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(CD) March 2020 Set
(CD) March 2020 Set
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    Secrets (Volume 280): Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth “Liarwatha” Warren’s son-in-law produced a film funded by Iran; (2) Frank Biden, brother of Joe Biden, saw his business interests benefit from millions of taxpayer dollars during the Obama regime; (3) Lawmaker sponsors resolution to invite 2nd Amendment Sanctuary county in Virginia to secede and join the State of West Virginia; (4) Connecticut state lawmakers want to create a new department in the State Police to combat extremists on the far right; (5) Over 90% of illegal aliens arrested in 2019 had criminal convictions or pending charges; (6) Loony leftists celebrate Government Accountability Office report exposing Trump’s Administration broke the law, but ignore the fact that Obama’s Administration was guilty of 7 infractions; (7) In a desperate attempt to raise money, New York state will now charge people to look at the stars; (8) Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg informs pro-life democrat her views are not welcomed in the Democrat Party; (9) Federal agents from TSA and DEA confiscate $82,000 from a family without any suspicion of wrongdoing or criminal charges—and refuse to give it back!; (10) California’s homeless crisis is creating a hazardous situation for its residents—fecal bacteria levels in the water supply are astronomical; (11) Denver Post fires its most read columnist for his belief there are only two sexes; (12) Twice convicted pedophile claims he’s innocent because he identifies as an eight-year old girl; (13) Common sense legislation has been introduced to protect women and girls in competitive sports from being infiltrated by men who claim they are women; (14) White Congressman called a racist because he called out the Congressional Black Caucus for their lack of protection of unborn babies; (15) California legislators want to dictate what topics pastors can preach about; (16) Police in England were told to ignore Muslim rape gangs and probe other ethnic groups; (17) California mom surrounded by police after young daughter posts sign in the back window of the car.

    From Judaism to Jesus—Brother Nathanael’s Testimony: Jerry Barrett is honored to welcome Brother Nathanael Kapner to the program this week. Growing up in a strong Jewish family, Brother Nathanael was expected to carry on the traditions of the elders. Attending Jewish schools as a youngster he was taught the Old Testament, but when he questioned his rabbi about Jesus, he was shocked at the response. This led Brother Nathanael on a quest to discover what Christianity was about and to learn about Jesus Christ. After reading the New Testament as a young college student, Brother Nathanael got down on his knees and dedicated himself to Jesus. His powerful testimony is heartwarming and informative. The Bible tells us the steps of a righteous man are ordained by God, and surely Brother Nathanael exemplifies this truth.

    What Are the Noahide Laws and will Christians Be Charged With Keeping Them?: Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Jason Charles to discuss the Noahide Laws and its ramifications for Christians. In a nation that was founded on freedom of religion, lukewarm pastors have failed to educate the pew-sitters of the impending dangers facing them. Signed into law in 1991 by President George H.W. Bush, this seemingly innocuous legislation entitled “Education Day, U.S.A.” promotes the Noahide Laws above our Constitution. Non-observers of these seven laws will be faced with gruesome consequences.

    Ending America—The New Way Forward: Progressive Democrats in the house of Representatives have stooped to unforeseen depths in attempting to eliminate America as a sovereign nation. In their zeal to create open borders, these representatives have introduced a bill that will revamp restrictions on the deportation of convicted felons, as well as insure that illegal immigrants receive free healthcare. Introduced by Rep. Jesus Garcia (D-IL), and co-sponsored by 44 other Democrats, Garcia claims this bill will “correct racial and anti-immigrant injustices” which are “born from white supremacist ideology and politics.” You will be shocked to learn what else has been included in this anti-American piece of legislation!

    The NSA vs. Google—Who Is More Powerful?: Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Sandra Myers to the program. Both the NSA and Google want to know everything about you—all of the time. Who can turn on your laptop camera and watch you? Who can turn on your cell phone and listen to you? Who can track your movements via your cell phone? Who can listen and record your phone conversations? Who can track your computer keystrokes and what your interests are on the web? Which knows who all your friends and family are and their interests? The stunning answers to these questions and so much more are answered.


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