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April 2019 Set
April 2019 Set
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    Racial Violence in America and How the Media Ignore It: Jerry Barrett is proud to welcome Colin Flaherty to the show to discuss his powerful book, White Girl Bleed A Lot. Main Stream Media have made it a point to foment the hoax of relentless white racism and black victimization. Hundreds of cities around the country are experiencing mob violence, especially against the elderly. Reporters and elected city officials—suffering from delusion—refuse to admit that racial violence is becoming more prevalent. Buzz words like random or isolated signify that reporters will couch the truth to avoid being fired from their job. Teachers being attacked in the classroom are now suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and leaving their profession in droves. Utilizing videos posted online, police reports, and other material, Colin unequivocally documents the evil that is permeating our society.

    Secrets (Volume 269): Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Woman arrested after assaulting restaurant patron wearing MAGA hat, and then found to be an illegal alien who overstayed her tourist 1994 visa; (2) Social Justice Warrior writes in article that John Wayne Airport in Orange, California should change its name because of Wayne’s racist rant in 50 year old interview; (3) 7-year-old boy ostracized for selling hot chocolate to help raise money for the border wall, including one person calling him “little Hitler;” (4) Arkansas grocery store receives backlash for ad book in which they claim heaven has walls and hell has open borders; (5) New Jersey residents are leaving the state in droves in response to governmental overreach. Meanwhile, new Governor Philip Murphy proposes a new tax on rainfall; (6) PayPal CEO admits that his company relies on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) opinion on who to remove from their service; (7) Panera Care’s, a socialist-tinged “pay what you want” restaurant has closed for good thanks to lack of donations; (8) Ohio music shop posts a sign declaring that all Trump supporters are persona non grata and asks them to take their money elsewhere; (9) Socialist Bernie Sanders, who has ridiculed the rich about how many yachts they need, fails to understand the hypocrisy he shows by owning three homes; (10), boasting multi-billion dollars a year in income, will pay zero income tax for the second straight year thanks to clever accounting and legal corporate tax breaks; (11) Shocker! Over 97% of all mass public shooting occur in “gun-free” zones; (12) Five members of Congressional Black Caucus take a trip to South Africa to watch a concert costing American taxpayers $60,000; (13) Lawyer for Covington Catholic High School student maligned by the press is suing The Washington Post for $250 million; (14) California Democratic lawmakers introduce bill to protect pedophiles; (15) Yale University Newspaper editor publishes op-ed urging students to spy on white male classmate in order to ruin their careers in the future; (16) UC-Davis professor reprimanded for saying police “need to be killed;” (17) Democrats are pushing for more gun control legislation, except for illegal immigrants who fail background checks; (18) Thrice deported Mexican immigrant involved in deadly shootout with California deputy sheriff, thanks in large part to California’s sanctuary state laws; (19) More than half of immigrants in America are on welfare; (20) UK businesses are eyeing possible micro-chipping of employees in the near future; (21) California Governor Gavin Newsom proposes new tax on drinking water.

    George Soros and His Open Society Foundations: Jerry Barrett welcomes Sandra Myers to the show to give greater details to her recent article in Power of Prophecy concerning George Soros and his Open Society Foundations. Suffering from a “messianic complex,” Soros believes the world has been waiting for him to save it from itself. Thanks to his unfathomable wealth, Soros is able to subvert governments around the globe, forcing cultural and social change, as well as removing national borders.

    To Sit At A King’s Table—Evangelical Leaders Have Sold Out Jesus to Have the Ear of President Trump: Jerry Barrett welcomes Dr. Chuck Baldwin to discuss his recent article on the increasing numbers of atheists and pagan worship in America. Evangelical leaders, including Jerry Falwell, Jr., fawn over President Trump while deliberately burying Biblical morality to maintain a seat at Trump’s table. Trump and his warmongering Zionist pals continue to send America’s young men to fight for big oil. Many have distanced themselves from the church and are now turning to paganism and atheism.

    Killing Chivalry—Silencing the Echo of God’s Design for Man: Jerry Barrett welcomes our resident Conspiracy Scientist Steve Reilly to the show to discuss the demise of Western civilization. Why is it that all the liberals push is the inversion of good? The reverse of our Heavenly Father’s commandments to us. Reilly contends the erosion of manhood and, now, the merging of the sexes with “gender neutral upbringing” is in furtherance of a Luciferian plan. Are we in a super natural battle for the survival of God’s remnant?


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