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Texe Marrs


Would it surprise you to discover that President Obama has seen fit to fill America’s ten most powerful government money and finance posts with people of the same racial group? What if these 10 powerful jobs went solely to persons of Chinese descent, or of Mexican ancestry, or to Eskimos or to Arabs? Would you be upset?...alarmed?...perplexed?

In fact, the top ten money and finance positions in the Obama Administration are held by members of just one ethnic group, but the favored DNA race is not Chinese, Mexican, Eskimo, or Arab. As former Clinton aide James Carville, the "crazy cajun," might exclaim, "It’s the Jews, stupid!"

Just take a look at the racial heritage of Obama’s choices of top-ranked bureaucrats overseeing the gamut of America’s financial affairs:

Chairman, Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke (Jew)
Vice Chairman, Federal Reserve Donald Kuhn (Jew)
Secretary of Treasury Tim Geithner (Jew)
Director, Office of Management and Budget Peter Orzhag (Jew)
Chairman, Council of Economic Advisors Larry Summers (Jew)
Chairperson, Securities and Exchange Commission Mary Schapiro (Jew)
Chairperson, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Sheila Bair (Jew)
Chairman, Commodities Futures Trading Commission Gary Gensler (Jew)
Director Office of Regulatory Affairs Cass Sunstein (Jew)
Commissioner, Internal Revenue Service Douglas Shulman (Jew)

Rahm Emanuel

Rahm "The Cruel" Emanuel

Should we not add to this amazing collection of money bosses the name of Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s White House Chief of Staff? Emanuel an Israeli citizen who served in the Israeli Defense Force, was a wealthy Wall Street broker at the time he joined Obama’s political team. And before that, Emanuel represented a Jewish majority suburb of Chicago in the U.S. Congress. Praised as a "Zionist pit bull" by the Jewish press, Emanuel was credited by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for being the liaison between the Wall Street crowd and the Legislature, putting together the Bush Administration’s boondoggle (for the bankers!) "Tarp" program.

Now since, according to demographers, Jews ethically make up only about 2.5 percent of America’s 300-million citizens, who can question the financial hegemony of this one, tiny racial faction.

The regulatory and executive powers inherent in the federal agencies overseen by this exclusivist clique boggle the imagination. The entire U.S. budget is in their hands. CEOs and directors of thousands of banks and financial institutions are at their beck and call. No agency of government is safe from their oversight and regulatory authority. Mortgage and commercial interest rates are set by the Jewish overlords at the Federal Reserve. Tens of millions of citizens are required to submit Form 1040 tax returns, and either a tax auditor or a U.S. Attorney may come calling if the Jew who runs the IRS isn’t happy with the figures on those returns. Even our nation’s churches—virtually all of which are government-approved 501(c) 3 tax exempt entities—fall under the purview of the IRS.

Every stock brokerage firm and securities dealer in America cringes under the watchful eye of Mary Schapiro, head of the SEC. Meanwhile, commodities traders and exchanges—dealing in gold, copper, wheat, corn, etc.—are constantly fearful of running afoul of the enforcement arm of Jewish overlord Gary Gensler, Chairman of the Commodities Futures Trading Commission.

Jon Leibowitz

Jon Leibowitz

Margaret Hamburg

Margaret Hamburg

In addition to the agencies and offices mentioned, there are still others led by Jewish commissars that deeply influence and impact American commerce and business. As head of the powerful Federal Trade Commission (FTC), we find the Jew, Jon Leibowitz. Presiding over Obama’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is Dr. Margaret Hamburg, a Jew, and holding the proven ability to run roughshod over our media is yet another Jewish big-wig: Julius Genachowski, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

How mind-warping is that? Business and trade practices, TV and radio programming, our nation’s food supplies, the pharmaceutical industry—all regulated and controlled by just one ethnic group—the Jews.

Yes, Big Brother’s Jewish all-seeing eye is ever vigilant, night and day, harassing businessmen and citizens alike, insuring the overarching Zionist agenda for America is accomplished. By placing Jews at every money, financial and communications chokepoint in our federal system, President Obama, himself the chosen tool of Rothschild money interests, insures that no-one, anywhere can escape the Zionist Matrix of Control.

Pity the poor and hapless President, Barack Obama. He, too, is inescapably bound up and is captive to this octopus-like Zionist Matrix of Control. Less than fifty feet from the President’s oak desk in the Oval Office sits David Axelrod, the Jewish politico who ran Barack Obama’s presidential election campaign and now has an office next to Barack’s in the White House. Axelrod is officially Obama’s Chief Political Advisor.

Also perched just outside Obama’s office is his Jewish Chief of Staff, Rahm "The Cruel" Emanuel. And to guarantee that Obama’s policies and statements tow the Zionist line, a Jew, Ellen Moran rules the roost as White House Director of Communications. Ms. Moran is the one who controls the words on the teleprompter that the President dutifully reads when he’s allowed to speak in public.

Even Obama’s Vice President, potential loose cannon Joe Biden, has a Jewish Zionist handler watching his every move. That would be Ron Klain, the Vice President’s Chief of Staff.

Susan Sher

Michelle Obama's Chief of Staff Susan Sher

The ultimate insult, however, is found housed in the White House residence and in the East Wing where, it seems, First Lady Michelle Obama has had her African American female aide replaced by—attention, please!—a Jew. Susan Sher, of Jewish ethnic origins, is at the helm as Michelle’s Chief of Staff. Yes, that’s right, even the intrepid First Lady is trapped inside the tightly-honeycombed Zionist Matrix of Control.

It seems only fair that President Barack Obama and his once outspoken First Lady, Michelle, suffer the same indignities that you and I face as everyday U.S.A. citizens. The man whom 52.9 percent of Americans voted for to serve as our President is no less a prisoner than are we. Is this not cause for celebration? Truly, it can now be said: African-Americans have arrived. Equal opportunity has finally become a reality. In the United States today, every man, every woman of Gentile descent has become a prisoner.

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