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Jerusalem To Be World Capital

"Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people..."

Zechariah 12:2

Is the historic city of Jerusalem fated to become the Great City of Peace? Or, is the historic city where our Lord Jesus once trod his feet now being quickly transformed by God into the most wicked, depraved, hellish metropolis on planet earth? This is a searing, soul-searching question that demands an answer, and both the Holy Bible and an incredible, but ambitious, scheme by the Illuminati, the Pope, and the Jews provide widely diverse and equally remarkable answers.

Objective of the Illuminati

If the Illuminati elite gets its way—and I believe this powerful group will succeed for a fleeting moment of time—Jerusalem will soon be crowned as the Great City of Peace, a shining example of love and harmony between Jews, Christians, Moslems, and people of all faiths. Jerusalem shall become the Capital of Earth, the seat of world power, residence and headquarters for the Mighty One to come—he who shall be identified by the curiously dark number of his name, 666.

The Illuminati intend that the entire globe is to be ruled from Jerusalem. A combined NATO/U.S.A./UN Army will 
picture of Jewish Rabbi Menachem Froman in Old Jerusalem
Jewish Rabbi Menachem Froman, in a commentary for the influential magazine, The Jerusalem Report (Oct. 25, 1999), proposes that Jerusalem become the seat of the United Nations and the capital of the world.
enforce peace and punish "rogue nations." Special agencies will be set up to infiltrate, dismantle, and destroy dangerous "hate" and exclusivist religious groups—like Bible-believing Christian churches. Intelligence units will be given advanced high-tech tools to root out ideological, politically incorrect dissenters and rebels, who will be either killed or sent off to "re-education centers," also known as concentration camps.

And eventually, everyone on the planet will be propagandized into eagerly accepting the mark, the sign of all peace-loving citizens loyal to the New Order.

Objective of the Pope

The objective of the Pontiff of Rome is spelled out in my groundbreaking video, Lumen 2000—The Pope’s Secret Plan for Global Supremacy in the New Millennium (regrettably this video has been discontinued). With the cunning endorsement of the Illuminati’s hidden "Inner Circle," Pope John Paul II will soon visit Ur of the Chaldees (near Babylon, now in Iraq) and Mount Sinai. In March, 2000, he will travel to Jerusalem.

In Jerusalem, the universally beloved Pope will go on international TV, calling for reconciliation and unity among the world’s three major religious faiths: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

Then, a sensational and great sign in the heavens, seen by all eyes at once, is expected to presage the ascendance of the Pope, the so-called "Holy Father," "Vicar of Christ," to prominence as the supreme world leader. The Pope shall reign as no other Pope has—as spiritual king of the combined souls of humanity, patriarch of all religions, and overseer of the nations. His twin seats, or horns, of power? Rome and Jerusalem!

Modern-day Israel has become one of the richest nations per capita on Earth. Mobile cell phones, computers, and skyscrapers have multiplied. But just as was prophesied, this once great nation has also become a cesspool of political treachery, moral corruption, and spiritual iniquity.
Israel: A Covenant with Hell?

Almost like clockwork, a newly chosen Jewish leader, Prime Minister Ehud Barak, has recently stepped forward to sign a covenant with the Palestinians and with Israel’s other old enemies, neighboring Arab nations. With Masonic brother Bill Clinton guiding him along the way, Mr. Barak promises the Jews peace in our time.

But the Scriptures do not speak of peace. Instead, they warn of a latter-days covenant with hell, an agreement between the Jews and Gentiles that an angry God will disannul. Blood and carnage shall follow (Isaiah 28: 14-20).

To get their proffered "peace," and to begin receiving the billions of shekels (dollars) of bribe money and economic riches from the U.S.A. and the European Economic Community, Israel must agree to certain "concessions and agreements." For one, the Illuminati and its Israeli partners have agreed that the Catholic Pope will be given unusual powers and authority over Jerusalem and over its Temple Mount.

