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Where the Rich and Famous Dwell

"I have been insane on the subject of money-making all my life."

Cornelius "Commodore" Vanderbilt
Fortune’s Children

"But God said unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee; then whose shall those things be?"...

Jesus Christ
Luke 12:20-21

In his classic novel, The Great Gatsby, acclaimed writer F. Scott Fitzgerald examined the wildly reckless, yet oddly foreboding lifestyle of the superwealthy, America's monied class. In the novel, observing the depraved and unethical character of the superwealthy, one, less financially endowed character confided, "The rich are different than you and me."

Is this true? Are the rich—the monied blood dynasties and financial titans of this world—different than you and me?

The answer, if we judge these sinister and calculating men solely on the basis of their fabulous dwellings—their palatial estates and luxuriously appointed mansions—is...yes!

I believe that in a decadent material world, where men and women are unfairly judged on how much money they possess, what kind of expensive auto they drive (or are chauffeured in!), and how huge and magnificent is their dwelling place, we can, with clarity, conclude that the rich are far, far different than you and me.

I know, I know—an egalitarian might object, pointing out the Jeffersonian credo that "All men are created equal." However, look around—you and I know that is not so, certainly not in regard to wealth and prosperity. Sadly but surely, as George Orwell, of 1984 fame, suggested in his insightful essay, Animal Farm, "Everyone is born equal, but some are born more equal than others."

Habitats Brimming with Luciferian Energy

Where the Rich and Famous Dwell
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Considering their dwelling places, the rich are definitely in a far different league. But the estates and mansions of the wealthy Illuminati elite are different in ways other than measured by their huge size, ritzy décor, sprawling grounds, and price tag. As I illustrate quite vividly in Where the Rich and Famous Dwell (available in VHS or DVD), my newest video documentary release, the dwellings of the rich are brimming with Luciferian energy. Look closely at the ominously dark architectural features of their habitats and you'll discover strange things—beasts in stone, occult designs, wicked furniture appointments, and pagan works of art.

Since it is true that in an immoral, Christless world, men and women are judged by the things with which they surround themselves and by where and how they live, the conclusion is inescapable: The Illuminati are soul-possessed human devils!

The decadent lifestyles, unethical business practices, and raw personal character of the wealthy elite are mirrored in their dwellings. Consider, for example, Cornelius Vanderbilt, who manipulated the stock market and unscrupulously heaped for himself a staggering fortune. Vanderbilt admitted to associates that for as long as he could remember he had been obsessed with making money—"I have been insane on the subject of money-making all my life."

Gargoyles, Horned Devils, Ancient Gods, and Phallic Signs

The Biltmore Estate

Statue of Cornelius Vanderbilt Cornelius "Commodore" Vanderbilt, and the Biltmore Estate, decorated with demonic gargoyles. Gargoyles decorate the Biltmore Estate
The Vanderbilt Dynasty's fabulous Biltmore Estate no doubt reflects this money mania, and it also reflects the fact that, according to his biographers, Vanderbilt never made a single business decision until he first consulted with demon spirits.

Featured in the video Where the Rich and Famous Dwell, the Vanderbilts' Biltmore Estate openly displays gargoyles and horned devils in stone, paintings of ancient Mystery Religion gods and goddesses, and witchcraft furnishings.

At the Rockefellers' Kykuit estate you'll find a statue of a nude goddess, sculptures of Greek deities, zodiac signs in mosaic, and an Egyptian obelisk. The gravesite of the wealthy dynasty's founding father, oil magnate John D. Rockefeller, is shown to be a towering Egyptian obelisk, a phallic sign of the Illuminati's core doctrine of reincarnation.

Also in Where the Rich and Famous Dwell, you'll visit the Rothschild's ornate Waddesdon Manor in England, where America's richest billionaire, Warren Buffett, and California Governor—the "Chosen Disciple"—Arnold Schwarzenegger recently met with Lord Jacob Rothschild. The architecture of Waddesdon Manor is highlighted by a striking fountain in the gardens with statuary of a gigantic vicious serpent terrorizing hapless victims.

