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White House Bordello

"The smell of sulfur (from hell) still lingers in this place after President George W. Bush spoke at this podium yesterday, the 19th of September."

Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela
Speech at the United Nations (2006)

"Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues."

Revelation 18:4

Ted Haggard, pastor of the 14,000-member New Life Church in Colorado Springs and head of the 30-million strong National Association of Evangelicals, after being outed as a crystal meth snorting sodomite guilty of paying male prostitutes for sex and drugs, reluctantly admitted, "I am a deceiver and a liar."

Now, isn't it way past time that yet another high profile sodomite, a cocaine abuser shamelessly guilty of hiring male prostitutes to service him, also finally step forward and admit, "I too, am a deceiver and a liar?"

I'm referring, of course, to George W. Bush, current occupant of the nation's #1 political job, the presidency. This may be quite a shock to some readers, but most folks in the Washington, D.C. beltway already know what I'm going to reveal here. Yes, they know that George W. is a bisexual and a procurer of male prostitutes.

Many insiders snicker and laugh ha, ha, ha, at brain-dead Christian evangelicals who actually believe that George W. is a God-fearing heterosexual, born again Christian. As David Kuo, former top White House adviser in the Bush Administration, reveals in his new book, Tempting Fate, the Bush White House team sneers and jokes about the evangelicals so easily deceived by the President. Kuo presents evidence that the Bush people view Christian evangelical leaders and their flocks as ridiculous, silly, nuts, even insane. To the Bush people, Christianity is a farce and Christians are easily duped idiots.

George W. Bush's Tarnished Reputation

George W. Bush, as many Texas politicos could easily tell you, had quite a reputation back in the Lone Star State for both his sexual misconduct and for his snorting of loads of white powder (cocaine) up his nose. The man never held a real job; he shirked his Air National Guard duties, having joined the Guard in the first place only to evade serving in Vietnam. Bill Clinton dodged military service, too, by running off and hiding in England, but Bush hid in plain sight, in an Air National Guard uniform. It's great to have friends in high places to help out in time of need, isn't it?

Bush and Clinton are alike in one other aspect as well. Both used the White House as a Whore House. Bill did sexual things with cigars with a young intern, while George had his muscular, boy-man homosexual lover, Jeff Gannon, stay over many a night in the White House. He and young Jeff Gannon weren't discussing foreign policy and affairs of state all those times in the wee hours of the morning in the presidential bedrooms, I assure you.

President Bush raised eyebrows at a White House press conference by kissing homosexual prostitute Jeff Gannon on top of his head. Gannon was issued press credentials by Karl Rove at Bush’s request and attended the sessions.

This photo shows George Bush affectionately embracing male prostitute Jeff Gannon at the White House right after a presidential press conference. Other photos picture Bush winking at and actually kissing Gannon. (For more info, go on the internet to and search for Jeff Gannon, Gannon quickly disappeared after these photos came out.

Fabulous, Gorgeous, Queer

Since assuming the presidency, George W. has surrounded himself with gay men. The White House is jokingly referred to as the "Pink House" by the Gay Community. First, there's Karl Rove, Bush's campaign chief. Rove's father was gay, and Rove himself is a queer. According to Fox-TV News, Karl Rove smiled knowingly when a Fox-TV reporter asked him about the special nickname his pal, the President, lovingly has for him.

President Bush calls me "Turdblossom," Rove said. Why "Turdblossom?"—Please, let's not go there.

George W. Bush often commends male visitors to the White House for their "fabulous" clothing. He told the Canadian Prime Minister that his young, male press advisor was "gorgeous." Bush appointed Ken Mehlman, a Jewish homosexual, as the Chairman of the Republican National Committee. Think of it—a homo as titular head of the entire Republican Party!

At Yale University, student George W. Bush roomed with his homosexual pal, Victor Ashe. Later, as President of the United States, Bush appointed his old friend Ashe Ambassador to Poland.
Bush also named his gay roommate at Yale University, Tennessee's Victor Ashe, Ambassador to Poland. As Global AIDS Coordinator, another Ambassador-rank position, Bush chose homosexual activist Mark R. Dybul. Secretary of State Condi Rice administered the oath of office to the new appointee, recognizing Dybul's gay lover and live-in partner, Jason. Condi, a reputed lesbian dominatrix, even permitted the Ambassador's homo partner, Jason, to hold the Bible upon which Dybul laid his hand while taking the oath of office.

