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July 2020 Set
July 2020 Set
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    Hierarchy of Suffering—Our History Is Being Re-written Daily: Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Mark Weber from the Institute For Historical Review. History for every society consists of two different things. The first, scholars often debate causes and origins of historical phenomenon. Secondly, it is a narrative for each society: where we came from; where we are; and where we should go. All great history assessment is revisionist in nature, attempting to understand the past based on new insights and perspectives. Do today’s historians believe themselves to be more enlightened and knowledgeable than our forefathers? Do today’s politicians only support policies which sound good even though consequences presented could be catastrophic? Is diversity detrimental to a society? Is the great melting pot boiling over due to racial tension in America?

    Secrets (Volume 284): Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Immigrant from Africa calls Black Lives Matter activists a joke and the true racists and was met with combativeness; (2) Anarchists have captured a police precinct headquarters and set up a self-contained autonomous zone in Seattle, Washington...with the blessing of the mayor!; (3) Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfood is begging retail businesses to not leave the city after riots destroyed many stores; (4) CNN’s Wolf Blitzer interviewed Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender, asking how the city will address public safety if they dismantle the police department. In typical liberal fashion her response was doublespeak; (5) Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is caught with her crooked hand in the cookie jar again, this time using a bogus tweet promoting a FoodShare program while the link was for campaign contributions; (6) Hypocrite Los Angeles City Council President, Nury Martinez, recently introduced a resolution to reduce funding for the city’s police force by $150 million...but has used LAPD officers for security at her house; (7) Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) is in hot water after her husband attempts to use her position to garner an appeasement from a marina that stores their boat; (8) Governor J.B. Pritzker (D-IL) has issued some of the most draconian orders to his subjects during this pLandemic, but has sent his wife and child on a plane to Florida and send contractors from Illinois to Wisconsin to work on his mansion; (9) Snohomish, Washington police chief demoted for supporting armed local citizens who showed up to protect local businesses from a threat by Antifa thugs; (10) Fresno County Sheriff says she doesn’t have time to enforce California’s lockdown orders because they are too busy re-arresting criminals who have been released thanks to the “Zero-Dollar-Bail” policy signed into law in 2018; (11) Absentee ballots for a South Carolina county election have been Maryland!; (12) Democrat Judge of Elections in Philadelphia has pleaded guilty to illegal ballot stuffing for Democrats in judicial elections; (13) HBO has removed Gone With the Wind from its rotation forever, Looney Tunes has removed Elmer Fudd’s rifle, and Yosemite Sam has lost his six-shooters thanks to snowflakes in power; (14) Lego has de-emphasized their fireman and policeman line of products in support of progressive ideals; (15) Italian politician demands Bill Gates be arrested for crimes against humanity from the parliament floor; (16) Maxine Waters (D-CA) admits her desire for governmental control over your life; (17) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has failed to pay taxes on her failed business since 2012.

    Fear is the Tool of Tyrants: Control of the population through any means necessary is the goal of the global elite. Fear is the perfect tool. When a crisis expands exponentially, it envelops more people with each new decade. The latest trauma-based mind control device is COVID-19. During the tyrannical lockdowns put in place by local and state governments there has been an eighty-six percent increase of prescriptions written for psychotropic drugs. Unemployment, isolation, and health concerns have had a serious impact on mental health. Suicides have increased, as well as domestic battery. Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Jason Charles to the program to discuss this vitally important topic.

    Anarchists, Terrorists and Traitors—Just Who Are The Racists?: Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Pat McShay to the program to discuss the recent riots and the subsequent reaction by city councils, mayors, and others. Groups like Antifa, Black Lives Matter and The Sunshine Group among others push violence and contrived protests are financed by George Soros and Michael Bloomberg. Police brutality is not a black issue, it’s an issue for all races. Any officer caught beating a handcuffed suspect should be immediately fired! Can large cities continue to back down and acquiesce to these communist groups? Will outright lawlessness break out with the removal of police forces?


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