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Who Crashed the Party on Capitol Hill?
January 8, 2021

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Pat McShay back to the program to discuss the events which occurred in Washington, D.C. on January 6th. Amazingly, an NPR reporter published a report about the storming of the Capital Building four hours before it happened! Over one million Trump supporters were in our nation’s capital with no civil disobedience in the twenty-four hours prior. Reports and amateur videos posted on social media have shown police escorting rioters into the building. One video purports to show four charter buses that arrived on Capital Hill with police escorts moments after Trump finished addressing the crowd. Did these buses carry Antifa and Black Lives Matter co-agitators? Was Mike Pence a Judas Goat selected to subvert Trump’s presidency?

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Secrets (Volume 291)
January 1, 2021

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) The wearing of a mask has given people a false sense of control over our own mortality; (2) Unexplained explosion rips through the world’s second largest hydroxychloroquine factory in Taiwan; (3) Apple’s head of security and two Santa Clara Sherriff’s officers indicted in iPad for gun permit sting; (4) Secular Democrats implore President-Elect Joe Biden to remove religious liberty; (5) Google caught spying on employee’s lives, gathering dirt, and then firing them; (6) Portland, Oregon fund begs criminals they bailed out of jail to return their money; (7) Radical Democrats cut line to get Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine claiming the need for continuity of Congress; (8) Gun permit requests have skyrocketed in New York City amid surge in violence; (9) Seattle City Councilwoman who pushed defunding of police calls cops after man throws rock through her window; (10) Ticketmaster plans to require evidence of vaccination or negative tests for attendees of concerts and sporting events before granting admission; (11) Whistleblower claims a Supreme Court judge has been seen on the Jeffrey Epstein “tapes” and has been subjected to blackmail since accepting the nomination to our highest court; (12) Liberals on Capital Hill are pushing House and Senate leadership to prohibit members from carrying guns anywhere on the Hill; (13) Flashback: Democrats plan to weaponize the IRS after Joe Biden takes office, just as was done during the Obama regime; (14) Joe Biden’s niece, Caroline Biden, pleads guilty to DUI and avoids jailtime...again!; (15) Anthony Fauci admits he has been lying to the American public about herd immunity because he wants more people to get the vaccine; (16) Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) claims “sex work is work;” (17) Racial profiling is hateful, but profiling those who choose not to get the COVID vaccine is okay; (18) Alyssa Milano claims masks will protect you more than an AR-15 but ignores the fact that Hollywood security services use them to protect the stars during award ceremonies; (19) Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Raphael Warnock filmed by police body camera’s after altercation with his ex-wife.

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Are We Being Conditioned to Take the Mark of the Beast?
December 24, 2020

Jerry Barrett is honored to welcome Dr. Carrie Madej to the program as they explore concerns about the new vaccines being rushed into production for COVID-19. Recent reports have claimed that vaccination passports will become the new normal. Some have suggested that a bio-luminescent dye, named “Luciferase,” will be placed on the hand—visible only with the aid of a smartphone or special lighting—and you will only be able to buy, sell, or travel if you have it.

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The Great Reset or The Ending of America
December 18, 2020

What if COVID-19 was an engine used to accelerate the globalist agenda? Events that have occurred in 2020 and years previous are painting a bleak picture for the future of America. Unchecked illegal immigration, legalization of same-sex marriage, relentless attacks against our civil liberties and rights are but bit players in this grand scheme. Global leaders have entrenched themselves in American businesses and the controlled media to create a utopian society they have long envisioned. The United Nation’s Agenda 21, George Soros’ Green New Deal, the “election” of the ultimate puppet in Joe Biden, and the bioengineered pandemic have culminated in what the founder of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, has called “The Great Reset.” What atrocities are in store for you and I? Is the great experiment known as “America” doomed?

