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Printing Lies, Spreading Propaganda

Who runs America? Is it the people, our politicians, or the media? We know that "the people" is not the answer, because the people are opposed to the Iraq War, the police state, globalism, a North American Union, the continuing invasion of illegal immigrants, abortion, homosexuality, ad infinitum. But the media could care less what the people want. They label the average American as bigoted, racist and stupid.

The politicians follow the lead of the media. Any politician who does not is blacklisted, smeared, and defamed by the media. All who go along with the socialist/fascist agenda of the media become "media darlings" and are promoted to stardom on TV and in newsmagazines and newspapers.

So, if the media is king, then who is it that runs the media? Who is the power behind the press throne? That, too, is easy to discover. Answer: Jews, or to be specific, America-hating Zionist Jews! Frank Feltner, a scholar of media, recently found that a staggering 96% of all the world's media corporations are owned by wealthy Zionist Jews. CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox—wherever you turn your TV dial, you're watching a Zionist propaganda media operation. On a recent night, Tim Russert, host of Meet the Press, had three Senators on his program, supposedly to tell America what the Senate is up to. The three: Schumer, Feinstein, and Boxer—were all Jews.

This is typical. Watch TV news on any given night and check out the names of the talking heads. Here's a list of names from a recent evening—think of it, just one evening: Berger, Emmanuel, Koppel, Greenspan, Franken, Tuchman, King, Albright, Rubin, Blitzer, Schuster, Cohen...Jew, Jew, Jew.

Sumner Redstone

At left: Sumner Redstone (real name: Rothstein) is just one of the Zionist Jews who run America through the media. Billionaire Rothstein owns Viacom, Paramount Pictures, MTV, Showtime, VH1, Nickelodeon, and more. His holdings are second only to those of fellow Zionist radical, Rupert Murdoch. Rothstein’s father made his fortune in the liquor industry.

Edgar Bronfman, Jr.

At right: Rush Limbaugh is a crypto-Jew and a reputed homosexual. He visited Israel with his Jewish rabbi and lives in a plush $24 million estate in a ritzy Jewish enclave in Palm Beach, Florida. Naturally, "El Rushmo" is an ardent Jewish crazy who advocates more and more war in the Middle East.

Rush Limbaugh

Edgar Bronfman, Jr., heir to the Seagrams Whiskey empire, has now branched out into media. He runs Universal Studios, Polygram Records, Warner Music, and a lion’s share of TimeWarner and Vivendi.

It's no surprise, then, that the opinion you get on the networks is uniformly anti-Constitution, pro-Israel, anti-Palestinian, pro-Jew, pro-liberal, pro-socialist, pro-homosexual, pro-abortion, etc., etc. Get the picture? They're telling you and me what to think and how to act, and no opposing views are allowed. When they are, the person espousing the opposite view is screamed at, lied about, called a "fringe crazy," a "conspiracy theorist," a "lunatic," or otherwise derided and marginalized.

Take Congressman Ron Paul, candidate for President. His incredible popularity among everyday Americans is incontestable. But the media constantly give him the cold shoulder. Better to ignore Paul and pretend he's not even there, than to face up to the fact that he's the only Republican the grass roots majority would give one plug nickel for. So, the media shower their attention on the homosexual Giuliani, the flip-flop Mormon Romney, the dumbo Senator Thompson from TV's Law & Order, or the "bomb, bomb Iran" nutcase, McCain. As far as Ron Paul is concerned, the media approach is, "Who?...Ron Paul?... Never heard of him."

I have now completed my fact-filled two-hour series, Printing Lies, Spreading Propaganda—The Zionist Media and The Highjacking of History and Truth. Friends, you must obtain this information. Then you'll understand exactly how our lying and deceitful politicians manage the news, stage world events, and coverup their bloody atrocities and money-grabbing larcenies. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion long ago detailed the Zionist Jew scheme to buy up the media and use it to their greedy advantage. And they've followed this dastardly plan to the letter.

They own Newsweek, Time, and U.S. News & World Report. They have put their Jewish lackeys—Rush Limbaugh and others—into slots on talk radio, and they are the Masters of Hollywood. Incredibly, through manipulation, favoritism, and corrupt dealings, they are also now kings of the computer world and internet. Bill Gates of Microsoft?—yep, Jew. Michael Dell of Dell Computers? Yes, Jew. The owners of Time Warner, Google, Yahoo? Uh-huh—Jewish.

Get my special report on Printing Lies, Spreading Propaganda (Available on Tape or CD). Don't let these jackals tell you how to think and in what to believe. Discover the truth and be set free of their mesmerizing spiderweb of fabricated untruths.

Who is the power behind the press' throne?
Texe Marrs exposes the anti-American Zionist Jews who control the media!
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Printing Lies, Spreading Propaganda
Printing Lies, Spreading Propaganda—The Zionist Media and the Highjacking of History and Truth

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