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December 2021 Set
December 2021 Set
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    Secrets (Volume 301): Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) New York City residents were unwitting participants of a “non-toxic” bio-weapon test conducted by Homeland Security; (2) New Jersey truck driver spends $153 dollars and wins election against a longtime Democrat state legislator; (3) Italian Higher Institute of Health redefines COVID deaths and shockingly the total number has been reduced over ninety-seven percent; (4) Anti-white hate crimes increased forty-one percent from 2019 to 2020; (5) A Maderia, California woman who was awarded $4.9 million after the death of her first son arrested for supplying guns to her youngest son’s gang!; (6) Chicago’s Magnificent Mile shopping district is becoming a ghost town thanks to soft-on-crime State’s Attorney; (7) Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx refuses to charge five gang-related suspects after a deadly shootout; (8) Almost four thousand victims have been shot in Chicago this year; (9) Jesse Duplantis claims you can speed up Jesus’ return by giving money to TV Ministry; (10) Amazon introduces “pay-by-palm” service; (11) Facts do not support alleged racism of police; (12) Ilhan Omar blames increase of gun violence and carjackings in Minneapolis due to police not doing their job; (13) Minneapolis voters reject measure to replace police department; (14) Minnesota middle school will no longer give “F” grades to underperforming students; (15) California state legislator inundates Governor Gavin Newsom with 700 bills to sign—no wonder this nanny state is losing so many residents; (16) CDC officials have changed the definition of a vaccine because of right winger deniers; (17) Colorado hospital refuses to perform kidney transplant because woman refuses the jab.

    Information Overload (Volume 2): Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Pat McShay back to the program. Per usual, no topic is off limits as this lively discussion will bounce from subject to subject. Some of the items discussed include: (1) The Kyle Rittenhouse trial; (2) United Nation’s COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland; (3) Biden’s vaccine mandates and the affects on the economy; (4) Child COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer Pfizer has added a blood thinner; (5) Dr. Death, Bill Gates, intimates more deadly viruses to come; (6) America is quickly heading towards fulfillment of Agenda 2030. All of these items and much more.

    Ending Plague: Jerry Barrett is honored to welcome Dr. Judy Mikovits to the program to discuss her latest book, Ending Plague. Dr. Mikovits spent twenty years at the National Cancer Institute and has coauthored more than forty scientific papers. We are told we must trust the science, but Dr. Mikovits exposes the truth behind the scenes. Should we trust what Dr. Anthony Fauci tells us? Is Bill Gates guilty of crimes against humanity?

    Descent Into Slavery: For over fifty years the elite have propagandized the weather and humanity’s affects on it. From the hole in the ozone layer to a coming ice age to global warming to today’s climate change. As good stewards of God’s creation we are accountable for how we treat His gift. Has this stewardship been hijacked by Satan’s minions and twisted into an oppressive system of control? Now that America has lost its energy independence will the resulting affects of the upcoming winter season lead to more coercion? What nefarious plans await unsuspecting Americans?


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