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Secrets (Volume 290)
December 11, 2020

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) New York State Bar Association urges state officials to make COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory for all residents; (2) Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and other progressives have suggested creating lists of pro-Trump donors and supporters in order to blacklist them; (3) Governments—Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, and the U.S.—are considering the creation of mandatory COVID-19 camps for those who contract the virus; (4) Portland City Commissioner who has urged defunding the city police department and has also stated most 911 calls are unnecessary calls 911 on her LYFT driver; (5) Seattle is experiencing the after-affects of defunding the police—highest violent crime and homicide rate in a decade; (6) Dr. Death, Ezekiel Emanuel, leads Joe Biden’s Coronavirus Task Force and believes those over 75 have no useful life left and should be on the bottom rung of the vaccine ladder; (7) Lucian Borio, an In-Q-Tel operative and also a member of Joe Biden’s Task Force, suggests withholding food stamps and rent assistance to those who refuse to take the vaccine; (8) Ontario, Canada’s Chief Medical Officer says those who refuse to take the vaccine will not have freedom to move around and will be in de facto lockdown; (9) Politicians galore continue to mock their constituents—Bill de Blasio, Mario Cuomo, Gavin Newsom, Lori Lightfoot, Nancy Pelosi, Ralph Northam, Muriel Bowser, Michael Hancock, Sam Liccardo, Sheila Kuehl, London Breed, Steve Adler, and more—by ignoring these lockdown rules and enjoying life; (10) Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti issues even more stringent lockdown orders; (11) Angela Marsden, owner of a bar and grill in Los Angeles, issues viral video exposing the hypocrisy of Gov. Newsom and Mayor Garcetti’s lockdown orders; (12) New York bar uses “woke” exemption to stay open in spite of Cuomo’s lockdown order—they have become an “autonomous zone!;” (13) Another liberal cause is exposed as a money making scheme.

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Unmasking the Veil of Socialism
December 4, 2020

The education system has indoctrinated millions into the socialist mindset. Social programs such as free health-care, housing, and food are perceived to be rights granted to everyone. The belief that feelings matter more than free speech have also been fomented in our youth. When comparing the number of people who attended President Trump’s rallies versus those of Biden and Harris, the idea that Biden garnered more popular votes than Barack Obama is far-fetched. Was voter fraud rampant or was Trump hatred the driving force? Did the Democratic Attorney General of Pennsylvania declare victory even before the election? Is our voting process full of systemic failures and inefficiency? Is the “Great Reset” part of the socialist plan? What is the “Sunrise Movement?” Are we in for a long, dark winter if Biden is confirmed as President? Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Andrea Widburg, Deputy Editor at AmericanThinker.com to the program to discuss these issues and more.

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Words Of Wisdom And Instruction From God’s Word (Volume 2)
November 23, 2020

Jerry Barrett is honored to welcome Pastor Butch Paugh to discuss his latest book, Words of Wisdom and Instruction From God’s Word Volume 2. Pastor Butch explains the principles of Christian living, especially for the days we live in now. For generations man has continued to put his trust in man, and our sins have separated us from Him. God’s grace is abundant for the forgiveness of our sin, but we must repent. Pastor Butch’s sincere desire is you will be encouraged to continue the battle for righteousness for God’s glory and lost souls come to know and understand the saving grace offered through Jesus Christ.

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2020: Hindsight, Foresight and Spiritual Vision
November 20, 2020

Jerry Barrett and Sandra Myers take a look back over the tumultuous year of 2020. As we review some of the unprecedented events of this year, the theme music from the TV series, The Twilight Zone, may be playing in your head. Will America and the world ever fully recover? What have we lost? What have we gained? What is in store for the future? What amazing examples does the Bible provide regarding perfect vision? (Hint: It’s not all about the eyes.)

