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Exclusive Intelligence Examiner Report

Texe Marrs

Isn't it time we look squarely into the face of the evil-doer and say firmly...

You're a Bad Man

IT happened at the western-style mall in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, in Africa. The little boy, only 4-years old, had just witnessed horrible crimes—men, women, children murdered. Some were being cruelly tortured. The terrorist looked at the boy with piercing, cold eyes. He kept his assault weapon trained on the boy, his mother who had been shot in the leg, and his little sister. The little boy didn’t hesitate. He stood up and said firmly to the murderous thug: “You’re a bad man.”

Terrorist Lets Mother and Children Escape Massacre

“You, go! You’re free” said the terrorist miraculously to the shaken mother, who quickly bundled up her two children and, adding a 12-year old girl whose own mother lay dead to her assemblage, bolted from the shopping mall.

Before she left, she heard the terrorist surprisingly tell her young son, “Forgive me. We are not monsters.” He then gave the child two Mars candy bars.

Little Elliott Prior, 4 years old, stands holding his 2 Mars candy bars outside the mall in Nairobi, Kenya, where he has just escaped. His sister stands beside him, and on the sidewalk, a dead man is lying, slain by Moslem terrorists.

They Were Monsters

But in fact, the Moslem terrorists were monsters. Monsters who brutally slew 62 innocent people in the mall before they, too, were slain by authorities. Not only did they murder these people, they asked each person questions, such as: “What is the name of Mohammed’s mother?” Those who did not know had their eyes gouged out, their noses torn off, and suffered other grisly tortures. Then they were shot.

The boy, his mom and sister, from Great Britain, all survived. Was it because of his brave accusation, “You’re a bad man?” We cannot say for sure. But we can say that he is a brave, brave boy who knows the huge difference between right and wrong. And he is only 4 years old.

How many of us in America know the crucial difference between right and wrong? How many of us are willing to look the evil-doers we encounter each day in the face and say bluntly to them. “You’re a bad man.”

Having spent twenty-years in the U.S. Air Force and twenty-seven years in active Ministry, I must sadly report to you that rarely have I ever witnessed such bravery, courage, and plain-spokenness as this young British boy showed us in Kenya. I count such incidents on the fingers of my hands. Yet, I have also borne witness to literally thousands of contemptible, cowardly acts in my almost 70 years on this planet.

My Experience with Evil-doers

Every day I encounter these horrible cowards. They have no part of Jesus our Lord and they do not understand me or know why I do what I do. They falsely brand me a hater, an anti-Semite. They say I lie, they call me a neo-Nazi, a militia leader, and add that I am surely going straight to hell. Some even say my writings will ignite another holocaust.

Ah yes, it’s the so-called religious people whose cowardly acts so often paint them as cold and callous.

I have been kicked out of radio studios by angry hosts and screamed at by shrill TV hosts. Once, after a radio show on which I was a guest, I was escorted out of town in my auto by a local Chief of Police angry because I had exposed the Masonic Lodge. My ministry was audited by the IRS (4 straight years), then the Agency turned around and audited my personal returns. I was “visited” by the FBI, I have been disinvited to many conferences. To top it all off, I’ve had my books removed from the shelves of countless bookstores, and Wikipedia refuses to report the titles of many of my books.

The media have lied so often about me that I now refuse to answer phone calls from reporters. Even religious publications smear and lie. Some have said that I teach that Jews cannot be saved even if they believe in Christ (This, of course, is exactly the opposite of what I teach).

The smear artists claim that I do not believe that Jesus is God. When I complain that this isn’t so, they turn around and lie some more. So now I pay no attention. Let them lie.

On the internet, I am public enemy #1 for some. I am claimed to be a closet “Jesuit Catholic priest,” even though my ministry actually exposes the Catholic Church more than almost any other ministry in the entire world.

These people obviously care little for the truth. I avoid all of them and pay no regard whatsoever to their made-up stories and fabrications.

The Holy Spirit Strengthens Me

None of these story-tellers and liars has ever—for even one moment—kept me from staring into the eyes of the evil-doers and bluntly telling them: “You are a bad man.”

Do I do this because I am brave and courageous? No, I admit, I personally am weak. I have neither the courage nor the stamina to take on the world. I must confess: The little four-year old British boy is head and shoulders beyond me. My mind staggers knowing the evil threat this young boy faced that day. Oh, if I were only a tenth as courageous as he!

So, how am I able to persevere, to withstand all this satanic buffeting and successfully confront evil-doers? It is clearly the Holy Spirit in my heart. Yes, the Holy Spirit is mighty when I am weak. He knows of my burdens but gives me strength. Through Him I can do all things.

Many of you are likewise courageous, maybe more so. I salute you. You are bold because you know what is right and the Holy Spirit empowers you to stand up to evil. You are often opposed by family, neighbors, your employer, your church. Yet you firmly stand and tell the wicked, “You are a bad man.”

Thank God for each of you who, though personally weak, are made strong and confident in your faith by the power of the Holy Spirit. Together, we are smashing Satan’s kingdom.

I Know Why You Are Fearful

For those of you, however, who are cowardly and fearful and who shrink in the face of evil, I have some sage advice. I know why you fear. You worry, “What would my neighbors, family, or friends say?”

“Maybe,” you imagine, “I’ll end up on a list.” “If I speak up it will hurt my career—or my child’s future...or...?” “Maybe, if I stand up against evil, I’ll be thought of as old-fashioned, as too straight.” “Maybe,” you reason, “people will think less of me.”

And so, the abortionist goes free. The warmongers and liars—like Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama—continue unfettered in their predatory reign of killing and plunder. The homosexual beasts continue to pervert our children; public school teachers continue to make up false history and demean our founding fathers; Hollywood romps through our living room with unseemly, devilish cinema; our phones and internet are unconstitutionally tapped by the NSA, CIA, and a hundred other agencies.

Immoral young women everywhere are having babies out of wedlock and living without benefit of marriage with cruel drug users and thugs who sometimes beat, torture, and even kill their babies and little children.

Sadly, Jesus is scorned and lied about, and His teaching and life are laughed at by the media and entertainment industries.

And through all of these horrors you who are gripped with fear sit back, twiddle your thumbs, and proclaim, “Too bad, I wish there was something I could do about it.”

God is Testing You

Listen, my dear friends. God is testing you. He is carefully watching you. He wants to see what manner of man or woman you are. And he’s listening, listening for those powerful, evil-breaking words to come out of your mouth: “You are a bad man.”

“But, why me?” you protest. “Let others do it. Why burden me?”

Are you sure there are others? Name them to me, please. That’s right. You can’t. It is you whom God is calling. Will you answer His call? Will you take a stand for righteousness sake?

“Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I, send me.”

Isaiah 6:8

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