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August 2021 Set
August 2021 Set
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    Secrets (Volume 297): Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Miss New Jersey contestant delivers a fiery speech railing against an epidemic of censorship and entitlement taking over school campuses; (2) Texas residents unknowingly had thermostats raised during energy emergency caused by extreme heat; (3) California’s plan to become a green energy utopia was recently slapped in the face by reality after high energy consumption due to high heat and electric vehicle recharging; (4) Joe Biden’s EPA is doctoring data to prove global warming is not a hoax; (5) With record numbers of American’s submitting to background checks for firearm ownership there is another dilemma facing gun owners...ammunition shortages; (6) U.S. Chamber of Commerce is pushing Congress to reduce and eliminate restrictions on immigration to benefit corporate bottom lines; (7) Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance—a major player in bat coronavirus research and subsequent coverup of COVID-19—has been funded by for at least ten years!; (8) Minnesota restaurant joins to “woke” movement and adds a fifteen percent “Equity Charge” to patrons bills; (9) Recent article in healthcare journal labels “whiteness” as a parasitic-like condition; (10) House of Representative Democrats threaten to remove tax-exempt status for the Catholic Church if politicians are refused communion; (11) The IRS has traveled back in time to mirror Obama administration policies of denying tax-exempt status to Christian non-profit organizations; (12) Nepotism is running rampant in the Biden administration despite China Joe promising it wouldn’t be a feature in during his tenure; (13) American cities have become war-zones thanks to the “Defund the Police” movement; (14) 54 years ago a Hollywood legend sent a letter and screenplay to the U.S. Senate—its topic is eerily similar to what we face today.

    Scofield and Christian Zionism Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Pastor Matt Furse to the program. Modern versions, thanks to Cyrus Scofield, have changed words throughout the Bible to mislead millions into falsely believing Israel must be blessed. In these new versions Jesus has been removed from the pedestal and the Jews have replaced Him. Many of today’s pastors claim to be Fundamentalists but do not hold firm to the true Word of God. Evangelical churches have embraced Scofield’s pro-Zionist work in place of the Holy Bible. What is lost on many is the fact earthly Israel is to remain desolate and our focus should be on the heavenly Kingdom, spiritual Israel. Preachers, like John Hagee, have sold their souls in a quest for carnal riches in direct opposition to what the scriptures teach. Who is Israel, and who isn’t Israel?

    Progressives Declare War On America’s Youth: There is a war against our youth and the mind-control propaganda machines are working overtime. The nation’s largest teachers union has embraced boosting racist teacher training and curriculum across the country. The NEA is committing its more than 3 million members to a study that critiques white supremacy, anti-Blackness, racism, patriarchy, capitalism, and other forms of power and oppression at the intersections of our society. This is the same teachers union that advocated for anti-science school lockdowns and mask mandates for students. Parents and grandparents, this is a call to action!

    Can the Government Be Trusted With Our Health?: Jerry Barrett is honored to welcome Dr. Lee Merritt to discuss the mRNA jab and its far-reaching health risks. The H1N1 vaccine was taken off of the market after 53 deaths, but the current COVID-19 jab has thousands of deaths attributed and is still being issued. Airplane pilots are dying and there are numerous reports of vaxxidents occurring when drivers suffer health maladies behind the wheel, and healthy young athletes are dropping like flies after being forced to receive the shot. Why is our government urging Americans to take this jab?

    Cause and Effect—Crime Skyrockets Across America: There is a horrendous crime wave sweeping across America. In some of our largest cities violence has become a way of life. Law enforcement authorities seem to be powerless to do anything about it. Criminals are wildly out of control. Many of our largest cities are being transformed into extremely violent war zones. Murder rates in our largest cities are up by an average of 24 percent so far over 2021. Ordinary citizens are begging our leaders to “do something” about this enormous wave of violence, but at this point nothing seems to be working. It is frustrating to watch our society come apart. When will voters decide the political progressive’s “Defund the Police” is a danger to their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.


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