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To Be or Not To Be?—The Big Steal of the 2020 Presidential Election
November 13, 2020

Now that the voting portion of the 2020 Election cycle has completed, charges of voter fraud are echoing across America. Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome investigative reporter Pat McShay to the program to discuss this hot-button issue. President Donald Trump has claimed the Dominion Voting Systems flipped hundreds of thousands of votes from himself to Joe Biden. A “glitch” that was caught by a poll watcher is the basis for much of the discord concerning the 2020 election. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin over 100% of the population cast a ballot. Experts have stated if we don’t get control over these voting machines, we may never have an honest election in this country again. Much as it did following the Bush/Gore election, the country awaits the final results with a heavy dose of disbelief.

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Secrets (Volume 289)
November 6, 2020

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Oregon voters overwhelming pass measures that legalize cocaine, heroin, methamphetimes, and hallucinogenic mushrooms; (2) New Jersey, Arizona, South Dakota, Montana, and Mississippi voters legalize recreational use of marijuana while Washington, D.C. joins Oregon in allowing use of hallucinogenic mushrooms; (3) An introduction to Warren Wilhelm, Jr., aka Bill de Blasio; (4) Philadelphia police were ordered to stand down and not arrest looters during recent riots; (5) Butler County, Ohio Sheriff offers aid to celebrities who wish to flee the country; (6) Governor Andrew Cuomo has state trooper removed from his post as his bodyguard after a shocking discovery; (7) Social Justice comes to Yelp pages as new banner will be added to reviews; (8) California mandates new guidelines sure to ruin holiday season gatherings; (9) Pope Francis claims same-sex couples have a right to be in a family; (10) Police officer shot by Brianna Taylor’s boyfriend files lawsuit claiming emotional distress; (11) Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is deeply concerned after mass exodus of officers in city police department; (12) In effort to combat racism, San Diego School District implements policy to lower standards, implying minority children are not as smart as white kids; (13) False history being taught in public schools is causing youth to hate our country; (14) Brazilian doctor dies while participating in AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine trial; (15) Three new studies show arctic sea ice extent is greater than any time in the last ten thousand years; (16) Columbia University professor claims the American flag is a symbol of genocide; (17) Yale psychiatrist suggests that middle America needs to be leveled like Dresden Germany to break the spell Donald Trump has on his supporters.

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A Peaceful or Dastardly Transition of Power
October 30, 2020

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Jeff Rense back to the program. With the 2020 Presidential election looming on the horizon, there are some who believe that should Trump lose, he will refuse to vacate the White House, thus becoming Dictator in Chief. Unbeknownst to many Americans, over one hundred former government officials, campaign leaders, academics, journalists, and others participated in a crisis management seminar—a “war game”—to study the impending calamity that could result from the election. A number of scenarios were “gamed” out in anticipation of the potential chaos to come. Will this “war game” come to fruition much like Bill Gates’ Event 201 on a coming global pandemic did?

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The Battle for the Soul of Our Nation
October 23, 2020

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Brother Nathanael back to the program. This program covers a multitude of topics: (1) The passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg; (2) Who benefits from the Black Lives Matter movement?; (3) Marxism is economic theory; and much more.

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Poisonous Curriculum Threatens Our Youth
October 16, 2020

Jerry Barrett is honored to welcome investigative reporter and roving editor for American Free Press Mark Anderson to the program. The New York Times’ “1619 Project” has been lauded by Democrats and the Main Stream Media, though scholars have demanded it is a work of fiction. Its premise believes that America was founded in 1619 when slaves were brought to Jamestown, Virginia. Its author, Nikole Hannah-Jones, has condemned white Americans for their alleged systemic racism. However, she demanded that no whites be allowed on this project. This work of fiction could possibly become part of the American History curriculum in elementary and secondary schools, thus infecting the minds of our youth.

