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Tower of Infamy

Engineered by the Illuminati and led behind the scenes by the initiates of secret societies, a great religious and social movement is sweeping America. Little understood as yet, even by sincere Christians, this movement threatens to change our world in uncommonly evil ways. It is a movement authored by Satan and executed—that is, put into practice—by his devils, as well as their human counterparts.

Already, this radically new religious and social movement has caused volcanic-like eruptions in our daily activities. It has engineered a revolution in man's way of thinking about God and about things of the spirit.

Babylon Reborn

Oddly enough, the new movement, upon close examination, is found to be not so new after all. Indeed, its goals and manifestations can be traced all the way back to ancient Babylon. There, on the banks of the once mighty Euphrates River, Nimrod, the King of Babylon, and his seductive Queen, Semiramis, oversaw the building of a huge and unholy architectural monstrosity, the Tower of Babel.

Their aim: Establish a One World Order and unite all nations and peoples in the worship of Lucifer, the solar deity recognized by the ancients under such names as Baal, Marduk, and Nebo...

Today, our planet is experiencing a great revival of the government and worship of Nimrod's Babylon. This was prophesied to occur (Revelation 17 & 18). Now that time is come, and once again, man is building yet another towering edifice of evil, which I call the Tower of Infamy. However, this time the Tower has planet-wide underpinnings and is more spiritual than it is bricks and mortar.

In the realm of religion, we see this Tower of Infamy go skyward in all its vainglory. America is the global leader in the construction of this massive spiritual monument dedicated to supreme wickedness. The Christian Church, as we once knew it, is dead. Its ghostly bones creak and moan. Its voice is as the voice of ghosts and spirits in chains, screaming from their captivity down in some deep and dark abyss.

Tower of Infamy Built by Liars and Deceivers

At such a cardinal time in human history, we find that the vast majority of men and women who claim to be "Christian" are, in fact, liars and deceivers. They deceive themselves first and then go forth deceiving others. This cycle of deception has continued geometrically until the multitudes have, by now, been brought into The Lie.

Look around and what do you find? Pastors and church leaders have sunken to new levels of depravity. Homosexuality and lesbianism are commonplace, witchcraft is rampant, black magic is in vogue, and the sulfurous smell of demons permeates the sanctuaries of churches and cathedrals. The true Word of God, the King James Version, is despised while a thousand newer versions confuse and disorient readers and leave them clueless as to Christ's gospel and doctrines.

Wiccan Tom Davis
Wiccan (witch) Tom Davis came to a Methodist church in Austin, Texas, as part of a "pulpit swap."
At Trinity United Methodist Church in Austin, Texas, recently, the congregation welcomed into its pulpit, Tom Davis, a Wiccan priest of the Covenant of the Goddess. It was part of a city-wide project called "pulpit swap" in which Native Indian shamans, Buddhist priests, witches, Hindu gurus, and Islamic muftis led Christian congregations in various pagan rituals and ceremonies.

"All are welcome here," said Trinity member Linda Eldredge, "Everybody's got something to offer."

Meanwhile, in the nation of Portugal, inside a Catholic Chapel dedicated to Mother Mary who is alleged to visit in apparition at nearby Fatima, the Catholic Bishop was recently given the mark of Shiva in his forehead by a Hindu guru.

Rowan Williams
Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop and head of the Church of England, says that Moslems will go to heaven without Jesus. Williams is a practicing Druid witch.
Over in Great Britain, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, head of the Church of England, issued a declaration that Muslims can go to heaven even though they deny Christ. Dr. Williams, an initiate of the ancient Druidic witchcraft order as well as an Anglican "Christian" priest, chastened Christians for being stubborn in opposing homosexuality. He angrily charged that those who are against the gay lifestyle "lack grace."

In Edinburgh, Scotland, top Christian church leaders conducted a "celebration of all the world's religions." Participants passed a resolution that a permanent World Parliament of Religions be set up to work with the United Nations to bring all spiritualities together as one.

Benjamin Crème, the founder of Share International and forerunner to the shadowy Lord Maitreya, the New Age Christ who waits in the wings to emerge and preside over all the world's spiritualities, says a "Day of Declaration" is soon approaching. This, he says, will be a glorious day when all the peoples of the planet will simultaneously view Lord Maitreya and miraculously recognize him enmasse as their benefactor and Messiah.

"May I have this dance?"

The depth of the Apostasy was clearly demonstrated recently at an Atlanta, Georgia, convention teeming with tens of thousands of "Promise Keepers." On the platform of a stadium packed with Christian men excited and shouting and celebrating in unison, Jack Hayford, TBN personality and Pastor of California's Church on the Way, announced that he had heard directly from God. God wants us all to dance for him, said Hayford, just as the tribal witchdoctors dance in Africa to the beat of drums.

