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Michelle Hallmark Powell

Michelle Hallmark Powell

Spending America Into a Pauper’s Grave

Seldom on the regular television broadcast is actual truth revealed to us by the media. Occasionally though, a glimmer of truth is given to we, the people, whom they consider to be the deplorables.

    On Life, Liberty & Levin, Mark Levin revealed the Democrat’s radical ideas they have buried in their ridiculous infrastructure bill. He proceeded to break a portion of it down.

Control, Control and More Control

This is the part of the bill and a very scary part indeed—where they plan to implement Orwellian-type spying on every person in the United States. They plan on giving the IRS an additional 80 billion dollars. This is so they can hire more employees to monitor and spy on all Americans’ finances. This includes monitoring all bank accounts, savings accounts, stocks, Pay Pal accounts and transactions, investments, and real estate, etc. All activity over $600.00 is to be reported to the government. Big Brother is watching you.

    They intend on massively increasing the American corporate tax rate. This sounds okay to most, but many small businesses are LLCs or S Corporations, etc. The big boys have hundreds of tax breaks and write-offs to protect them, so this will fall on the middle class business owners.

    The bill states price controls should be executed for all products, the government deems necessary. Putting price controls into effect will demolish capitalism. This is another thing slipped into the bill.

    60% of research and development for new drugs is being cut. That means possible life saving drugs for Cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc. will be cut.

The Freebie List

The United States is already trillions of dollars in debt, yet they have a freebie list. It is free universal pre-kindergarten (to start brainwashing them early on CRT), free Community College (to continue the indoctrination of CRT and Socialism) and free 12 weeks of family leave. For others, like our millions of illegal aliens, it is free health care, free housing, free education, and free food, plus a check to help them along.

The Green New Deal

Then we come to parts that fund the Green New Deal. They want to retrofit existing buildings by replacing windows, subsidizing solar and wind energy—all of which would cost more than a small fortune. They want environmental equity (whatever that means in their minds). It will also mandate all government vehicles be electric.

    A pittance of it will go for actual highway and road repairs, bridge repairs, updating airports, etc. This is actual infrastructure that all Americans support.

    Next, let’s get rid of fossil fuels and tax excess methane (there goes our beef) and carbon dioxide production with an extra tax. Of course, no one thinks about the fact that to produce electricity, much of the time, fossil fuels are used to run the electrical plants.

There Goes the Neighborhood

Where you live will change. They are planning to subsidize low-income housing in the suburbs. Create sustainable housing in your neighborhood and provide public transportation to get your new neighbors there. They will be giving rental assistance and federal zoning, but unlikely any of that would go to you.

    They plan on setting up a civilian climate corps. This will be a Corp going around checking and spying on your every move to be sure you are not expelling methane gas or carbon dioxide. They will be watching to make sure you don’t use too much electricity and, heaven forbid, use natural gas (a fossil fuel), propane, or gasoline, etc. The Corp once set up, will be able to report you to a government entity so you can be fined, etc. You may eventually even be incarcerated if you don’t toe the line for these new climate change rules.

    It is also pushing the abortion agenda through (abortion up to day of birth) which is also buried in this bill. That is called murder I believe.

    The bill also wants to put the federal government in charge of national elections which would destroy our Republic. Our elections were set up by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to be controlled by each state, which in turn would protect the sovereignty of the elections.

    Because the bill is so large most are unable to read it, including our elected officials. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what they are hiding in the 2,700-page infrastructure bill.

    All true, God-fearing patriots must let every congressman in their state know they oppose this bill. With the trillions of dollars it will cost, we must pray it does not get passed. If it does pass it will make slaves/serfs of our children, grandchildren and all future generations. It will be the demise of the United States of America, as we know it.  

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