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Idiocracy (Volume 2)—News of the Absurd and Ridiculous
October 9, 2020

Whether daily news reports are read, watched, or listened to, people are constantly being bombarded by propaganda. The absurdity of what is disseminated to the average person begs the question...do they think we are idiots? In this explosive report, Jerry Barrett has scoured articles from around the country to point out how far we, as a nation, have fallen: (1) Chemistry teacher pretends to be a black woman on Twitter, until he mistakenly posts a promotion of his brother’s brewery; (2) Twitter’s “Terms of Service” apparently don’t apply to looney-left leaning celebrities after numerous posts celebrating President Trump’s announcement of a positive test for COVID-19; (3) Woman suffering a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome arrested after toting children around to steal and destroy Trump 2020 signs; (4) The U.S. Navy has capitulated to the woke crowd in an effort to be inclusive; (5) Has Mayor Bill de Blasio put the final nail in the coffin of small businesses in New York City?; (6) Looney-left professor calls for cops to be strangled with intestines of capitalists; (7) Liberal college fires journalist for actually reporting news; (8) Man who shot cops in Louisville, Kentucky only charged with assault; (9) NFL spokesman blames election and coronavirus for decline in TV ratings; (10) Married North Carolina Democrat running for Senate busted for sending illicit pictures and texts to woman who is not his wife; (11) Cycling world champion removed from his team for supporting President Trump; (12) Teacher in France reassigned after parents complain about his appearance; (13) Ohio State University students are livid after a black on white assault is labeled as a “hate crime;” (14) Rochester Mayor accused of breaking campaign finance laws claims the charges are based on race; (15) Student suspended and facing expulsion for having a BB gun visible during virtual lesson; (16) Tacoma, Washington teacher scolds 10-year old student for admiring Trump and then tries to lie to the parent; (17) Critical Race Theory implemented in Virginia school district, removing teacher’s and staff’s First Amendment rights.

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Secrets (Volume 288)
October 2, 2020

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Hypocrisy runs deep in the Democrat party—Michigan Governor erects eight foot tall fence around governor’s mansion; (2) Democrats from the House of Representatives introduce bill to set term limits on Supreme Court justices; (3) Los Angeles health director reveals what school closures are really about; (4) Minneapolis city council, after voting to defund the police, are now asking “where are the police” after crime and violence surge; (5) Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) was recently photographed maskless in a Dulles Airport private terminal—she had previously demanded the FAA mandate mask usage for all aviation and travelers in the U.S.; (6) Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) announces plan to ban the sale of gas-powered vehicles by 2035; (7) New York Attorney General suggests NYPD should stop making traffic stops and arresting motorists who have open warrants for minor crimes; (8) Barack Obama secretly met with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and urged her to retire to maintain a liberal continuity on the bench; (9) Mother arrested at her son’s football game in Ohio for not wearing a mask—when will this madness end?; (10) Gun sales in potential presidential swing states have skyrocketed on fears of future 2nd Amendment restrictions; (11) Two Ohio high school football players were suspended indefinitely after commemorating first responders before their September 11 game; (12) President Donald Trump invited the two suspended football players on stage to congratulate their support of heroes during his rally in Ohio; (13) District Attorney Diana Becton (D-CA), whose campaign was funded by George Soros, has implemented major changes in how crimes are charged and prosecuted—she has even created a flowchart on whether or not to charge looters!; (14) San Francisco mayor announces program to provide monthly payments to pregnant mothers—but they must be a black or Pacific Island woman!; (15) California Gov. Gavin Newsom has claimed the wildfires ravaging the west coast were caused by global warming—but thirteen people, so far, have been arrested for arson in relation to these fires; (16) Family shares video of their pizza delivery guy and raise over $12,000 to help ease his financial worries.

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COVID-19 and the Agenda to Come
September 25, 2020

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome James Perloff, author of the explosive new book COVID-19 and the Agenda to Come, Red-Pilled, back to the program. Among the many items discussed include: (1) Were civil liberties destroyed by the draconian lockdown orders?; (2) Was the lockdown necessary?; (3) Did “Fake News” intensify the panic?; (4) Were death numbers inflated to compound the fear?; (5) Is this a bioweapon?; (6) Is depopulation the goal?; (7) What does Bill Gates have to do with this pLandemic?; (8) Why is Hydroxychloroquine being restricted?