The Pastor then began to bounce and dash about the stage, leading the assembled throng of Christian ministers and layman in a voodoo-like dance. Hayford told the cheering crowd that he had heard the very voice of God speaking to him, asking the charismatic preacher, "May I have this dance?"

Jack Hayford Tribal witchdoctor
Pastor Jack Hayford, a popular charismatic teacher, led tens of thousands of Promise Keepers in an African witchdoctor tribal dance.

Reverend Moon is Crowned Messiah and Savior of Earth

At the Capitol building, the seat of Congress in Washington, D.C. a few months ago, scores of Christian leaders as well as several U.S. Senators and Representatives met for a very special occasion. It was an extravaganza like no other—the victorious crowning of the Messiah, Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

In the ceremony, Congressman Danny Davis (D-Illinois), wearing white gloves, brought forth the royal diadem, the ornate crown, on a white velvet pillow. After his coronation, the Korean cult leader Moon informed his audience that whereas Jesus failed on his mission to earth, he, Reverend Moon, had not. Moon also crowed the good news that, thanks to Moon's teaching in the spiritual dimensions, both Stalin and Hitler had become rehabilitated and renewed.

A New Doctrine of Wideness

Not to be outdone in helping to construct the higher reaches of the fast-rising Tower of Infamy, Reverend Carlton Pearson, a friend of Oral Roberts and Paul Crouch who oversees a flock of over 5,000 at Oklahoma's Higher Dimen-sions Church, announced a new doctrine of Christ. Christ's mercy is wider than Christians have traditionally thought, Pearson told his church and his national radio and TV audience. Indeed, Pearson declared that Christ's mercy is so wide that men and women of any and all religions, from Hindus and Jews to Buddhists and Moslems, were equally loved and accepted as they are by Jesus. All religious people qualify for heaven, said the Pastor, and we must stop trying to change and convert them. Let a Hindu be a good Hindu, a Buddhist a good Buddhist etc.

Carlton Pearson
Reverend Carlton Pearson, popular speaker on TBN network and pastor of the 5,000 member Higher Dimensions Church in Oklahoma, teaches that Hindus, Jews, Moslems, and all religious people qualify for heaven.

Pearson invited homosexuals as well as the foreign religionists to join his church and boldly said that homosexuals, too, met Jesus' criteria for salvation.

Reverend Carlton Pearson also publicly thanked the wealthy Hindu businessman from Oklahoma who has joined his Christian Church while remaining true to Hindu gods and goddesses. The Hindu businessman is now financially supporting Pearson's work by paying for his national radio show.

A New Spiritual Day

In an earlier era, when Christians really believed in God's Word and were indwelt by the Holy Ghost, reprobates and pretenders like Pearson, Crouch, Copeland, Falwell, and Moon would have been thrown out on their ears, excommunicated, disgraced, and called upon to repent...or burn. Not so today. It's a new spiritual day, you see, the age of satanic compromise, and the Tower of Infamy must be built.

And so, legions of "Christian" men and women across the globe, from Rome to London, Montreal, Seattle, and Houston busily go about gathering up the spiritual equivalent of bricks and mortar. Some bend over strange plans and mysterious designs furnished them by the Great Architect, the One whom they all secretly adore and privately fear.

They must get on with their Master's business. He is called Lucifer, and he has ordained them precisely for this special mission and cause—the building of the grandest spiritual colossus in the annals of human history—the Tower of Infamy.

Yes, the Master of their otherworld lodge, the solar deity, calls them. Some, in ignorance, serve him not recognizing his infernal nature, thinking they do God service. Like the loyal obedient dog on the old RCA Victor logo, when Lucifer beckons, his servants quickly bow and curtsy. They jerkily, but surely, move in unison.

Like their Master, Lucifer, the conspirators must work while there is still night. Somehow, intuitively, they all know that their time is short, and that a horrible, unavoidable destiny awaits them just beyond the colorful but fading New Age rainbow.

(Note: Jerry Falwell, James Merritt, Pat Boone, and Kenneth Copeland, were not at Moon's coronation event as we first reported. Instead, these men did attend an earlier, 2001 Washington, D.C. prayer breakfast sponsored by a Moon organization. Moon has had so many gala events, it's getting hard to keep track.)

NOTE: Texe Marrs exposes the sinister involvement of famous-name "Christian" leaders in secret societies and Illuminist groups and reveals the horror of the Great Apostasy in his newest video:

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Tower of Infamy


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