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Special Bonus Report
by Texe Marrs

Psychopaths Appear Normal

Psychopaths: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow is proof positive that America is rushing into the Age of Psychopaths. Texe Marrs’ revealing new book examines the following topics and more.

 What to do when you are confronted by a psychopath. Save your life with this advice.

 Meet the psychopath. 15 Characteristics of a psychopath.

 13 Facts that work to create a psychopathic nation.

 Trump Derangement Syndrome—Prelude to a national psychopathy.

 Crazy Times—The early reign of the psychopaths is at hand.

 The bloody legacy of psychopaths throughout history.

 Satanism, sex crimes, and psychopathy in America.

 The cruel and inhuman psychopath.

 The politician: Most dangerous psychopath on planet earth.

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