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Compendium of Rational Thought 2—Thimerosal...Autism’s Daddy
September 18, 2020

Jerry Barrett is honored to welcome author and researcher Jon Christian Ryter to the program. In Compendium of Rational Thought 2, Mr. Ryter explores the connection between thimerosal and autism. Utilizing information received from an official with the Department of Health and Human Services, Mr. Ryter was set on a path of truthseeking of hazardous chemicals and life-altering physical conditions.

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Critical Race Theory—A Divisive Ideology
September 11, 2020

Critical Race Theory is a blended concept of critical legal studies and radical feminism meant to emphasize the effects of race on one’s social standing. Also known as diversity training, having its foundation built on Cultural Marxism, CRT has invaded corporate American and political arenas. It is the language of cult programming, persuading people they are defective in some predefined manner, and exploiting their vulnerabilities. Whiteness is targeted, not as a physical trait, but as a “king-of-the-hill” caste system.

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Secrets (Volume 287)
September 4, 2020

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) 39 missing children rescued in Georgia, 15 of whom were sex trafficking victims; (2) Democrat governors and mayors are taking advantage of the coronavirus pLandemic to raise money through ridiculous fines; (3) Lockdowns, quarantines, social distancing, and mandatory face masks were overkill after the CDC releases actual number of COVID-19 deaths; (4) More people died from suicides due to isolation than those who actually died from COVID-19; (5) Main Stream Media continues fear tactics although nationwide cases of COVID-19 have declined by six percent and positive tests have declined seventy-one percent since April; (6) Virginia Health Commissioner threatens mandatory vaccines for all residents of the state—with no exceptions!; (7) Los Angeles county retaliates against Grace Community Church for daring to hold in-person worship services; (8) Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who receives 24/7 police protection, banned protesters from her block and orders those who won’t leave to be arrested; (9) Black Lives Matter spokesperson claims that looting and destruction are “reparations” for oppression; (10) Google outed again for doctoring its algorithm to remove negative results for Black Lives Matter; (11) Goodyear bans employees from slogans supporting Blue Lives Matter or All Lives Matter, while allowing Black Lives Matter and pro-LGBT messages; (12) Los Angeles police union announces its officers will not shut off water and electricity at houses where large parties are being held; (13) A number of lawmakers have flouted COVID rules that have been issued including, Nancy Pelosi, Lori Lightfoot, J.B. Pritzker, Andrew Cuomo, Ralph Northam and Eric Garcetti; (14) Philadelphia Mayor crosses state line to enjoy a nice dinner out without masks or social distancing; (15) Gov. Gavin Newsom who had asked elected officials to take a pay cut during the shutdowns outed for receiving his full paycheck; (16) Businesses are vacating New York City in droves; (17) New Jersey teenager receives a bill from her hometown for police overtime after organizing a protest; (18) Oregon Governor announces plan to import deputies from other counties to help Portland, gets rebuffed by those sheriff’s.

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The Hidden and Unknown Dangers of Agenda 21
August 28, 2020

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome James Jaeger, writer and director of the powerful documentary Unsustainable: The UN’s Agenda for World Domination. The United Nations is waging war against property rights and gun rights in an attempt to usher in a Marxist New World Order. Under the nomenclature of “sustainable development,” the United Nations is quietly moving America towards a third world status. Shocking revelations will be revealed which have been hidden in plain sight for decades.

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Across America Socialist Inspired Riots are Growing in Intensity
August 21, 2020

Jerry Barrett welcomes Pat McShay back to the program. With the “Defund the Police” movement spreading like wildfire in Democrat-run cities, protesters are becoming more audacious in their destruction and looting. Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best has resigned after months of turmoil between the police department, city leaders, and Black Lives Matter activists . Chicago’s “Magnificent Mile” and other sections of downtown were vandalized and looted. When will enough be enough and Democratic mayors finally respond to the anarchists destroying their cities?

