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Ron Paul Thugs Chant Down Christian and Clamor to Promote Homosexual Deviancy

The Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) is the largest Republican political action committee in America. At its recent national meeting, Ron Paul and his campaign aides were enthusiastically in support of the homosexual agenda for America. In fact, in 2004, it was Congressman Ron Paul who was one of the only Republicans in the House of Representatives who officially voted in favor of gay marriage! When questioned about this, Ron Paul's top campaign lieutenant bragged that, "Yes, Ron Paul is socially tolerant," meaning he favors homosexual marriage and other aspects of the homosexual agenda. At the CPAC meeting, Ron Paul's top aides not only invited "GOProud," a radical gay organization to participate, Ron Paul's aides verbally attacked Christians who opposed the gay agenda.

In this film clip, a Christian, Ryan Sorba, condemns the Ron Paul faction and CPAC for inviting the homosexuals and lesbians and promoting their agenda. In return, he gets shouted down by the Ron Paul supporters who are almost uniformly pro-homosexual. Not only is Ron Paul a promoter of homosexuals, he is also a promoter of the Masonic Lodge and other anti-American groups.



Ron Paul put on Hot Seat After Voting in Favor of Gay Marriage

In this clip, John Lofton forces Congressman Ron Paul to admit his support of the gay homosexual agenda. Listen closely and observe how Ron Paul does more ballerina dancing to avoid the issue than Baryshnikov and Rahm Emanuel combined. Dance on Ron Paul, you are one of the few Republicans in Congress to vote for gay marriage and finally John Lofton has outed you!

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Legionnaires of Sodom—From Ron Paul and Mitt Romney to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. How Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians Are Obeying Satan, Tossing America Into a Homosexual Abyss, and Consigning Our Youth to the Scrapheap of History

A Homosexual International controls America’s political establishment, and politicians are eagerly swearing and bearing allegiance to the satanic thugs that run this network of sexual and cultural disease. Congressman Ron Paul is outed—He’s a Freemasonry kiss-up and a homo defender. His top aides grovel and explain that yes, Mr. Paul is soft on homosexuality, but only because he’s "socially tolerant." Massachusetts Mitt Romney led "gay pride" parades in Boston and boasted to newspapers, "I’m more pro-gay than Ted Kennedy!" Barack Obama, meanwhile, is alleged to be a bisexual, and it is common knowledge that Hillary Clinton is an activist lesbian. America has become "Sodom and Egypt." Where are the Christian heroes and men and women of morals who will stand up for decency and protect our children from this overwhelming flood of sadomasochistic evil?

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