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Special Bonus Report
by Sandra Myers

Voices From the Dead is #1 at Amazon

Sandra Myers

Sandra Myers

Texe Marrs has done it again... He’s at the top of the list at Amazon in two categories!

    Texe has an impressive resumé which further legitimizes his contentions regarding books about darkness and conspiracies against men and their souls.

Voices From the Dead is Number 1 at

If Texe Marrs’ new book, Voices from the Dead, is a #1 New Release in two categories at Amazon, then why does their site tell you the book will ship in 1-2 Months? We ship the next business day!

    Many people have ordered multiple copies of this outstanding exposé, expressing their tenacity to share the truth about the foundations of Freemasonry and the darkness that lies within. Who knew that Simeon Bar Yochai and his Kabbalah were behind the whole of Freemasonry, and to what lengths the Masonic brotherhood will go to hide these awful truths from the initiates? Will you share this book with your Masonic neighbor or church member?

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