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Crazy Times Are On Display
August 14, 2020

Jerry Barrett is honored to welcome Mark Anderson, roving editor for American Free Press. Among the topics discussed: (1) Is the pLandemic a step towards a One World Government?; (2) How strong is the correlation of current events unfolding in America and Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984?; (3) Has “fake news” and political bias turned many Americans towards alternative media?; (4) With continued rioting happening in American cities, will martial law be declared?; (5) Cancel Culture is the current rage among social justice warriors. Will this remain unchecked? These items and much more will be discussed in this dissection of the crazy times enveloping America.

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The Buying and Selling of America—The Biden Crime Family
August 7, 2020

Joe Biden has been on the political stage since his senatorial election in 1972. During this time, the Biden family has ridden his coattails to avoid jail time and enrich themselves, many times at the expense of the American taxpayer. In the case of his daughter Ashley, she has utilized both. Busted for possession of marijuana in New Orleans, Louisiana, she was never prosecuted. Later, after she wed a doctor, Biden helped his son-in-law’s fledgling health care company with access to the Oval Office. His brother’s have used the Biden name to borrow unremitted money and create partnerships in real estate development in Latin America. His sister, as Joe’s campaign manager, siphoned millions of dollars to her own consulting firm. The most egregious of usurpers though, has to be his oldest son, Hunter. Using his father’s connections in China and the Ukraine, Hunter was able to “earn” millions of dollars from sweetheart deals. There is even a connection between Hunter Biden and famed mafia hitman Whitey Bulger. Not to be outdone by his family, Joe has used his power to sexually harass women—teens and adults—and even was assaulted by one of his secret service detail after groping the agent’s girlfriend.

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Secrets (Volume 286)
July 30, 2020

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Masks have been made mandatory in Washington, D.C. for everyone...except those who are government employees; (2) Mask Nazi calls a couple in California idiots and attacks them during their picnic, spraying them with pepper spray; (3) Nicholas Sandmann, who was viciously attacked by main stream media, has reached a settlement with The Washington Post in his $250 million lawsuit; (4) High school baseball coach and teacher fired for supporting President Trump’s request that school’s reopen on time; (5) Portland, Oregon football coach is fired because he is a sergeant in the police department, despite eleven seasons as a successful coach; (6) Democrats show true colors by supporting white candidates with over fifty million dollars in campaign donations to insure defeat of qualified black candidates; (7) Michigan house passes bill to allow “voluntary” implanting of microchips in employees; (8) New York woman advised to settle disputes with “community policing” methods instead of calling the police is shot dead; (9) Portland, Oregon mayor joins rioters in protest of President Trump’s sending of law enforcement officials to protect federal property and is subsequently verbally assaulted and threatened; (10) Starbucks employee arrested after bragging about spitting into the coffee of police officers; (11) The State of Illinois is being sued for denying Second Amendment rights to citizens; (12) Kim Gardner, St. Louis prosecutor has failed to disclose special donations and gifts as required by law; (13) Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best informs local business and homeowners they are on their own after city council bans the use of normal tools used to quell riots; (14) Milwaukee city policies have led to over one hundred police agencies to renege on plans to support local police during the Democratic National Convention; (15) Minnesota Attorney General claims police should not respond to rape calls if the rapist has already fled the scene, but instead, a social worker should be called; (16) Former participant in the Michael Brown riots has been elected as St. Louis County Prosecutor has filed charges against two police officers for shooting at a criminal who tried to run them over; (17) Cambridge city council proposes city employees should make traffic stops instead of police; (18) Reality smacks Oakland, California mayor who supported rioters—until they vandalized her home...now she wants police to investigate!; (19) House Democrats demand removal of statues of those who supported slavery and white supremacy—13 of the 15 statues were Democrats!

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COVID-1984—The Coronavirus Scamdemic Exposed (Part 2)
July 23, 2020

Jerry Barrett concludes this deep-dive into the pLandemic that has engulfed our daily lives.

