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(CD) April 2021 Set
(CD) April 2021 Set
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    Global Cities Seek to Usurp Constitutional Power: City-based and regional world affairs organizations honeycomb the U.S. under the umbrella of the World Affairs Councils of America. City life is, and must be, the future. The United Nations’ infamous Agenda 21—and now Agenda 2030—calls for a depletion of rural life, a “stack and pack” urbanized society, and corporate farms will produce most of the food. The road to global tyranny no longer will be run through national governments. The Council on Foreign Relations and its spin-offs—the Bilderbergs, Trilateralists, and other NGO’s—are making an end run around national sovereignty from the bottom up. By unplugging the world’s biggest cities from their nations and plugging them into a Global Cities network, these One World Order fanatics have utilized the pLandemic to further along their agenda. Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Mark Anderson to the program to discuss this very disturbing topic.

    Big Pharma Unleashes Vaccine Trial on Unsuspecting Americans: Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome James Perloff to the program to discuss the recent Emergency Use Authorization for the COVID-19 vaccines. James presents ten reason why you do not need to subject yourself to the human trials being implemented for this vaccine. Informed consent about the potential harm of this vaccine is non-existent. There is not a lot of information readily available about the ingredients contained in these vaccines, and potential side affects of this trial will come to light in the near future. The technocratic oligarchs are controlling the message both through social media and the main stream. Thankfully there have been those who have refused to bend the knee to these censors and are speaking out about this pLandemic and the dangers of these vaccines.

    Secrets (Volume 292): Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) With gun control measures piling up in the Democrat-controlled Congress, a Michigan based ammunition maker requires all potential customers to answer one question: Who did you vote for?; (2) A biracial high school student may not graduate after failing a Critical Race Theory class; (3) Petaluma, California city council mandates no new gas stations in effort to promote electric vehicles and do away with “fossil fuel” consuming dinosaurs; (4) A 39-year old mother of one dies days after receiving her second COVID-19 vaccine and state medical examiner claims this death is only temporarily related to the vaccine; (5) The Biden Administration’s hostile acts towards the oil and gas industry is fueling soaring gasoline prices at the pump; (6) New NASA satellite photos show the Earth is getting progessively greener thanks to increased carbon dioxide levels, contrary to what enviro-whackos have been claiming; (7) Coca-Cola Bottling Company allegedly invited Critical Race Theory instructors to help employees be “less white;” (8) Amazon outed as a leading censor of published books by basing their decisions on what their “experts” deem to be hateful speech; (9) Divers in Anilao, Philippines find the coral reef littered with dozens of blue PPE masks; (10) Cancel culture rears its ugly head at an Ivy League school after an invitee who was scheduled to discuss the dangers of cancel culture is himself canceled because someone complained; (11) Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) disparages Mom & Pop businesses by stating he doesn’t want small businesses; (12) Dallas Police Department memo listing crimes that will no longer be responded to leaked; (13) A New York school principal sends a list of white identities home to white parents so they can convert themselves into white abolitionists; (14) Texas Attorney General sues the Mayor of Austin, Texas again for failure to comply with Governor Abbott’s order to remove mask mandates; 15) Wife of New York City Mayor asks citizens to intervene to prevent or stop crimes because of her husband’s willingness to follow her advice and defund the police; (16) Washington state kindergartners forced to recite land acknowledgement that they occupy stolen land.

    Where is This Country Headed?: Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Pastor Butch Paugh to the program to discuss current events that portend to a decline in American spirituality and patriotism.


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