flown to Israel.

Did these bizarre events have anything to do with advance intelligence information obtained by Chandra Levy and passed on to Israel prior to her May 1st abduction?

Congressman Gary Condit Promoted by Elite

Our eyes are further opened when we discover what has happened in the past few weeks since September 11th, to the disgraced Congressman Gary Condit. Thought to be on the ropes, his career finished, Condit's Illuminati friends have now come to his rescue.

House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) and House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt (D-MO) on September 16 moved to elevate and promote Condit, naming him to sit on the just-created, influential new House Committee on Homeland Defense and Terrorism. Meanwhile, Democratic Party big-wigs, working behind-the-scenes, promised Condit their full support—and all the money he needs—to run for re-election next year.

Amazingly, even though he has been outed to all of America as a vicious, unfeeling, immoral viper, Condit remains the Illuminati's reigning, California "Pretty Boy," if you get my drift.

Star Magazine

Star magazine has long been a thorn in the side of the elite, bravely exposing their plots and murders. Payback came with a vicious anthrax germ disease attack against the magazine and its employees

Star Magazine Punished with Anthrax

It was the surprisingly reliable Star, a tabloid, that first broke the Bill Clinton/Gennifer Flowers sex scandal. It was also the Star that, back in July, broke the stunning, documented story and revelation that Gary Condit is a homosexual and sick sex pervert into bizarre ritual. Guess which magazine in Boca Raton, Florida was punished by "terrorists" with an anthrax attack in September? That's right—Star!

It was a Star company employee who died of anthrax infection, and the germ was found on a Star keyboard. The U.S. Justice Department then ordered the entire building owned by the 300-employee corporation that publishes Star and two other tabloids to be closed and sealed. This was a lesson that the Illuminati elite would no longer allow independent "rogue" media to "out" its political servants.

Orwellian Illusion and the Morning of the Magicians

These astonishing things amply prove that few things in Washington, D.C. (or Florida!) are what they seem. Orwellian Illusion is rampant as the Illuminist, global psychodrama continues unabated. Neither should we make the mistake of thinking that September 11 occurred precisely the way it has been described in the media.

It is but morning and the magicians are already fast at work, deceiving and gulling the masses. Soon, however, "night cometh" when, as our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ testified, "no man can work." Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!

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