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Information Overload (Volume 10)
February 16, 2024

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome investigative reporter Pat McShay to the program. This rapid-fire discussion of current events unfolding in front of us offers tremendous information to awaken many who have yet to see the light of truth. These explosive revelations are not exposed on controlled media: (1) Why was the shooting in Joel Osteen’s church quickly scrubbed from news reports?; (2) American’s financial stability takes another hit under Bidenflation; (3) Meritocracy is out, Diversity and Equity are in; (4) A New Jersey man, exposed as a serial ballot stuffer, is on the FBI payroll!; (5) More shenanigans exposed concerning the 2020 general election; (6) There were more American workers in 2019 than in 2024—who benefits?; (7) Michigan state lawmaker punished for daring to post about the “Great Replacement” on social media; (8) Globalists are pushing to end the U.S. dollar as the preferred currency; (9) Foreign aid bill passed by Senate has a poison pill hidden inside; (10) The censorship of alternative media on the internet continues to increase; (11) The Biden’s Administrative Affairs Department is stripping benefits for those involved in the January 6th protests; (12) Eisenhower’s “Operation Wetback” removed thousands of illegal aliens—if elected, will Donald Trump’s deportation plan exceed it?; (13) Fani Willis is in extremely hot water. These items and much more are discussed!

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The Ulterior Motive Behind the Open Border
February 9, 2024

“Withdraw thy foot from thy neighbour’s house; lest he be weary of thee.” Poet Robert Frost penned the phrase, “Good fences make good neighbors.” Fences or walls have been utilized to prevent and protect against invasion for many years. Democrat politicians have flip-flopped on a border wall with Mexico for decades. Today, our southern border is wide open to all comers. Biden and his administration have claimed the border is secure, but is it? How many terrorists have escaped into our country illegally? What is the fastest growing illegal immigrant population? Is there a nefarious plan by the Demonrats to alter future elections and destroy the Republic our founding fathers fought and died for?

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Secrets (Volume 328)
February 2, 2024

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Study finding cancer, heart damage and DNA damage due to cell phone radiation is quietly stopped by federal agency; (2) Nancy Pelosi’s son, Paul, Jr., avoids criminals charges...for the seventh time!; (3) Liarwatha, also known as Liz Warren, claims Congress members need a raise because of inflation; (4) New non-governmental organization created to fly more illegals into America is run by George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama with funds from George Soros; (5) Renowned election expert hacks into a Dominion Voting Machine in front of a Georgia judge; (6) Democrat lawmaker in California introduces a new bill to install a speed limiter on cars; (7) California Governor Gavin Newsom is appalled that a shoplifter is allowed to leave a store without being stopped; (8) Biden administration is classifying some of the ritziest neighborhoods in America as “low income” for inclusion in EV charger subsidy programs; (9) New York Post reports that Michelle Obama will replace Biden on the Democrat ticket for 2024 presidential election; (10) Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs reach settlement with the city of Seattle over police response to riots in 2020; (11) Climate activist promotes sabotage and violence to amplify the urgency of climate change; (12) America’s police force, the FBI, has succumbed to the three-headed monster of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; (13) United airlines has gone woke, claiming diversity and not merit will determine who its new pilots will be; (14) Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is actively seeking employees with severe intellectual disabilities, psychiatric issues, and other physical and mental conditions; (15) FAA is facing litigation for eliminating potential air traffic controllers in favor of a diverse workforce; (16) Looney left-wing fact checker, Snopes, caves to experts with real-world experience; (17) Eric Adams, mayor of New York City, is cutting the police department by 4,000 officers—while major crime continues unabated—because of the illegal alien crisis.

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Depopulation Through Food Modification
January 26, 2024

Jerry Barrett takes a deep dive into the money-driven industry of “nutrition.” What Americans once took for granted has been hijacked by big corporations with one goal in mind. Hinted at on the Georgia Guidestones, the elite’s depopulation agenda has reached breakneck speed. This draconian attack is being waged on many fronts. From genetically modified foods, to additives, preservatives, pesticides, and more. Useless eaters beware! Big brother wants your money and your death.

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Bill Barr and the Bush Crime Family
January 19, 2024

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome investigative reporter Pat McShay to the program. While serving as Donald Trump’s Attorney General, Bill Barr was critical of every move Trump made. A long-known Deep Stater, Barr helped cover up the Iran/Contra criminal activities, and the 1980 “October Surprise” during the Iranian hostage crisis. Barr has also been a proponent of gun control and confiscation. Is Barr a member of a generational Deep State family? Was he forced on Trump to be his handler? Will Barr be exposed as a long-time participant in the Bush Crime family?