President Bush has more homosexuals in his Administration than Bill Clinton, and he's more than accommodated their "special needs." For example, Bush appointed a queer to be the new Ambassador to Romania, then approved the man's sodomite lover to fly off with him in a U.S. aircraft to Bucharest, the capital of that nation, where the gay Ambassador 
Secretary of State Condi Rice swears in sodomite Mark R. Dybul as Bush’s Global AIDS Coordinator. First Lady Laura Bush looks on and Dybul’s gay partner, Jason, holds the Bible.
and his lover now contently shack-up together in an embassy-leased mansion, at U.S. taxpayers' expense. The two sodomites even attend official functions together. I wonder what the leaders and citizens of Romania think about that?

Homosexuals Love Bush's Supreme Court Nominees

Bush's biggest coup was his choice to be the new Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. John Roberts, a gay judge, is not only queer himself, but he's the infamous attorney who represented the entire homosexual community of America in the notorious, landmark court case, Romer v Evans (1996), in which all state laws forbidding acts of sodomy were declared unconstitutional.

The depraved Judge Roberts is so fanatical in his support of sodomy and gay rights he even fought the case for his limp-wristed buddies on a pro bono basis—he didn't even charge the queer groups a dime for his services. Now that's real devotion to a cause, however corrupt.

So, thanks to our "born again Christian President," George W. Bush, we have sitting at the helm of the U.S. Supreme Court one of the most highly acclaimed gay rights attorneys in the world. Whoop-te-do!

What's more, so enamored of Bush and slavish to his every need are evangelical leaders like Pastor Ted Haggard, James Dobson, Pat Robertson, and Jerry Falwell that they ended up enthusiastically throwing their full support for John Roberts' confirmation by the Senate. So, gays owe a great debt of gratitude to the Dobson-Falwell crowd, as well as to George W. Bush, for this generous favor.

When just a few, old-line conservatives complained about Judge Roberts' devoted, pro bono work on behalf of the gay rights movement, Jerry Falwell, always a boot kisser to Republican presidents, jumped in to defend Bush's pro-gay choice. Gay rights, said Falwell, "is not a liberal or conservative value. It's an American value that I would think that we pretty much all agree on." Uh, hold on there, Jerry. Not "all" of us agree on that. In fact, I suspect there are at least several thousand readers of Power of Prophecy newsletter who believe sodomy and its cousin, pedophilia, are both a sin and a crime.

Steamy Lesbian Sex and the Infamous Bear Novel

And there's more. George W. Bush was the first President to have formal public meetings in the Oval Office with the Log Cabin Republicans group—a merry band of GOP queers into politics. He chose for his running mate Vice President Dick Cheney, whose wife, Lynn, authored several novels with what have been called "steamy lesbian sex scenes." Fitting since, as it turns out in real life, the Cheneys' daughter is a full-scale lesbian political activist.

Cheney for four years was served by his Chief of Staff, an odd fella named Lewis "Scooter" Libby. Libby, who has been indicted by a federal grand jury for intelligence crimes, is reputed to be an Israeli secret agent. Libby, or "Scooter" as Cheney and neocon friends so lovingly call him, also is a novelist. In one of his fiction books, he has an account of a caged bear being sexually tormented by human sex fiends with sticks. (Incredible? Yes, but also sickeningly true).

Israel's President Rapes Ten Aides

Bush and Cheney are, as we all know, huge backers of Israel and are extremely supportive of Israeli politicians. Is it not significant, then, that Israel's President, Moshe Katsov, is now under investigation in that country for raping and sexually molesting ten young staffers? The crimes of Katsov, the sex-fiend President of Israel, are perhaps exceeded only by those of Bush and his homoerotic cohorts.

Consider the sexual sadism practiced at Abu Ghraib prison. Video films of Iraqi male, nude prisoners showed many being victimized in acts of brutal sodomy. Naked Iraqi males—many whom later were found to be innocent—were stacked in pyramids, their sexual organs revealed.

