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July 2019 Set
July 2019 Set
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    Thirteen Pieces of the Jigsaw: Jerry Barrett welcomes James Perloff, author of the new book 13 Pieces of the Jigsaw, to the show. Topics discussed include: (1) Is America an oligarchy?; (2) Has biased and slanted news been around for a long time?; (3) Who is the greatest beneficiary of wars?; (4) Are “False Flags” a recent invention?; (5) Are wars a method for one country to steal resources, people, and land from another?; (6) What really happened to the Hindeburg?; (7) Has alternative media been successful in exposing false flag operations?; (8) Shocking revelation of the parties involved in the Spanish-American War, World War I, and World War II; (9) Was Japan incited into attacking America?; (10) Does the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion foretell of a one world government? These items and much more are discussed.

    Red Flag Laws Throw Presumption of Innocence Out the Window: Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Nikki Goeser, author and Executive Director for The Crime Prevention Research Center to the show. The creation of “gun free zones” have made liberal gun grabbers giddy with delight. Unfortunately, they are not a safe place to be as almost 98% of all mass shootings have occurred in these gun free zones. As a survivor of a violent crime, Nikki shares first-hand knowledge of how it changes your mindset towards situational awareness. With more and more states passing “Red Flag” laws, has due process—granted by our Constitution—been shunted aside? Is our criminal justice system doing enough to keep violent criminals off our streets?

    Secrets (Volume 272): Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Elementary teacher furnishes 8-year-old boy with materials on transgenderism without parents knowledge; (2) Rural Americans could be reduced to mere serfs if the Electoral College is replaced with a popular vote; (3) Camping World CEO refuses to bow to pressure by city leaders who want his gigantic American flag removed; (4) Electric vehicle owners in Illinois facing massive increase in registration fees; (5) Sanctuary city refuses to turn over 2 illegal aliens who had been charged with murder to ICE, and an innocent 14-year-old girl pays the ultimate price; (6) Federal Commission finds that 42% of Federal crimes committed by illegals; (7) Students and teachers in San Francisco school district complain that a mural of George Washington represents “white supremacy;” (8) Texas State University student Senate wishes to ban campus police for violent assaults and over-policing; (9) CBS News joins CNN in support those who assault conservatives; (10) Pope Francis says homosexuality is no longer a sin; (11) Socialist-controlled Canada bans Christians from preaching in public and arrests a Christian street preacher; (12) Killing, disturbing, or molesting baby turtle eggs is a third degree felony, but killing a human baby is celebrated by liberals; (13) Will organ donors be euthanized for their organs?; (14) Washington state is poised to become the first in America to turn human beings into compost; (15) The Guardian newspaper in London instructs staff to ramp up the rhetoric when it comes to climate change; (16) Big Brother rules China with hi-tech software searching for potential trouble makers who don’t act normal.

    Snowflakes in the Air—Social Justice Warriors Run Amok: With the liberal left usurping our freedoms, we are facing a dim future. Whether through apathy or ignorance, social justice warriors are rallying against traditional Christian values with no end in sight. If these special interest groups deem your thoughts, speech, or writings to be offensive, you must be shut down. If you doubt this, consider the amount of book banning that has occurred at Amazon. The fact that Google regularly changes its algorithms to control search results, and that YouTube demonetizes or outright removes those who present a Conservative voice. The same can be said for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others. PayPal and other credit processors have refused services to those businesses and organizations who espouse Christian and/or Conservative beliefs.

    One Nation Under “The Lobby”: Though founded on the idea that self-governance through Constitutional law would prove to other nations that America is a friend of humanity, our nation is now just a proxy for the nation of Israel. The Lobby is an all-powerful group of pro-Zionist members who have bought control of our federal government. Through organizations such as AIPAC, the American Jewish Committee, the Zionist Organization of America, the ADL, along with hundreds more, a vast ecosystem of unconditional support for Israel has been created. Now The Lobby has turned its focus towards state and local governments.


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