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Special Bonus Report

Jerry Barrett

Jerry Barrett

Gentle Peace, Quiet Strength, Steadfast Love

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of our friend and co-laborer Michelle Powell. Michelle had been with the ministry for 28 years. Sadness always grips those who are no longer able to access her counsel. I can unequivocally say, she was truly a good and faithful servant, and is certainly in His company.

    Michelle served as the Business Administrator for Texe and Wanda Marrs for many years. After their retirement, they left the ministry in the very capable hands of Michelle, Sandra, and myself. Although we were all equal partners, Michelle was still in charge, slinging her velvet whip to cajole Sandra and myself to follow her lead.

    Not only did Michelle write articles that appeared frequently in our monthly newsletter, but she was an “idea” person. Sometimes this author could not see the forest for the trees, but Michelle always had the big picture in her sights. This asset will most assuredly be missed.

    With her father in the oil industry, Michelle travelled the world as a child. This explains why Michelle never met a stranger. Those who spoke with her in person or on the phone knew they had a friend for life. Her infectious attitude was always upbeat and cheerful.

    Although diagnosed with cancer, Michelle tackled this new challenge with all her might. Though she was hopeful to beat it, she understood that if it was God’s Will that she come home, she needed to prepare those around her to carry on.

    Sandra and myself could count on regularly hearing Michelle, in her fastidious preparation, explaining, “In case I die...,” followed by instructions for different facets of her job. My reply was that she needed to give two-week’s notice. Alas, she got the last laugh on us.

    We will continue to honor the legacy of Texe Marrs and Michelle Powell. Both were beacons of what true Christianity means. We invite your prayers for the family: her husband Joe, mother Dolly, sister Tish and niece Hannah.  

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