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September 2018 Set
September 2018 Set
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    Secrets (Volume 262): Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Are humans like buzzards, bats, and bees?; (2) Israeli government is awarding scholarships to students who post pro-Israel propaganda on social media sites; (3) History under attack again. This time the City of Austin (TX) wants to change the city name; (4) Portland, Oregon Antifa group issues call to action for members and advises them to bring guns; (5) Marc Caputo of Politico mocks Trump supporters; (6) Florida’s “Red Flag” law has led to 450 orders to confiscate firearms from American citizens; (7) TSA is tracking domestic travelers; (8) Republican National Committee passes resolution to protect children from controversial sexual education curricula; (9) Oregon judge rules high-schoolers must share showers with opposite sex; (10) Future debit cards will require fingerprints to work; (11) Illegal alien attacks wife with chainsaw; (12) DACA recipient arrested for smuggling illegal aliens into America; (13) Rasmussen poll shows 62% of Americans do not want illegal aliens added to voter rolls; (14) Californians asked to refuse to answer citizenship question on 2020 Census; (15) Capitol Hill pharmacist reveals disturbing prescriptions for Congress members; (16) Ruth Bader Ginsburg refuses to retire from Supreme Court bench.

    Voices From the Dead (Part 1): Jerry Barrett welcomes Texe Marrs to the show to discuss his newest book, Voices From the Dead. From the onset of Texe’s exposé’s of the New Age, to his exposing of the evils of Judaism, the Lord has been leading Texe to produce the ultimate book exposing the Masonic Lodge and its heinous doctrines. Among the items Jerry and Texe discuss: (1) Are Freemasonry and Christianity compatible?; (2) Is Freemasonry an Ancient Mystery Religion?; (3) Are Masonic rituals based on sorcery and magic?; (4) Do Masonic doctrines come directly from the Kabbalah?; (5) Who is Simeon Bar Yochai?; (6) Who lies in the coffin during the 30th degree initiation for Masons?

    Voices From the Dead (Part 2): Jerry Barrett concludes his interview with Texe Marrs discussing his newest book, Voices From the Dead. Among the items Jerry and Texe discuss: (1) What is the Kabbalah?; (2) Is Simeon Bar Yochai the father of pedophilia in the Judaic religion?; (3) Is the Grand Architect of Freemasonry actually Ein Sof of Judaism?; (4) Is the average Mason ignorant of the meaning of Masonic symbology?; (5) II Corinthians teaches us to not be unevenly yoked with unbelievers. How can a Christian rationalize being a Mason?; (6) Were the builders of the Tower of Babel Freemasons?

    The Real Deal on the New Deal: Our resident Conspiracy Scientist Steve Reilly joins Jerry Barrett to discuss Franklin D. Roosevelt’s overzealous program. However, this “New Deal” was not really new to the world. Tyrannical governments around the globe have used this program to plunder the coffers of the treasury, enriching the chosen few, while creating a class of debt slaves. Franklin D. Roosevelt preyed upon the fears of Americans during the great depression to get his socialist agenda implemented. This “Raw Deal” has given us trillions of dollars of government debt that will ensure a debtor society for endless generations, untold regulations that could bankrupt businesses and the citizenry alike. In the name of “security,” Americans have renounced the inalienable rights that our forefathers entrusted to us in our Constitution. If it remains unchecked, the end result will be the end of America.


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