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Texe Marrs

Witchdoctors of the Pharmaceutical Industry

One of the greatest dangers to America today comes not from terrorists or economic manipulators but from the modern witchdoctors pushing drugs—drugs that are wrecking peoples' bodies and destroying peoples' minds. These witchdoctors in executive suites and in doctor's smocks are getting rich off the misery of unwitting victims by the millions.

In fact, the use of many drugs is indistinguishable from magic. The Holy Bible says that mind control drugs are derived from sorcery and devilish craft. The ancient Mystery Religions 
Are the doctors of the pharmaceutical industry any different than the witchdoctors of voodoo and African tribalism?
commonly used mind-bending drugs in their Luciferian rituals. Now, in America, most children are put on horrendous drug-therapy from the time they are two or three-years of age, and they're "diagnosed" with nonexistent maladies and treated with drugs by foolish, moronic doctors.

Meanwhile, explosive evidence shows that the CIA is behind the illegal drugs—meth, heroin, LSD, cocaine—flooding America and ruining peoples' minds and lives.

No sensible person is opposed to good medicine. We know that antibiotics, aspirin, and many others are helpful, even miraculous. But I have found that often, a natural product is just as effective, and more safe to boot. Even the stodgy and corrupt American Medical Association is beginning to accept the fact that vitamins and herbs are key to good health and healing. My own research, for example, shows that Vitamin D, Dandelion, curry (curmurin), garlic, selennium, raspberries, and a number of other natural substances are wonderful virus, bacteria, and cancer fighters. When Wanda and I have an upset stomach or indigestion, we take papaya extract pills, and it never fails to work.

Is it not so that God has given us everything we need for good health in his miraculous natural world-in herbs, plants, trees, and so forth? Rather than moneymaking (for the pharmaceutical bigwigs) drugs that kill and maim, shouldn't we investigate and look to these natural substances to the greatest extent possible?

I agree—it is okay to seek out conventional doctors and take prescription drugs. Just, be wary. Remember, there are a lot of witchdoctors mixed in with the good guys. Don't buy completely into their rose-colored lies.

What's more, keep in mind that it's not only the Mexican and foreign drug lords that are pushing meth, cocaine, marijuana and other life-destroying drugs. Big Brother's aim is to poison our minds and weaken our bodies, rendering us unable to resist his campaign to rule over us.

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Witchdoctors of the Pharmaceutical Industry
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