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Texe Marrs

Thank you Lord, for our 20th anniversary

Power of Prophecy is thrilled to be celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and we want to take this opportunity to give all glory and credit to God for our success.

As many of you know, we started out in 1986 as Living Truth Ministries but, later, we laid that entity to rest and founded Power of Prophecy. Our purpose was to make sure that the new ministry would not be a 501(c)3 government-controlled group as are most other churches and ministries. While it is true that 501(c)3 controlled groups qualify for government subsidies and receive tax deductions for their donators, these always come with strings attached. After the IRS formally advised us that tax exemption requires that churches and groups teach and publish only topics and subjects pre-approved by the federal government, we quickly decided, "No thanks!"

Several big-name evangelists and pastors predicted we could not survive without the benefits of IRS 501(c)3 status. They were wrong. These people did not understand the power of God, and they underestimated the determination of Christian men and women who refuse to kow-tow down to and beg the government bureaucrats for sustenance.

Power of Prophecy Ministries has God's stamp of approval, and Wanda and I have the prayers and financial support of our friends (You!!!) What more do we need? How truly blessed we are. So we here at the Ministry are exceedingly glad to exclaim, Thank you, Lord, and thank each of you, our dear friends.


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