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COVID-1984—The Coronavirus Scamdemic Exposed (Part 1)
July 16, 2020

In this explosive deep-dive into the pLandemic that has engulfed our daily lives, Jerry Barrett explores the ramifications Americans have experienced. This coronavirus has had an unprecedented effect around the world. The biggest danger is the economic fallout due to lockdowns and the sweeping tyrannical powers state governments have acquired. Many Americans have or could fall below the poverty line with the number of jobs lost, businesses closed forever. Suicides, drug use, and mental depression are another side-effect of this pLandemic. Numerous drills and simulations have been run concerning pandemics for decades in preparation of totalitarian control.

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Secrets (Volume 285)
July 9, 2020

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) California Governor Gavin Newsom orders 19 counties to shut down vineyards and wineries due to COVID-19—but exempts Napa County where his winery is located; (2) Singing and chanting in houses of worship has been banned in an egregious violation of First Amendment thanks to Gavin Newsom; (3) Colorado on the verge of joining New York, California, Mississippi, West Virginia and Maine by denying religious exemption as a means to avoid vaccinations of children; (4) Sheriff in Florida announces he deputize every lawful gun owner in his county should violent rioters decide to attempt to attack his constituents; (5) Armed Black Panthers protest for removal of a Confederate rock carving in Georgia; (6) Democrat-controlled cities who are looking to defund their police departments experiencing astronomical surge in shootings and murder; (7) In response to recent social unrest, Liberal residents of Illinois are now flocking en masse to gun shops in exercise of their Second Amendment rights; (8) Jussie Smollett, perpetrator of a fake racial attack by Trump supporters in Chicago, will finally face justice; (9) Shifty Adam Schiff (D-CA), head of the House Intelligence Committee, never briefed the President and took no action when informed of allegations that Russian intelligence units were offering bounties for U.S. troops, but still blames Trump for not taking action; (10) Record numbers of police are leaving the job in response to the anti-police sentiment sweeping across progressive America; (11) Seattle council member ironically states the SPD should investigate and bring killer from CHOP to justice, while in the next breath states the police department needs to be defunded; (12) Business owners and residents of Seattle’s CHOP/CHAZ bring class-action lawsuit against the city for extensive harm; (13) Seattle mayor finally allows police to clear out the autonomous zone known as CHOP; (14) Social Justice comes to realty as master bedrooms will now be known as primary bedrooms or suites; (15) Los Angeles city council to replace police response to non-violent calls, instead will send “crisis response” personnel.

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Idiocracy (Volume 1)—News of the Absurd and Ridiculous
July 2, 2020

Whether daily news reports are read, watched, or listened to, people are constantly being bombarded by propaganda. The absurdity of what is disseminated to the average person begs the question...do they think we are idiots? In this explosive report, Jerry Barrett has scoured articles from around the country to point out how far we, as a nation, have fallen: (1) Seattle Mayor who defended the anarchist takeover of downtown is angry that protesters showed up at her mansion; (2) Socialist Seattle Councilmember who opened city hall to anarchists during the takeover of the East Precinct blames capitalism on the shootings in the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone and not the thugs with guns; (3) Motorist in Provo, Utah shot after honking at protesters forming a human roadblock; (4) Actor Terry Crews attacked after stating concerns of black superiority; (5) Abraham Lincoln was anti-slavery but not pro-black so his statue must go down; (6) Noted environmentalist publishes book exposing the hoax of climate change; (7) Minneapolis neighborhood boycotting cops does not call about a juvenile being sexually assault in their park; (8) Minneapolis City Council members who have voted to abolish the police department have private security provided on the taxpayer dime; (9) Popular cafe in Omaha, Nebraska shutters doors after Black Lives Matter activists block traffic and intimidate customers; (10) Young leftist punk meets his match when confronted by a spunky older woman; (11) Oklahoma City District Attorney tells rioters “this ain’t Seattle” and slaps them with terrorist charges.