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Is Renewable Energy Saving or Killing the Planet?
January 12, 2024

The continual perpetration of the climate change hoax is having a dynamic affect on society. No longer satiated by their bloodlust for control over humanity, these enviro-whackos will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. Once upon a time groups like Greenpeace and the Sierra Club would stop at nothing to end hydro-electric dams and nuclear power plants. Today, these groups dismiss the mass killing of wildlife in their zealous pusuit of “enewable energy!” Nevermind the senseless death of marine life, it is for the greater good of Mother Earth that we become entirely dependent on wind and solar as our energy source. This double-mindedness is unsettling to former members of this cult, as devastation and utter destruction loom eerily on the horizon.

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Secrets (Volume 327)
January 5, 2024

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) What were some of the Biden administration’s greatest accomplishments in 2023?; (2) Federal court destroys city’s plan to ban gas-powered appliances; (3) Twenty-two states increased minimum wage—for better or worse; (4) California law now requires police and sheriff’s departments to use preferred names and pronouns on mugshots of alleged criminals; (5) Renowned surgeon shares dire consequences of wokeism in the medical field; (6) GOP Presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy destroys Washington Post reporter who demanded a “woke” purity test; (7) 2020 Measure 110, which decriminalized drugs, has proven to be detrimental to Oregon; (8) Georgia pastor and wife arrested for abhorrent crime; (9) Maine was set to adopt similar legislation as California on electric vehicle requirements...but something happened to halt it; (10) Northern cities who received grants to purchases electric buses are facing serious problems; (11) Convicted ballot harvester is appointed Vice Mayor in Arizona; (12) Convicted felon does Superman impersonation by flying over the bench to assault judge; (13) Jordan Belfort, known as the “Wolf of Wall Street,” questions Nancy and Paul Pelosi’s ability to pick stocks better than the experts; (14) Reporter was surveilled by Federal Government after reporting on January 6 events; (15) Super secret program is analyzing over a trillion domestic calls a year; (16) White House Press Secretary continues to blame Republicans for Democrat stupidity; (17) Constitutional carry in Ohio did not pan out like gun-control activists claimed it would.

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Can America Repent Enough?
December 29, 2023

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Pastor Butch Paugh to the program. God Bless America is an overused phrase bandied about by politicians. Unfortunately, there is no way He could bless the cesspool that is our country today. With homosexuals in the pulpit and on most of main stream media’s prime time programming, America has become a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah. Can this country return to its Christian and biblical roots?

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Where’s the Logic (Volume 3)
December 22, 2023

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Sandra Myers to the program. Real meat vs fake meat—taking a peek at the ingredient list. Let’ also talk about how the meat industry is bankrolling veganism; How can Harvard and other colleges afford the loss of their donors due to antisemitism? Is someone else backing them? Why is canceling student debt a good idea? Does it make sense to reward people who do not honor their financial commitment by taxing people who do? And if their education isn’t worth them paying for, why is it worth taxpayers paying for it? Why is talking sexually in the workplace considered harassment, but teaching it to kindergarteners considered education? And so much more.

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Fauci—A God For Those With No God
December 15, 2023

Anthony Fauci became the face of a “pandemic.” Although he aided in the research to develop the COVID-19 virus, he has repeatedly denied this to Congress. If you were to look up narcissist in the dictionary you might see his picture. Why not? He has his mug on throw pillows and numerous drawings in his own home. Fauci also helped the government’s strategy to censor anyone on social media who dared to contradict him. Recently interviewed, Fauci stated that because of his morals he doesn’t need God! In his own mind he may be holy, but to those who have suffered from his twisted science Fauci is a minion of Satan.

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The Blue Fog Is Creeping In
December 8, 2023

1984, alluded to “groupthink.” The amount of control liberals have over the media, education, and government today, therefore, portends for an increasing amount of “blue” propaganda to permeate our nation. Those who still contend the 2020 election was “rigged” are lambasted as conspiracy theorists. However, numbers do not lie when you look at the voter turnout in states exceeding 100%. Likewise, the so-called insurrection at the Capital on January 6th—which has been blamed on Donald Trump—was populated with over 200 FBI agents and other instigators. Also consider the amount of illegal surveillance conducted by the FBI on religious groups and parents during the Biden regime. Truth can and will remove the veil of the blue fog, but only for those who dare seek it.