Evidence shows that top Bush White House and Pentagon officials, including Secretary of State Rumsfeld, privately viewed these obscene, monstrous movies, no doubt for their own, wicked pleasures. Apparently, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and all the other Bush Administration perverts get a real rise out of viewing young men screaming in agony as they are ritualistically tortured and sexually abused by sodomite creeps. Shades of the abominable activities of France's notorious sadist, the Marquis de Sade.

Seymour Hersh, acclaimed New York writer who uncovered the My Lai, Vietnam atrocities decades ago, reports that inside the Pentagon's inner sanctum, kept hidden by Bush people from view by ordinary Americans, are horrific videos that beggar the imagination. They include grim scenes of U.S. CIA and military interrogators raping and sodomizing Iraqi children. Hersh has seen them and says the "soundtrack of the shrieking boys" and hearing their mothers, forced to watch, crying out for mercy, made him sick to his stomach.

Bush is a sick, sick man, indeed. Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, and Beria don't have a thing on this man. Bush and his coterie of homoerotic thugs are craftier and more sinister than anything the brutal Soviet system ever produced. And coincidentally, Lenin and the boys in Russia were all Jews, and they were all homosexuals to boot. Just like Bush and his neocons.

Crushing the Testicles of Little Boys

Once we peer within, we find worse and worse elitist Bush perversion down deep inside the White House rabbit hole. In a debate in Chicago with Notre Dame professor and scholar Doug Cassel, Bush Justice Department attorney John Yoo argued that President George Bush has the full legal authority to sexually torture anyone suspected of being a terrorist. According to Yoo, if Bush desires, he can even order the sexual torture of infants. He can, for example, order interrogators to crush the testicles of a person's child, to get the parent to "confess." It was Yoo who authored Bush's misnamed Patriot Act legislation, authorizing the torture, the suspension of constitutional rights for suspects, and the imprisoning of "potential" criminals at U.S.-run gulag camps.

Extending outside the White House, we find even more evidence of the sicko regime: GOP Congressmen Mark Foley, Danny Hastert, Jim Kolbe, and a slew of others, including Governors, Senators, and Judges. Homoerotic thugs all, and not a few pedophile predators among them. The evil goes back all the way to the Lyndon B. Johnson and the Reagan Administrations. Many of President Ronald "Hollywood" Reagan's White House pals were also sodomites.

Defrocked Congressman Mark Foley, poster boy for rampant homosexuality of Republicans and Democrats alike in Washington, DC.

Jewish Talmud Approves Pedophilia

That most of the Bush queer battalion are Jews is not a surprise. The Jewish Talmud, the rabbis' most holy book, officially endorses pedophile acts by homosexual fiends. The Talmud says that sex with a girl under three years of age, or a minor boy under nine, is permissible. It's not even a "sexual connection," say the rabbis.

Evidently, evangelicals like TBN's Paul Crouch (who gave $425,000 to hush-up his homosexual lover from writing a tell-all exposé of he and Paul's sodomite affair) and the NAE's gay deceiver, Ted Haggard, for years either winked at the White House Bordello, or just avoided the issue.

So, apparently, did Dobson, Falwell, Hagee, Graham, Warren, Hybels, Schuller and all the other evangelical fakesters. For this crowd, it's the old monkey's routine of "see, hear, say nothing."

During the Reagan presidency, with the Senior George H. W. Bush as Vice President, young boys were molested by a ring of high-ranking Congressmen and bureaucrats. To view a full page image click on this article.(See the book, The Franklin Coverup, offered through Power of Prophecy.)

Laura Bush's Revealing Choice

First Lady Laura Bush has surely known about her hubby, George's, sexual infatuation with male prostitute Jeff Gannon. And she must at least suspect the grotesque goings-on of the strange men who carry on their sick and sordid behavior inside the secure work areas of the White House Bordello. A hint of her sure knowledge came a couple of years ago when officials of the Texas Library Association asked Mrs. Bush to identify a single play or book that the First Lady personally enjoyed and was representative of what Laura considered "the best that Texas authors and playwrights had to offer." Madam Bush's revealing choice: "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas."

Could it be that the best little whorehouse in Texas is actually a bordello, an exclusive yet seedy establishment located not in Texas but in Washington, D.C., a giant, white Greco-Roman mansion sitting behind a handsome wrought iron-fence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

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