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Tower of Infamy - Evil Men, Evil Works

Rabbi Waldheim blows the shofar
Jewish Rabbi Waldheim blows the shofar at the recent ceremony on Capitol Hill at which Reverend Moon was crowned as the Messiah and Savior of the Earth.

Congressman Danny Davis carries Moon's crown
Congressman Danny Davis (D-Illinois) wears white gloves as he carries Reverend Moon's ornate crown to him on a white velvet pillow..

Reverend Moon wears his crown
Reverend Moon wears his crown as "Messiah and Savior of the Earth." Many Christian leaders attended his coronation.

Billy Graham and John Foster Dulles
Evangelist Billy Graham meets with John Foster Dulles, chairman of the Rockefeller Foundation. The Rockefellers and other elite gave Billy Graham millions to prop up his crusades and make him a star. Dulles was rewarded with the post of Secretary of State in the Eisenhower White House.

All Together
In Atlanta, Moslems, Catholics, Buddhists, and others recently came together at a Baptist Church.

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Tower of Infamy


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