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Secrets (Volume 326)
December 1, 2023

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Operation “Quiet Skies” was the brainchild of the Department of Homeland Security to surveil unsuspecting innocent American citizens who utilized air travel; (2) “Quiet Skies” resurrected after the January 6th “insurrection” at the Capital; (3) New York state court rules citizens can be involuntarily quarantine and isolated without due process; (4) Biden’s Justice Department gathered information on every Twitter user who had interactions with Donald Trump while he was President; (5) Kamala Harris’ Thanksgiving picture has raised quite a few eyebrows; (6) Soros-backed district attorney for Austin surprised at the reaction to his attendance of the funeral of a fallen police officer; (7) California man loses his concealed carry permit after defending his wife, infant child, and his home; (8) NBC News poll sheds surprising light on gun ownership in America; (9) Carbon Passports are on the horizon—you will be limited in the amount of travel you can do; (10) Florida restaurant owner exposes “dine-and-dash” people on social media; (11) Over half of the United States could experience blackouts this winter due to Biden’s EPA energy policies; (12) NTSB wants to limit your ability to speed; (13) War on meat to be amplified at upcoming COP28 climate conference; (14) Italy’s government rejects lab-grown meat in defense of health; (15) Air Force personnel warned against attending patriot event in North Dakota; (16) Boston suburb high school cancels USA Day because it’s not inclusive enough.

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Erasing Palestine
November 24, 2023

Jerry Barrett is honored to welcome Pastor Chuck Baldwin to the program. The world is watching the genocide of an entire people right before its very eyes, and the sound of global indifference is deafening. If any other nation in the world was carrying out this deliberate carnage of innocents, global outrage would be off the Richter Scale. From Day One, Zionist Israel has not been held accountable for a single act of criminality, murder, torture, ethnic cleansing, the violation of human rights. Israel’s consistent history and established principles and mores are polar opposite from everything that evangelical pastors and Christians preach and teach each Sunday. Yet, evangelical pastors and Christians by a large margin continue to promote the unbiblical babble that Palestine is the Promised Land for “God’s Chosen People, the Jews” and America can only be blessed by God if we bless the Zionist state. Is God “blessing” America? Or is He judging America?

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Satan Spreads His Wings Over Gaza
November 17, 2023

Jerry Barrett is honored to welcome investigative reporter Pat McShay to the program. What we are witnessing in Gaza is a planned ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. Besides the dual Israeli Jews in Congress and the Senate, politicians in Washington, D.C. come from two camps when it comes to funding Israel. There’s the compromised and blackmailed group caught up in one of Jeffrey Epstein’s “Honey Traps,” or you have the Zionist Christian or Neo-Cons who believe that it is their moral duty to protect Israel. Americans are sick and tired of sending their hard-earned tax dollars to the criminal regime in Ukraine and a poll this week showed 51% of respondents said no more aid should go to Israel for weapons. The American media puts the blame for this current conflict on Iran & the Palestinians without a single mention of the real reason this happened. Jesus called the Scribes and Pharisees blind guides and hypocrites and little has changed. The Babylonian Talmudic Jews imprison Palestinian children and torture them by breaking their bones. The UN has called Israel the worst violator of human rights on the planet and has made repeated calls for Israel to end their occupation of Palestinian land.

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Which Israel Do You Stand With?
November 10, 2023

Jerry Barrett is honored to welcome Pastor Matt Furse to the program. The “war” in the Middle East involves more than Muslims and Jews, but you will hear nary a peep about the Christians who reside in Palestine. Throughout controlled media you will hear and read headlines espousing hatred for the Muslim terrorists perpetrating heinous crimes against “God’s Chosen” people. How many consider the terroristic acts of the Israeli Defense Forces? Also, consider the fact that the Israeli government waited five hours before launching any counter-offensive. Was this Netanyahu’s “Pearl Harbor” moment to justify the slaughter of innocent bystanders in Palestine? Lastly, ask yourself the most important question: “Who is the true Israel?”

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Secrets (Volume 325)
November 3, 2023

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) The Minister of Truth—George Soros—is leaving a dark legacy on American culture and society; (2) Elon Musk claims Soros fundamentally hates humanity; (3) Alameda County prosecutor, a Soros-funded progressive, receives a first-hand experience after her laptop is stolen out of her SUV; (4) Los Angeles County district attorney, another Soros lackey, refuses to file felony sexual assault charge even with video evidence; (5) Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has finally come to the realization that in order to reduce crime, criminals should be incarcerated; (6) Mom in Columbus, Ohio is fed up with the criminal justice reforms after her son commits multiple grand theft auto crimes and is returned home without punishment; (7) World Economic Forum co-founder’s son calls for the arrest of COVID jab pushers; (8) Biden regime exposed deploying heavy equipment to lift razor wire for a massive mob of illegal immigrants; (9) Texas House of Representatives pass bill which would allow local law enforcement to arrest and deport illegal immigrants without federal intervention; (10) California fast food restaurants face enormous financial hurdle after Gavin Newsom signs law raising minimum wage to $20 per hour; (11) Shocker!—Ukranian government officials are stealing like there is no tomorrow; (12) Joe Biden bought his multi-million dollar beach house with cash; (13) New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is living high on the hog with taxpayer funds; (14) Largest drug store chains in America are shuttering more than 1,500 stores due to crime and competition; (15) Overdue car payments are on the rise; (16) Alarming new study reveals the true cost of owning an electric vehicle; (17) The renewable energy bubble is about to burst; (18) Oregon high school “graduates” may not be able to read or do math; (19) Social justice warriors have a new target—bird names; (20) Teachers across the country no longer feel safe in their classrooms and are looking to change professions.

