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August 2020 Set
August 2020 Set
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    Idiocracy (Volume 1)—News of the Absurd and Ridiculous: Whether daily news reports are read, watched, or listened to, people are constantly being bombarded by propaganda. The absurdity of what is disseminated to the average person begs the they think we are idiots? In this explosive report, Jerry Barrett has scoured articles from around the country to point out how far we, as a nation, have fallen: (1) Seattle Mayor who defended the anarchist takeover of downtown is angry that protesters showed up at her mansion; (2) Socialist Seattle Councilmember who opened city hall to anarchists during the takeover of the East Precinct blames capitalism on the shootings in the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone and not the thugs with guns; (3) Motorist in Provo, Utah shot after honking at protesters forming a human roadblock; (4) Actor Terry Crews attacked after stating concerns of black superiority; (5) Abraham Lincoln was anti-slavery but not pro-black so his statue must go down; (6) Noted environmentalist publishes book exposing the hoax of climate change; (7) Minneapolis neighborhood boycotting cops does not call about a juvenile being sexually assault in their park; (8) Minneapolis City Council members who have voted to abolish the police department have private security provided on the taxpayer dime; (9) Popular cafe in Omaha, Nebraska shutters doors after Black Lives Matter activists block traffic and intimidate customers; (10) Young leftist punk meets his match when confronted by a spunky older woman; (11) Oklahoma City District Attorney tells rioters “this ain’t Seattle” and slaps them with terrorist charges.

    Secrets (Volume 285): Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) California Governor Gavin Newsom orders 19 counties to shut down vineyards and wineries due to COVID-19—but exempts Napa County where his winery is located; (2) Singing and chanting in houses of worship has been banned in an egregious violation of First Amendment thanks to Gavin Newsom; (3) Colorado on the verge of joining New York, California, Mississippi, West Virginia and Maine by denying religious exemption as a means to avoid vaccinations of children; (4) Sheriff in Florida announces he deputize every lawful gun owner in his county should violent rioters decide to attempt to attack his constituents; (5) Armed Black Panthers protest for removal of a Confederate rock carving in Georgia; (6) Democrat-controlled cities who are looking to defund their police departments experiencing astronomical surge in shootings and murder; (7) In response to recent social unrest, Liberal residents of Illinois are now flocking en masse to gun shops in exercise of their Second Amendment rights; (8) Jussie Smollett, perpetrator of a fake racial attack by Trump supporters in Chicago, will finally face justice; (9) Shifty Adam Schiff (D-CA), head of the House Intelligence Committee, never briefed the President and took no action when informed of allegations that Russian intelligence units were offering bounties for U.S. troops, but still blames Trump for not taking action; (10) Record numbers of police are leaving the job in response to the anti-police sentiment sweeping across progressive America; (11) Seattle council member ironically states the SPD should investigate and bring killer from CHOP to justice, while in the next breath states the police department needs to be defunded; (12) Business owners and residents of Seattle’s CHOP/CHAZ bring class-action lawsuit against the city for extensive harm; (13) Seattle mayor finally allows police to clear out the autonomous zone known as CHOP; (14) Social Justice comes to realty as master bedrooms will now be known as primary bedrooms or suites; (15) Los Angeles city council to replace police response to non-violent calls, instead will send “crisis response” personnel.

    COVID-1984—The Coronavirus Scamdemic Exposed (Part 1): In this explosive deep-dive into the pLandemic that has engulfed our daily lives, Jerry Barrett explores the ramifications Americans have experienced. This coronavirus has had an unprecedented effect around the world. The biggest danger is the economic fallout due to lockdowns and the sweeping tyrannical powers state governments have acquired. Many Americans have or could fall below the poverty line with the number of jobs lost, businesses closed forever. Suicides, drug use, and mental depression are another side-effect of this pLandemic. Numerous drills and simulations have been run concerning pandemics for decades in preparation of totalitarian control.

    COVID-1984—The Coronavirus Scamdemic Exposed (Part 2): Jerry Barrett concludes this deep-dive into the pLandemic that has engulfed our daily lives.


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