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Kosher Politics—America’s Presidential Election Masterminded By a Handful of Jewish Mega-Billionaires



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Is the Christian Establishment Going to Hell in a Hand-basket? (Tape) OR (CD)

Secrets (Volume 230) (Tape) OR (CD)

American Presidents and the Illuminati (Tape) OR (CD)

Judgment Begins in the House of the Lord (Tape) OR (CD)

December 2015 Set (Tape) OR (CD)




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America and Israel Strangle the World—Russia, China and a Few Others Fight Back (Tape) OR (CD)

Focus on Albert Pike, 33ー, Sovereign Grand Commander of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, Confederate War General, Co-Founder of the Ku Klux Klan, and Cabalist Occultist (Tape) OR (CD)

Kosher Politics—America’s Presidential Election Masterminded Behind the Scenes By A Handful of Jewish Mega-Billionaires (Tape) OR (CD)

The Worst Mass Murderers and Revolutionaries of the Past 2000 Years (Tape) OR (CD)

Planet Rothschild—The Rothschild Dynasty and Its Ultimate Goal for Israel and Planet Earth (Tape) OR (CD)

666—Insight on the Number of the Beast (Tape) OR (CD)

Dictatorship of the Neocon Jews (Tape) OR (CD)

Prophetic Secrets of Earthly Jerusalem (2-Hour Set) (Tape) OR (CD)

The New Covenant is Alive!—The Old Covenant is Dead and Gone (Tape) OR (CD)

“Will You Walk Into My Parlour?”—Tikkun Olam, Satan痴 Invitation to Global Captivity (Tape) OR (CD)

The Evangelical Heresy of “Judeo-Christianity”—Witch’s Brew of Ungodly Beliefs (Tape) OR (CD)

World’s Top Scientists and Researchers Confirm—DNA of Today’s Jews is of East European Descent; Today’s “Jews” Have No Israelite Genes (Tape) OR (CD)

Fourteen Truths That Must Be Known If America Is to Recover From Its Satanic Trance (Tape) OR (CD)

The Bad War—And the Truth Never Taught About World War II (Tape) OR (CD)

Lessons of Purim—Queen Esther and the Holy Days of Jewish Killers (Tape) OR (CD)

Hellstorm—When Satan and His Disciples Came Down to Earth and It was Better to Be Dead Then Alive (Tape) OR (CD)

The Bees, the Hive, the Borg, and the Illuminati Mormonism, Masonry, and the Future of Mankind According to Lucifer (Tape) OR (CD)

Matrix of Gog (Tape) OR (CD)

Antichrist—The Beast Revealed (Tape) OR (CD)

Marching to Zion—Christian Evangelicals Fall Into Black Hole of Sodom and Egypt the Synagogue of Satan (2-Hour Set) (Tape) OR (CD)


Pastors and Churches Gone Wild!—America’s Christian Establishment Has Gone Berserk!

DNA Science and the Jewish Bloodline

Conspiracy of the Six-Pointed Star: Eye-Opening Revelations and Forbidden Knowledge About Israel, the Jews, Zionism, and the Rothschilds

Codex Magica—Secret Signs, Mysterious Symbols, and Hidden Codes of the Illuminati

Planet Rothschild (Volume 1)

Planet Rothschild (Volume 2)

Planet Rothschild (Volume 1 & 2)

The War Against Putin

The Bad War—The Truth Never Taught About World War II

On the Jews and Their Lies

The Matrix of Gog

Hellstorm—The Death of Nazi Germany

Antichrist: The Beast Revealed

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Hellstorm—The Video (DVD)

Marching to Zion (DVD)

The Blind and The Dead (DVD)

Endtime Revivals Unmasked (DVD)

Vatican Rising! (DVD)



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