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Exclusive Intelligence Examiner Report
Texe Marrs

The Panoramic Story of the Rothschild Empire and Their New World Order


I have just finished reading Michael Collins Piper’s blockbuster new book, The New Babylon, and I cannot recommend it enough to you. Piper, of course, has authored many top-notch books and has proven to be a dynamo in the field of conspiracy research. But his newest volume takes the grand prize.

"Babylon" is a biblical code word for the last days global empire prophesied in the Holy Bible, in Revelation 17. Yes, God Himself told us in advance of the supreme wickedness of this endtime "Great City."

The scriptures tell us this global colossus will have its spiritual center in the "Great City" Jerusalem, which is "that city wherein our Lord was crucified" (Revelation 11:8). Yet, though its dark soul is anchored in Jerusalem, its octopus-like tentacles of bloody control, the Bible says, shall extend throughout the whole of planet earth.

Ancient Babylon and The New Babylon

Lord James de Rothschild
Lord James de Rothschild, in 1935, takes a Masonic pose as his right hand rests on cabalistic texts.

Ancient Babylon was an utter cesspool of sin and depravity, but this New Babylon, also known as "Mystery Babylon," easily surpasses the ancient version in the magnifying of evil and horror.

What Piper does in his tremendous, groundbreaking book is reveal the bloodline dynasty and leadership of this fantastic world empire. Based on the satanic religious teachings of the Talmud, we discover that the goal of the modern New Babylon is a "Jewish Utopia." This is to be an imperialistic New World Order led by the Rothschilds, its peerage of royalty. Lord Jacob Rothschild of Britain is the current titular head of this demon-possessed family—the richest on earth. He is the Fourth Baron of the Rothschild Dynasty. How interesting that the prophet Daniel, in the scriptures, speaks of the "Fourth Kingdom" which will overtake the earth and subdue all nations.

A Taboo Subject

Piper’s The New Babylon is an amazing achievement because, up to now, no one in history has dared to examine this taboo subject. What stuns me is that my own new DVD film, Rothschild’s Choice: Barack Obama and the Hidden Cabal Behind the Plot to Murder America (available in DVD), was released this September 1st. Unknown to me, at almost the same moment, having worked independently and with no knowledge of my separate landmark video, Michael Collins Piper and the folks at American Free Press were preparing to release their own exposé of the Rothschild/Babylon/New World Order connection.

In his book, Piper further confirms what I disclose in Rothschild’s Choice—that Barack Obama is a dangerous shill and tool of Rothschild and Jewish criminal interests.

Is it not fascinating that these two exposés—Piper’s book and my video—came out simultaneously, with absolutely no collaboration or pre-knowledge on either of our parts?

God’s Providence—"The Wise Shall Understand"

Michael Collins Piper
Michael Collins Piper's bestselling books are unparalleled resources for those who wish to unravel the religious, economic, and political forces driving the world to catastrophe. Now, he focuses his laser-beam sight on the most dangerous threat of all to liberty and freedom. The New Babylon tackles the Rothschild money power and explores how a witches' brew of Zionism, greed, and Luciferian energy is threatening to wreck the United States and usher in the final New World Order.

Available Now! 280 Pages • $25.00

To me, this proves the guiding hand of Providence. In Daniel (Chapter 12:10) God proclaims to the saints that "In the last days, the wicked shall do wickedly, and none of the wicked shall understand" the events going on all around them. But, the Lord promises, "The wise shall understand."

Truly, as the scriptures also attest, "God’s people perish without knowledge." And here, in God’s perfect timing, in these perilous last days, as economies are teetering, the dollar is crashing, and total war is looming, God makes sure you can know and understand the momentous circumstances that surround us.

The New Babylon, Piper’s great explanatory book, and my new DVD documentary, Rothschild’s Choice, are both terrific tools God has given His saints as aids to enhance understanding of prophetic events now occurring as well as the calamitous, earth-shattering crises fast on the way.

Money, the Rothschilds, and the Subversion of the U.S.A.

The New Babylon makes visible the rise of the International Money Power and its consolidation in the hands of the Rothschild Empire. It shows how Lord Rothschild is already revered in Jewish circles and by many secret societies as "King of Israel."

The United States is also featured in this book, with Piper explaining how Rothschild agents first subverted America’s government, then turned this powerful land into a controlled colony. They are now using the military and diplomatic power of Washington, D.C. as their "engine for global domination."

This itself is astonishing because Revelation 17 prophesies that the Whore, Mystery Babylon, shall ride astride (or atop) the Beast and direct this last days, political and military powerhouse as it bloodies, conquers and subdues every nation on the planet.

Thus, as we finish out the first decade of the 21st century, we have Rothschild, Israel, and Jews (Zionist conquerors and criminal elite) literally standing atop the U.S.A. heap, with President Obama as their media-made hero and champion. The whole world is falling into line, as global banks and corporations merge, and the few rogue, dissenting nations that remain (e.g. North Korea, Iran) are dealt with, using America’s mighty military arm as a threat and potential bludgeon.“Behold, I have told you before”

I urge each of you—obtain my new video, Rothschild’s Choice, and Piper’s latest book, The New Babylon. Also, please let others know about this opportunity to acquire such great and essential prophetic knowledge. Evil is cascading down on our heads so rapidly it boggles the mind. Now it is more vital than ever that we know and anticipate what is to come. Remember, Jesus our Saviour, told us we would know in advance. His own incredible words were these: "Behold, I have told you before." (Matthew, 24:25)

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