This is a small price to pay. In exchange, the Jews believe they will be rewarded and become an exalted race. They fully expect to rise up as political and economic Masters of the World. They shall be judges of humanity, and keeper of earth’s laws.

Jews Have "Power and Opportunity"

In a disturbing, revealing article recently in The Jerusalem Report (October 25, 1999), a mysterious Jewish Rabbi, Menachem Froman, made what he called "A Modest Proposal." The rabbi said that the Jews and Israel must aggressively frame the future and achieve a vision of "Jerusalem at the End of Days."

Jerusalem, said Rabbi Froman, must be made "Capital of the World." We now have the "power and opportunity" to declare it so, he boldly stated, adding:

"Isn’t it only fitting that Jerusalem be the seat of the United Nations’ cultural bodies, human rights organizations, scholarly forums... Isn’t it only proper that Jerusalem be the place where members of all faiths convene to renounce their breeding of prejudice, hostility, and war?"

Rabbi Froman confided that, "Meetings and discussions are already taking place among (high-level) Jews, Muslims, and Christians with the aim of making Jerusalem into the capital of peace."

Then this shocker: Rabbi Froman confided that he has had private meetings with Palestinian Chairman Yassar Arafat. Said the Rabbi: "In the two long talks I held with Chairman Arafat on this idea, he characterized it as an excellent one, repeating over and over": "Jerusalem, the capital of the world!"

Rabbi Froman wrote that the plan to make Jerusalem into the World Capital of Peace is quickly being firmed up "at the highest 
Picture of Prime Minister Barak and President Clinton with the Pope
The Catholic Pope, U.S.A. President Clinton, and Israel Prime Minister Barak are key players in the great drama unfolding in the world as humanity rushes forward into a new millennium fraught with peril.
echelons in Jerusalem, Gaza, Washington, Brussels, and elsewhere." And, he related, the Vatican, too, has given its stamp of approval: "The Pope has repeatedly expressed his desire to have the start of the new millennium mark the end of the historical conflict between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, and he will surely want to attach this significance to his planned pilgrimage to Jerusalem."

"Other Christian denominations," said the rabbi, will "endorse the plan on similar grounds"—to enable the reconciliation of the three major faiths. The plan, then, is expected to guarantee unity and diversity, love and tolerance: Global Peace.

An Earthly Zion with No King Jesus?

With the success of this latter-days Jerusalem plot, the provocative predictions of modern Israel’s first political leader, Prime Minister David Ben Gurion, would also come to pass. Ben Gurion believed the destiny of Israel and the Jews was to be at the head of:

"...a world alliance, at whose disposal will be an international police force. All armies will be abolished, and there will be no more wars. In Jerusalem, the United Nations will build a Shrine of the Prophets... this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents."

According to Ben Gurion’s vision, the glorious future shall consist of a man-led heaven on earth, with Jerusalem exalted as the World Capital of Peace and the Jews reigning over all mankind. And Jesus Christ? Nowhere does Jesus have a place in this great city of the Jews. He is neither needed nor welcome.

God’s Prophecies reveal...

Man plans, but God does. The key to the future is whatever Bible prophecy says it shall be. Is earthly Jerusalem to become the World Capital and seat of power of the New World Order? Will God allow His Son, Jesus—the real Jesus—to be spurned and frozen out? Will the Jews’ modern-day hatred of Christ and of Christians stand? Will the Illuminati’s Jerusalem government reign over us and its Kings rule? Will there be a Zion without a King Jesus?

Shall earthly Jerusalem become, prior to Jesus’ return, the City of Peace? Or, in compliance with the Revelation of Christ (chapter 11, vs. 8), will this divisive city become instead the sinkhole of all global evil, a virtual, latter-days "Sodom and Egypt?"

In the Bible alone can be found the answers to these monumental questions. The destiny of Jerusalem and of the whole world is foretold in its pages.

Let us pray that the Jews repent, accept Christ, and believe in His prophetic word before it is too late. The time is short. Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!

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