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Anarchists, Terrorists and Traitors—Just Who Are The Racists?
June 26, 2020

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Pat McShay to the program to discuss the recent riots and the subsequent reaction by city councils, mayors, and others. Groups like Antifa, Black Lives Matter and The Sunshine Group among others push violence and contrived protests are financed by George Soros and Michael Bloomberg. Police brutality is not a black issue, it’s an issue for all races. Any officer caught beating a handcuffed suspect should be immediately fired! Can large cities continue to back down and acquiesce to these communist groups? Will outright lawlessness break out with the removal of police forces?

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Fear is the Tool of Tyrants
June 19, 2020

Control of the population through any means necessary is the goal of the global elite. Fear is the perfect tool. When a crisis expands exponentially, it envelops more people with each new decade. The latest trauma-based mind control device is COVID-19. During the tyrannical lockdowns put in place by local and state governments there has been an eighty-six percent increase of prescriptions written for psychotropic drugs. Unemployment, isolation, and health concerns have had a serious impact on mental health. Suicides have increased, as well as domestic battery. Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Jason Charles to the program to discuss this vitally important topic.

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Secrets (Volume 284)
June 12, 2020

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Immigrant from Africa calls Black Lives Matter activists a joke and the true racists and was met with combativeness; (2) Anarchists have captured a police precinct headquarters and set up a self-contained autonomous zone in Seattle, Washington...with the blessing of the mayor!; (3) Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfood is begging retail businesses to not leave the city after riots destroyed many stores; (4) CNN’s Wolf Blitzer interviewed Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender, asking how the city will address public safety if they dismantle the police department. In typical liberal fashion her response was doublespeak; (5) Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is caught with her crooked hand in the cookie jar again, this time using a bogus tweet promoting a FoodShare program while the link was for campaign contributions; (6) Hypocrite Los Angeles City Council President, Nury Martinez, recently introduced a resolution to reduce funding for the city’s police force by $150 million...but has used LAPD officers for security at her house; (7) Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) is in hot water after her husband attempts to use her position to garner an appeasement from a marina that stores their boat; (8) Governor J.B. Pritzker (D-IL) has issued some of the most draconian orders to his subjects during this pLandemic, but has sent his wife and child on a plane to Florida and send contractors from Illinois to Wisconsin to work on his mansion; (9) Snohomish, Washington police chief demoted for supporting armed local citizens who showed up to protect local businesses from a threat by Antifa thugs; (10) Fresno County Sheriff says she doesn’t have time to enforce California’s lockdown orders because they are too busy re-arresting criminals who have been released thanks to the “Zero-Dollar-Bail” policy signed into law in 2018; (11) Absentee ballots for a South Carolina county election have been found...in Maryland!; (12) Democrat Judge of Elections in Philadelphia has pleaded guilty to illegal ballot stuffing for Democrats in judicial elections; (13) HBO has removed Gone With the Wind from its rotation forever, Looney Tunes has removed Elmer Fudd’s rifle, and Yosemite Sam has lost his six-shooters thanks to snowflakes in power; (14) Lego has de-emphasized their fireman and policeman line of products in support of progressive ideals; (15) Italian politician demands Bill Gates be arrested for crimes against humanity from the parliament floor; (16) Maxine Waters (D-CA) admits her desire for governmental control over your life; (17) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has failed to pay taxes on her failed business since 2012.

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Hierarchy of Suffering—Our History Is Being Re-written Daily
June 5, 2020

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Mark Weber from the Institute For Historical Review. History for every society consists of two different things. The first, scholars often debate causes and origins of historical phenomenon. Secondly, it is a narrative for each society: where we came from; where we are; and where we should go. All great history assessment is revisionist in nature, attempting to understand the past based on new insights and perspectives. Do today’s historians believe themselves to be more enlightened and knowledgeable than our forefathers? Do today’s politicians only support policies which sound good even though consequences presented could be catastrophic? Is diversity detrimental to a society? Is the great melting pot boiling over due to racial tension in America?

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