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Unleashing the King of Terrors

In the authoritative book, Art and Architecture of Freemasonry, the author says that the two columns, or pillars (Jachin and Boaz), "play a significant role" in Masonic ritual and "are the medium by which the secret knowledge" is transmitted. This picture is of the two Masonic pillars in the Würzburg, Germany Cathedral. Note the serpentine spirals on each pillar

Was September 11th the day the Illuminati attacked America?

We were told by our government and the media that there was an intelligence breakdown and failure.

"Mistakes" were simply made, said our President, by the FBI, CIA, INS, and other agencies.

"Mistakes?" Costing over 5,000 lives! Baloney! If there were mistakes, who has paid for them? Has even one CIA or FBI agent been punished? Has even one lost his or her job?

I have carefully and meticulously analyzed what really happened on September 11th—and in the months and years leading up to that fateful and tragic date. I am convinced that the top levels of the CIA and FBI knew in advance what was to happen.

This was no mere intelligence letdown or oversight. This bloody horror was a premeditated attack on the very foundation of the United States, an occultic event of monumental prophetic significance. Still more important, the ritualistic nightmare and suffering of September 11th must be accurately viewed by true Christians as the beginning of the cataclysmic, prophesied war against the saints, a severe deterioration of Constitutional protections once offered the American citizenry but now destined to rapidly evaporate and vanish.

What happened on September 11, 2001, was nothing less than an elaborate, carefully crafted and dynamically staged satanic ritual. I believe the tumbling down of the twin towers of the World Trade Center was a blood sacrifice. It was, in fact, a scripted holocaust, which the highest echelon of the theocratic Illuminati euphemistically labeled the "Unleashing of the King of Terrors."

In the Unleashing of the King of Terrors a satanically energized variation of the third degree ritual of Freemasonry was staged—the Master Mason degree—in which the candidate (playing the role of Hiram Abiff, the antichrist) lying in a coffin, is raised by the strong grip of the Lion's Paw. In the ritual, it is noted that the two pillars (towers), Jochin and Boaz, have fallen and are in need of restoration.

What transpired on September 11th was a black magic ceremony intended to bring about the restoration of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem and the raising of its twin pillars which had fallen ("Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen"—two are fallen—see Revelation 18:2).

The fall of Babylon and its twin towers, says Bible prophecy, occurs in a single hour: "She shall be utterly burned with fire...that great city Babylon, that mighty city! For in one hour is thy judgment come."

But there is more to come, for this grotesque Satanic ritual must conclude with the coming of the beast—the son of the Devil—he who was "raised" by the creature from hell on September 11, 2001. This is the long-awaited dawning of the astrological age of Saturn, the sixth planet, the New Age, with its earthly "Messiah" and its unholy New World Order.

What I am declaring here demands evidence and substantiation. And it must line up with end-time prophecies given us by our Lord and His prophets in His Holy Word. In an exclusive report I have prepared especially for friends of Power of Prophecy, I do, indeed, present this proof and biblical foundation. In the 60 minute audiotape, entitled Unleashing of the King of Terrors (Available on Tape or CD), I fully examine the occult underpinnings of the September 11th carnage and reveal its deeply hidden esoteric and prophetic meaning.

I realize that by publishing this astonishing material I am placing myself in great jeopardy. Believe me, I have carefully weighed the cost, but the truth must be told. I am relying on the prayers of the saints to protect me. If God wills, no harm will come to me because of these exposures. But regardless, I owe it to you and to our Lord to lay everything on the line. Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!

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