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(DVD) Coming Great Thirst (The)—That Astonishing Day Just Ahead When Water Shall Be No More
(DVD) Coming Great Thirst (The)—That Astonishing Day Just Ahead When Water Shall Be No More
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    Water, water everywhere and nary a drop to drink.
    Water, water everywhere and how the boards did creak.

    from Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner

    A coming great thirst will soon envelop the whole world. Almost overnight, water shall become the Earth’s most precious—and most scarce—resource. Men’s tongues shall become scorched with thirst. Entire industries that use water in their processes will grind to a halt. Green things everywhere will quickly become hot, parched, and brown, and shall wither away. Oceans and waterways will become poisoned and be as thick blood, filled with the rotting and stinking residue of dead fish and dead sea creatures.

    Are all these things too fantastic—too difficult—to believe? Then hold your breath, because every frightening event described here is about to occur. In fact, the actions of the hidden Illuminati elite, its United Nations, and governments, will guarantee it. But most important: Bible prophecy says it will happen!

    In this almost heart-stopping special report, Texe Marrs gives an anointed message. He pictures a bleak era and a world desperate for water and dying of thirst, exactly as it shall be in a few short years. He explains how and why this shall occur. The coming great thirst will bring with it a tremendous toll of death and turbulence. Entire societies will be disrupted, cities will explode with violence, men and women will be suddenly thrown out of work, and hunger will overtake humanity as crops fail. Men will curse God for the horrors that have come upon them and will kill their neighbors for a mere drop of moisture. All this will occur on that astonishing day when water shall be no more.

    The Coming Great Thirst will examine these startling developments, and more:

    World Goodwill, a major, New Age globalist organization, has just published a stunning special report entitled By the Grace of Water. What spiritual significance does water have to the world’s occult elite? Why this emphasis on water?


    The United Nations has declared 1998 the “International Year of the Oceans.” Is it a coincidence that 1998 is also the triple 666 (3 x 666) year, recognized by satanists, cabalists, gnostics, and witches alike as the great year of dark occult power and infernal majesty?


    Why is the elitist-controlled environmental movement insanely pushing its wetlands acts—attempting to drive the people off the lands adjacent to all waterways everywhere?


    Will the global conspiratorial elite soon cause a hideous terrorist act so that our drinking water is afflicted with deadly chemical toxins, viruses and bacteria, and nuclear contamination?


    Is the military secretly employing weather warfare, including HAARP, bringing massive flooding and driving people off the land?


    Why did Jesus describe himself as “Living Waters?” What is the significance of the water in Christian baptism?


    Why do pagan mystery religions—in ancient times and today in Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.—use water in their rituals and sacraments?


    What is the strange and shocking significance of the “holy water” used in Catholic rites and in their hurches?


    Why does bible prophecy (Revelation 13:1) warn of the hideous beast that, in the end-time, rises up out of the sea? Is there a connection of this prophecy with the Babylonian mystery religion?


    Does the Bible prophesy that in the last days, men will suffer and die of thirst, drinking their poisoned water in “astonishment?”


    Is mankind soon to witness that spectacular event in which waters and oceans are turned into blood and a burning star called “Wormwood” falls “upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters...and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter?” (Revelation 8:10-12)


    Why does the Bible declare in Revelation 12:12, “Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you...?”


    Are powerful devils (also called “demons”) now bound up in rivers and waters, soon to be unleashed upon mankind to do their foul and dirty deeds?


    Why are more and more UFOs being sighted coming up out of the oceans and out of rivers and other bodies of water?


    Do miracles such as the great, Noahic flood, the Genesis account of Earth’s watery condition at its creation, the parting of the Red Sea, and Jesus’ walking on water hold any significance to the fate of the Christian Church, comprised of God’s children, in the last days?


    To whom is the inspiring and utterly wonderful promise made that, after the thirst and the hunger and the tribulation and bloody horrors of that day, they shall stand before the throne of the Most High God, and “They shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more...For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them, and shall lead them unto living fountains of waters: and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes” (Revelation 7:3-17)?

    60 Minutes ~ DVD ~ $20.00


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