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(CD) September 2020 Set
(CD) September 2020 Set
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    Secrets (Volume 286): Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Masks have been made mandatory in Washington, D.C. for everyone...except those who are government employees; (2) Mask Nazi calls a couple in California idiots and attacks them during their picnic, spraying them with pepper spray; (3) Nicholas Sandmann, who was viciously attacked by main stream media, has reached a settlement with The Washington Post in his $250 million lawsuit; (4) Portland, Oregon football coach is fired because he is a sergeant in the police department, despite eleven seasons as a successful coach; (5) Democrats show true colors by supporting white candidates with over fifty million dollars in campaign donations to insure defeat of qualified black candidates; (6) Michigan house passes bill to allow “voluntary” implanting of microchips in employees; (7) New York woman advised to settle disputes with “community policing” methods instead of calling the police is shot dead; (8) Portland, Oregon mayor joins rioters in protest of President Trump’s sending of law enforcement officials to protect federal property and is subsequently verbally assaulted and threatened; (9) Starbucks employee arrested after bragging about spitting into the coffee of police officers; (10) Kim Gardner, St. Louis prosecutor, has failed to disclose special donations and gifts as required by law; (11) Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best informs local business and home owners they are on their own after city council bans the use of normal tools used to quell riots; (12) Milwaukee city policies have led over one hundred police agencies to renege on plans to support local police during the Democratic National Convention; (13) Minnesota Attorney General claims police should not respond to rape calls if the rapist has already fled the scene, but instead, a social worker should be called; (14) Former participant in the Michael Brown riots, elected as St. Louis County Prosecutor, has filed charges against two police officers for shooting at a criminal who tried to run them over; (15) Reality smacks Oakland, California mayor who supported rioters—until they vandalized her she wants police to investigate!; (16) House Democrats demand removal of statues of those who supported slavery and white supremacy—13 of the 15 statues were Democrats!

    The Buying and Selling of America—The Biden Crime Family: Joe Biden has been on the political stage since his senatorial election in 1972. During this time, the Biden family has ridden his coattails to avoid jail time and enrich themselves, many times at the expense of the American taxpayer. In the case of his daughter Ashley, she has utilized both. Busted for possession of marijuana in New Orleans, Louisiana, she was never prosecuted. Later, after she wed a doctor, Biden helped his son-in-law’s fledgling healthcare company with access to the Oval Office. His brothers have used the Biden name to borrow unremitted money and create partnerships in real estate development in Latin America. His sister, as Joe’s campaign manager, siphoned millions of dollars to her own consulting firm. The most egregious of usurpers though, has to be his oldest son, Hunter. Using his father’s connections in China and the Ukraine, Hunter was able to “earn” millions of dollars from sweetheart deals. There is even a connection between Hunter Biden and famed mafia hitman Whitey Bulger. Not to be outdone by his family, Joe has used his power to sexually harass women—teens and adults—and even was assaulted by one of his secret service detail after groping the agent’s girlfriend.

    Crazy Times Are On Display: Jerry Barrett is honored to welcome Mark Anderson, roving editor for American Free Press. Among the topics discussed: (1) Is the pLandemic a step towards a One World Government?; (2) How strong is the correlation of current events unfolding in America and Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984?; (3) Has “fake news” and political bias turned many Americans towards alternative media?; (4) With continued rioting happening in American cities, will martial law be declared?; (5) Cancel Culture is the current rage among social justice warriors. Will this remain unchecked? These items and much more will be discussed in this dissection of the crazy times enveloping America.

    Across America Socialist Inspired Riots are Growing in Intensity: Jerry Barrett welcomes Pat McShay back to the program. With the “Defund the Police” movement spreading like wildfire in Democrat-run cities, protesters are becoming more audacious in their destruction and looting. Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best has resigned after months of turmoil between the police department, city leaders, and Black Lives Matter activists. Chicago’s “Magnificent Mile” and other sections of downtown were vandalized and looted. When will enough be enough and Democratic mayors finally respond to the anarchists destroying their cities?

    The Hidden and Unknown Dangers of Agenda 21: Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome James Jaeger, writer and director of the powerful documentary Unsustainable: The UN’s Agenda for World Domination. The United Nations is waging war against property rights and gun rights in an attempt to usher in a Marxist New World Order. Under the nomenclature of “sustainable development,” the United Nations is quietly moving America towards a third world status. Shocking revelations will be revealed which have been hidden in plain sight for decades.


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