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December 2019 Set
December 2019 Set
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    Sphere of Influence—Does God’s Word Confirm the Earth is Flat: Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Edward Hendrie, author of the new book The Sphere of Influence, to the program. What began as an innocuous email discussion with his father has led Mr. Hendrie into authoring two extensive tomes exposing the heretical views of heliocentrism versus the bible-based model of geocentrism. Through mathematical calculations and geometric equations, the author disproves the curvature of the earth. Thanks to the sharing capability of the Internet and the ability of the populace to purchase never before available instruments, more information is becoming available to confirm this premise. Moreover, Mr. Hendrie uses scripture to prove the validity of his claim that the earth is flat.

    A Compendium of Rational Thought: Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Jon Larson Shudlick to the program to discuss his new book, Compendium of Rational Thought. Among the items discussed: (1) The Red Cross was ordered to ship supplies to Hawaii and stockpile assets on the west coast before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Did they have foreknowledge and were they sworn to secrecy?; (2) During President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address the Black Caucus seemed unimpressed by record setting unemployment numbers in the black population; (3) Many bureaucracies in our federal government seem to be money pits with no return to the taxpayer, such as the FDA and the Department of Education; (4) Fluoride is dumbing down Americans; (5) The Patriot Act has removed many of the liberties granted to Americans under the Constitution; (6) There are a number of Conspiracy Theories that have now been proven to be fact.

    Secrets (Volume 277): Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) American robots are losing their jobs to Asian robots as Adidas relocates shoe manufacturing; (2) White House hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren has proposed a wealth tax during her campaign, drawing comments from billionaire Bill Gates; (3) Climate change could affect the future of home mortgages; (4) Michigan county seizes a retired engineers property for being short on his taxes $8.41, auctioned it off for over $24,000, and pocketed the change; (5) Georgetown University launches a $400,000 fund to pay reparations to descendants of slaves once owned by the university; (6) Main Stream Media host let’s the truth slip, confirms what conspiracy scientists have said all along: “It’s our job to control exactly what people think;” (7) Cries of global warming or climate change roar from their mouths yet celebrities, business leaders, and royalty continue to be exposed as hypocrites; (8) Maxine Waters continues to be one of the most corrupt members on Capitol Hill, paying her daughter with campaign funds while declining to pay outstanding debts; (9) Socialized medicine in the United Kingdom could be denied to those who are deemed racist or sexist; (10) Social Security Administration reports the agency has paid over $11-million to deceased Puerto Ricans; (11) American history has long been under attack. Sex education curriculum now features homosexual acts. Now, the social justice warriors are claiming that math is racist!; (12) Drugs produced by Big Pharma kill more people than guns or car accidents; (13) Amazon’s Alexa now can control eighty-five thousand smart home products, but the plan is much more devious than you can imagine.

    The Uncensored Story of the Two Oswalds: Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Pat Shannan to the program on the 56th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The atrocity perpetrated in Dallas, Texas in November of 1963 must be classified as the most efficiently performed coup d’etat and cover-up in world history. Details of this feat were sealed by Lyndon B. Johnson for seventy-five years. Evidence was mishandled or destroyed. Many of the players involved have become exposed in the years since. However, knowing the ability of the CIA to create Manchurian Candidates, would it surprise you to learn there were two Oswalds?

    The Popularity of Socialism in America Is Growing: The greatest danger to the American way of life is the growing love affair Millennials have with socialism. It’s basic tenets—equal pay for women, raising the minimum wage, making college affordable for all, Medicare for all, housing as a human right, a Federal jobs guarantee, the expansion of Social Security—fall in-line with the Marxist slogan, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” What is not spoken is the fact that socialism requires force to make it work. Although socialism has failed at every attempt, progressive democrats have continued to praise its bright future. However, those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it.


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