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Texe Marrs

Pastors Contend for the Faith

What a wonderful joy it was for Wanda and me to attend the recent 15th annual unregistered churches fellowship conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Privileged to be keynote speaker, I praise our Lord for the many good and faithful Christian men, women, and children who attended. It was especially a pleasure to personally meet a number of Power of Prophecy ministry partners who came.

Dr. Gregory Dixon, Sr., whose Indianapolis Baptist Temple sponsors the annual conference, stated this was the largest group ever to attend. More important than the numbers, however, was the dedication and fervent attitudes evidenced.

I personally met and fellowshipped with some 70 pastors, from Bible-believing churches all over America. These proved to be men who, like Dr. Dixon, are courageously contending for the faith, refusing to compromise the Gospel to please the IRS and the dominant liberal culture.

Also at the conference was Al Cunningham, the Christian attorney who heads up the Biblical Law Center, in California. Brother Cunningham has been called by the Lord to fight Big Brotherís encroachment on religious freedom and to assert the Christian Churchís rights and responsibilities under a Sovereign Lord Jesus Christ. I thank God for his witness.

One of the many delightful couples we met was Vester Arnold and his precious wife, Sheryl, from Fruitland Park, Florida. Brother Arnold is a talented, 100% Bible evangelist with an incredible gift. He actually paints huge canvases on stage during his sermon and teaching presentations. His paintings are tremendously inspirational. One depicts a lighthouse and the King James Bible triumphant atop a sea of global chaos! If you want Brother Vester Arnold to come and speak at your local church, you can contact him by phoning (352) 212-4579.

My Wanda holds a beautiful Christian painting that Brother Vester Arnold donated to Power of Prophecy. We will proudly display it on our walls as a sign of our strong commitment to Godís Word, the King James Bible.

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