Cauldron of Abaddon

Cauldron of Abaddon

What is the most wicked city on earth? From this evil place spew witchcraft and sorcery. Its merchants produce the world's most destructive child pornography. This city's hidden rulers are the drug kingpins of the planet. Their Mafia control the world's most frenzied gambling establishments. Cruel violence, sexual sin and perversion, murder and gangsterism rock this city and reverberate around the world. Worse, this city's inhabitants are cosmopolitan—they have spread their tentacles around the globe. Their grotesque debauchery and unparalleled crimes are holographed in New York City, Moscow, London, Bangkok, and dozens of other locales.

The prophetic Scriptures identify this city with Mystery Babylon, and spiritually call it "Sodom and Egypt." The Bible says this is the great city "wherein our Lord was crucified."

This city, is in fact, the very "Cauldron of Abaddon," a fiery boiling pot of sorcery and vice stirred by Satan and his minions.

Have you got it yet? Do you know the name of this terrible place—the most wicked city in the world in the end-times?

Order your copy today of Cauldron of Abaddon—"From Jerusalem and Israel flow a torrent of satanic evil and mischief endangering the whole world."

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