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Texe Marrs

We Cannot “Take America Back”—It Doesn’t Exist Anymore

The Road Less Traveled

“And the LORD said unto Moses, Rise up early in the morning, and stand before Pharaoh… and say unto him, Thus saith the LORD, Let my people go, that they may serve me.”

Exodus 8:20

How often have you and I heard someone fed up with what’s going on today cry out, “Let’s take America back?” At Tea Party rallies you’ll see some placards with the dramatic words “Take America Back!” Most of you who regularly read my newsletters and listen to my Power of Prophecy radio program can readily identify with this sincere and heartfelt call for freedom and liberty. If only it were possible to “take America back.”

But regrettably, it is not. And there’s a reason why we can’t take America back. It’s because there are in existence today—residing unharmoniously and with much discord and rancor—two Americas. These two Americas are diametrically opposed to each other. They are like night and day. It is impossible to reconcile the two for Satan is the Father of One, Christ the other. Can Satan and Christ walk together as one? Can they peacefully coexist? You know the answer to that, and so do I.

The Fork in the Road: Two Roads Beckon

Poet laureate Robert Frost’s most famous poem, “The Road Not Taken” certainly applies here. Ah yes, at one time or another in the past, the people of America came to a fork in the road. They had to choose which road they would take. Most chose the more traveled road. In doing so, the unwitting masses carelessly and recklessly entered the paved highway to hell. But to them it seemed by far the best of the two paths. In their feeble and flawed estimation, before them lay a gleaming and modern super highway to a promised Utopia.

A Few Took the Road Less Traveled

A few—perhaps you among them, dear reader—took the road less traveled. That less traveled road was not as popular or as desirable to the masses. It certainly held no charm or attractions to the people who sought the fast track, who were politically correct, cosmopolitan, and liberal in manners and speech. But those who took it knew it would get them where they wanted to go.

Many were drawn to the road less traveled because of its old-fashioned construction; that did not deter them at all. The less traveled road offered life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Such were the modest, but sure, features of the road less traveled that this group appreciated.

The Road Most Traveled Led to A “New America”

The two roads have ever diverged, and over time, the gap between the two has widened. Essentially, the road the most traveled turned out to be the road to hell, but it was paved with good intentions. It led to another America, a far different America. It is a fast-paced New America that has ditched its ancient, yet sturdy Constitution. This newer, “improved” America has “race cards” at every ATM. It is loaded with newfangled inventions like illegal aliens, the murder of innocent babies through abortion, fiendish slasher movies, satanic music, relativism, and multi-culturalism. Its heroes were and are psychopaths, crooks, and con artists.

In this New America, dead white men—like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Audie Murphy, John Wayne—are hated and reviled. But the birthday of Martin Luther King, a Communist, woman abuser and homosexual is honored with a national birthday. Racial quotas and affirmative action are embraced in this New America, foreign wars are engaged in without provocation; the elderly are seen as “worthless eaters;” sexual trash litters Hollywood movie sets; and homosexual drag queens become national heroes. Charlie Sheen and Lindsey Lohan are celebrated in this New America, shacking up is the norm, and Bible-believing Christians are mocked and despised for their virtue.

In this New America, politicians like Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, John McCain, and Barack Obama are corrupt and deceitful and scorn the electorate. They take bribes, worship at the altars of Zionism and Socialism, and openly display their contempt for American traditions. To them, the Constitution is less than a sheet of toilet paper.

Death and Blasphemy Embraced and Celebrated

“God” and “Jesus” are just convenient curse words for both the politicians and the people of this New America. In fact, the citizens of this New America get their kicks from putting blasphemous art on display in taxpayer funded museums—like “Piss Christ” in which a supposed picture of Jesus is suspended in a jar of urine. This New America loves perverted and vulgar art and theater and pays a good price to see plays like the “Vagina Monologues” and the one in which a flashlight is inserted by Annie Sprinkle, a “performance artist,” into her private areas.

The leaders of the New America carry out heinous plots and crimes like the Oklahoma City horror and 9/11, in which they murdered without remorse 3,000 of their own citizens. They do so to get the masses all fired up to go out and kill people—invariably strangers—in nations thousands of miles away—and steal the foreigners’ oil and other natural resources. This New America suppresses Christianity at home but helps Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, and Jews to build mosques, temples, and synagogues, practice blasphemies, and spread their religious propaganda.

This New America puts crooked, greedy Wall Street bankers in the driver seat. It crashes the economy while bailing out and providing generous bonuses from the peoples’ treasury to international criminal financiers and corporate executives. It allows Veterans hospitals to grow antiquated and dangerously lethal to patients and refuses to give even a penny more to old folks—Social Security recipients. Indeed, it recklessly spends the citizens’ funds that were supposed to be set aside for their old age.

Congressmen and government officials in this New America take in the most generous salaries, perks, and pensions. Legislators and Washington, D.C. bureaucrats are whizzed around in limousines and Air Force jet aircraft at the peoples’ expense. And government employees shower cronies with contracts and favors.

This New America sponsors and covertly funds terrorism, causing mercenary agents to commit heinous crimes—bombings, shootings, etc.—so that the people, filled with fear, will go along with the planned Big Brother Police State apparatus. The New America humiliates young women, old women, and all good and decent people by groping and feeling up their bodies at airports—even their crotches and “body recesses”—ostensibly to discover a potential “terrorist,” even though it is actually the government itself that is the instigator of terrorism.

