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Special Bonus Report
by Michelle Hallmark Powell

Trafficking humans is slavery

Michelle Hallmark Powell

Michelle Hallmark Powell

Act 18 U.S.C. 1591, or the Commercial Sex Act, the US makes it illegal to recruit, entice, obtain, provide, move or harbor a person or to benefit from such activities knowing that the person will be caused to engage in commercial sex acts where the person is under 18 or where force, fraud, or coercion exists.

It is finally out there, the news of sex trafficking and slavery is being reported daily. The majority of our society is outraged and rightly so. This has not always been the case. Sex trafficking and slavery has continued to occur, but has not been publicized. This is the sad history of our country.

    Our country was founded on the basis of freedom. Freedom for everyone—man, woman, and child. Somehow we veered off from that premise. We bought slaves to farm our lands, had indentured servants (who were slaves) to work in our homes and factories, we imported women from China to supply the needs of the men who built and settled the American West. This abomination has continued quietly until now, where it has hit the national media.

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    Sex trafficking, especially of children, is a scourge that affects the entire world. We cannot possibly imagine how infiltrated it is in our society. The Internet, with its growing social media platforms, is a boon for ruthless sex traffickers. It makes it easier to find prey, as the predators are constantly watching and listening to find the right victim. Multiple sites go online daily. All the criminal needs is a cheap ad and a phone. Sadly, it is available for you like getting food delivered via the internet or phone.

As Christian Believers how can we think about this issue from a biblical standpoint?

In Christian hamartiology (the study of sin) the definition is: Sin is an act of offense against God by despising or injuring others.

    All humans are made in the image of God. Being that trafficking/slavery is a sin and an offense against God, to force another human being into sex trafficking/slavery is an horrid travesty against mankind. Worse yet it is an abomination to God.

    Sex trafficking reveals the perversity of our fallen world. God created sex for good and mankind has perverted it to bring unspeakable misery. Pornography, which is running rampant, increases the demand side of this issue, which results in more people being forced into slavery. Homosexuality, which the Bible says is an abomination to God, is sanctioned throughout our society. Pedophilia, yet another abomination to our Lord, is on the verge of being acceptable.

    Sex trafficking is an offense to the sanctity of marriage. God created sex to be a powerful bond and a pleasure to be enjoyed in the covenant relationship of one man and one woman in marriage. Prostitution and Sex Trafficking greatly distorts this picture.

    Most fail to recognize that sex trafficking/slavery is a sinful culmination of many sins that are present in our own lives as well. We have all been guilty of lust, selfishness, and a desire to use others for our own ungodly purposes. Thus, we too are guilty before a Holy God, and apart from Christ, we too would be condemned.

Stand Up for Justice

All Christians should labor for the cause of justice. In whatever way we can, we should support the causes that are working to uncover and prosecute those who propagate this atrocious tragedy upon our young girls and boys.

    We must cry out in outrage at this unforgivable behavior of our nation. The United States is the top contender for sex trafficking. Cities like Washington, D.C., Miami, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Detroit, Houston, Charleston, and many others are constantly making arrests for sex trafficking.

    Our society has a sin problem and has turned its back on God. We are the remnant of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and must persevere to right these wrongs, knowing the Judge of the universe, Jesus Christ is returning someday to set all things right.

“And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be anymore pain: for the former things are passed away.” Revelation 21:4  

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