DuPont Mansion
Alfred DuPont The duPont Mansion: notice the great owl and the Skull & Bones design; At left is Alfred duPont; at right is the chauffeur's garage with its Rolls-Royce automobiles. Chauffer's Garage at DuPont Mansion
On the grounds of the duPont mansion we find a great owl and skull & bones design carefully grafted into the landscape while, parked outside the chauffeurs' garage, we observe luxurious Rolls Royce automobiles.

Astor Court, home of John Jacob Astor, boldly shows forth the Astor family crest—a crowned dragon serpent. Hmmm. Doesn't the Bible describe the devil as both a serpent and a dragon?

Astor Family Crest
John Jacob Astor The family of New York Illuminist John Jacob Astor (left, in costume for a party) adopted as his family crest the crowned dragon-serpent.
At the Getty estate, meanwhile, we discover the statue of a devilish faun resting on a rock in the pool, and, nearby, a statue of the Greek deity Hermes, "Messenger of the Gods." Inside, painted on a wall mural, is the hideous image of a man's decapitated head, hanging from a cord on the ceiling.

The sumptuous Sarasota, Florida, estate of John Ringling, of Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus fame, startles with its horned devil in stone on the exterior façade. A fountain honoring the Roman/Greek sea beast god, Poseidon, or Neptune, sits outside the entrance to the Ringling Art Museum.

Then there's the Hearst Castle in the hills of San Simeon, California, with its "insane abundance," and my new video also takes viewers to the "Disneyland" castles of Bavaria's King Ludwig the Mad. Previewed as well is the library of Wall Street titan J.P. Morgan, furnished with marble, bronze, and walnut, not to mention the Zodiac signs and occult pieces of art.

Ca'd'Zan - John Ringling's Home Ca'd'Zan, the opulent home of John Ringling, founder of Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Ringling, a 33º Mason, placed a horned-devil on the exterior of his Florida home.
John Ringling Horned-devil on Ringling's Mansion

Lives of the Elite Saturated in Occultism

These are just a few of the many breathtaking examples of the dwelling places of the Illuminati rich and famous showcased in my eye-opening video. It is undeniably true that the lives of the elite are saturated in occultism. Surely, the mansions and castles in which they and their families dwell have become the habitats of devils. Can the minds and souls of these men remain free of demonic influence when their households are so thoroughly immersed in satanic architectural decadence?

You Can't Take It With You

John D Rockefeller John D. Rockefeller, left, shown with his telling grave marker, the obelisk.
John D Rockefeller Gravestone Rockefeller Graveside Obelisk
Some years ago, the Broadway play, You Can't Take it With You, captivated audiences. James Stewart starred in the movie of the same name. In the scriptures, the Apostle Paul states much the same principle, reminding us all that no matter how rich and how many possessions we acquire, these insanely abundant things will do us not one iota of good when we depart this earth.

The Apostle James issued a notable fiery warning to men who gain their great wealth and build their immense fortunes on the backs and misery of those whom they oppress. "Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days," he admonished, "Behold, the hire of the labourers...which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries of them...are entered into the ears of the Lord." (James 5:4)

It was, however, Christ Jesus whose life and example as an humble man lights our path today. The Lord possessed not even a foxhole in which he could lay his head. "Take heed," Christ warned, that worldly riches and things not be your downfall. In His parable of the greedy rich man who foolishly built up his vast estate, drank wine and pleasured in his great possessions, the Lord said: "Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee: Then whose shall these things be?...So is he that layeth up treasures for himself, and is not rich toward God."

Doesn't that say it all? The Illuminati are, indeed, fabulously, insanely, rich. Their dwellings provide them lifestyles of abundance you and I as ordinary people can scarcely imagine. But Jesus lays down the ultimate guidestone by which all men, on that great day coming, will be measured.

Who is the man who is "rich toward God?" He it is who shall be rewarded. He it is who shall receive the Kingdom and be made joyous by the presence of His Glory. Truly, as this same Jesus promised, "In my Father's house are many mansions." What mortal man—even a Rothschild or a Rockefeller—can top the incalculable treasure that awaits the redeemed child and servant of God?

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