Warmongers Who Lust for Blood

The New America is an imperialist power. Fed by Zionist ambitions, it craves for global dominion. Already it is prosecuting unprovoked wars in far-off Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Pakistan, and Yemen. It now lusts for blood in Lebanon, Venezuela, Mexico, and North Korea. The New America has troops and military bases in 130 foreign nations, and its insane, warmongering citizens clamor for more and more war. In their minds, concepts like disarmament, isolationism and peace are for idiots and fools. The New America’s leadership insists that perpetual war will eventually bring peace, but it never does.

The New America has gutted and rewritten school textbooks and taken the public schools away from parents. It delights in teaching kids to hate the Old America and have contempt for parents. Its teachers encourage kids to reject Old America’s history and heritage and engage in the most putrid forms of sexual barbarism.

The Old America

Now while all this has been going on, the Old America, made up of those who took the less traveled road, has for the most part been idly standing by in amazement. Within their midst, a Great Beast, the New America, has risen up and now surrounds them. This new, monstrous entity is aggressive and hostile. It has an “in-your-face” mentality, and it does not intend to leave the people of the Old America alone. It is going to keep bludgeoning, smashing and destroying the people and institutions of the Old America until they accept the New America and discard the Old.

The Great Beast which is now America, the ghastly entity of Satan’s ambition, intends to plow the Old America and its less traveled road asunder. This evil New America does not believe in or practice coexistence. It is filled with liars who preach “tolerance,” but, in reality, demand obedience to the new rules. “Become like us or die!” is its governing motto.

Appeasement Not Possible

We of the Old America cannot appease this Great Beast. We cannot pacify its brutish instincts and criminal conduct. We cannot “take back America” because we are the Old America, and that is what we want back. So we continue to tread the road less traveled, suffering the slings and arrows of the society that hates and reviles us.

The New America trods on blindly toward the edge. It will never yield power or even tolerate we of the Old America. And why should it?—the beastly New America has the money, the media, the churches, the entertainment industry, the government. Their more popular road is like a super freeway alive with technological gadgets and buzzing with frenetic, if diabolically driven, traffic.

They, the citizens and leaders of the New America are, for now at least, the winners. The victorious make the rules. They decide who gets what, when and how. They are our masters and we are in their bullseye. In their eyes we are stupid and antiquated fools fitted only for destruction.

As long as we remain in their presence, pricking their conscience, insisting on goodness and compassion, on honor and tradition, on God and the Constitution, on decency and child-like innocence, they will continue to hate and oppress us—and they will inexorably take away even what still remains of the Old America.

I repeat: We cannot take back America. The Old America—the one we want back—is a mirage. It resides only in our memory banks and in our hearts.

The Solution: We Must Leave

So, what is the solution? How can we, under the dire circumstances, ever expect to raise the standards of righteousness to a point where our nation can be good and decent?

Let’s be honest. Once again we have come to a fork in the road. Once again we see ahead two divergent paths. One, again, is the road less traveled. But this time, experience and our hearts tell us that if we take the road less traveled, we will be permanently leaving the America that is. We will be irrevocably seceding from the New America, the corrupt America that has become the Great Beast.

I, for one, am willing to travel down that less traveled road. Sadly, I am aware that we cannot “take back America,” it is now in enemy hands and girded by evil forces. But if we separate now, if we refuse to travel down the road to hell and, instead, begin the long journey toward freedom and sanity, we will save ourselves and our loved ones.

They Will Try to Stop Us

You may be sure that the New America will try to stop us from taking that less traveled road. Its leaders will order roadblocks and obstructions. They will lay land mines. They will no doubt send in military aircraft to carpet bomb our path. The New America, you see, is frightened of us. Very frightened. They are afraid we will succeed in our quest. They tremble to think that we will demonstrate to the world what hardworking, decent-minded men and women can do if given an opportunity.

Free of the shackles that now bind us, we who love freedom and liberty, who treasure God’s gifts and yearn for the ancient landmarks, will succeed beyond our wildest dreams. And that, dear friends, is why the Great American Beast, that New America of Satan, cannot afford to let us go. Yes, the Pharaoh is afraid, frightfully apprehensive. He and his decadent, evil citizens would rather kill or put us all in concentration camps than let us go.

We Are Outcasts

As it stands now, you and I are outcasts in what was once our country. I am afraid that secession is now the only answer. I do not know how we will do it or in exactly what form it may take. I pray it can be done orderly, patiently, and totally without bloodshed. But it must be done, and soon, while there is still time.

With each passing day, the New America, the Great American Beast, grows more ravenous and bloodthirsty. No longer can we keep him at bay. We are shrinking. He is growing exponentially. If we delay our departure, he will devour us, our children, and possibly, the entire world.

God bless America! By this, I mean the Old America, the nation within a nation that has always taken “the road less traveled.”

Texe Marrs would like to hear from you. Do you agree that secession is the only way out? Is it too late to reform America, to restore our Constitution and bring back decency and sanity? And if we seced, how do we do that legally, peacefully, and nonviolently? What do you think should be done?

E-mail Texe: or write: 1708 Patterson Rd. Austin, TX 78733-6507. May God Bless You!

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