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Is the Open Border a Declaration of Open Season on Americans?
October 27, 2023

Shocking data from the Customs and Border Patrol reveals thousands of “special interest aliens” from Middle Eastern countries have crossed into America. The Biden administration has fostered a grave threat to its citizens, but controlled media will not tell you about this. You should understand how dire this situation could be and prepare yourself accordingly.

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Precursor to World War III?
October 20, 2023

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome investigative reporter Pat McShay to the program. The recent events in Israel and Gaza are splashed across headlines in every media outlet in America. The atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists are abhorrant. Is this truth, or is there more to the story? Have pictures of beheaded babies been broadcast or published? Why did Netanyahu order the military to stand down for a number of hours during the alleged invasion? Will you be shocked to learn who created Hamas? Is this another false flag to incite American rage? Is Israel guilty of staging terroristic attacks on Palestinian civilians? Will a nuclear holocaust be the end result?

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The Quest for a Zionist Utopia
October 13, 2023

Jerry Barrett is honored to welcome Henry Makow to the program. The Illuminati is careening every forward at breakneck speed to implement their plan for a Utopian society. Nothing will impede the Zionist bankers progress. The destruction of the family unit, de-population via “vaccines,” the “scamdemic,” and the recent surge in gender dysphoria are all part and parcel to the egregious steps these satanists will take to achieve their ultimate goal. There is only way to stop these evil-doers.

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Secrets (Volume 324)
October 6, 2023

NBC and Comcast for treason if he wins the 2024 election; (4) Larry Krasner, Philadelphia District Attorney, urges judges to take it easy on “fundamentally law-abiding looters;” (5) CNN chief law enforcement analyst says the quiet part out loud about criminal justice reforms enacted by the looney left; (6) Mayor Brandon Johnson of Chicago wants to open government-run grocery stores; (7) Former State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, another Soros-controlled DA, releases a habitual offender early and mayhem ensues; (8) San Francisco has a new crime wave to tackle—Pirates!; (9) James O’Keefe is threatened with arrest after daring to film in Lahaina, Maui; (10) Germany is dusting off their coal-fired power plants for the upcoming winter months; (11) Phoenix, Arizona has been derelict in its duty to protects its citizens, and now a judge has ordered action; (12) Students in Pennsylvania stage a walkout in protest of the district’s ruling that transgenders can use whichever restroom they feel like at that time; (13) FDA is chastised by a U.S. Circuit Court Judge for its anti-ivermectin statements, but has yet to rectify their publications.

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Seeking Immortality—The Latest Trends, The Same Old Story
September 29, 2023

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Sandra Myers back to the program. The Bible says the life is in the blood. Are men taking this to the extreme by transfusing young blood plasma into their own aging bodies? Is it working? Can labs bypass the use of men and women in the lab to create human life? Elon Musk and others are already touting the merging of humans (singularity) with artificial intelligence. Mocking God’s plan for their lives, they and so many others seek a false vainglorious immortality. This is nothing new. History reflects this conceit from far back in the ancient philosophies, secret societies, to the age of enlightenment, to now. Man’s hubris knows no bounds.

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Rumblings and Ruminations—What Does 2024 Hold For America?
September 22, 2023

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome author Mike King to the program. The cabal controlling the current administration in Washington, D.C. has inflicted enormous damage to our economy. The plan for more despotic controls looms on the horizon. If this agenda of the elite goes unchecked, abstract poverty and destruction of the middle class will be just the tip of the iceberg.

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Information Overload (Volume 9)
September 15, 2023

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome investigative reporter Pat McShay to the program. This rapid fire discussion of current events unfolding in front of us offers tremendous information to awaken many who have yet to see the light of truth. These explosive revelations are not exposed on controlled media. (1) Kamala Harris claims that the January 6 events are worse than 9/11; (2) Former President Barack Obama’s gay history has been exposed... again; (3) Hawaiian government is efforting to control the narrative coming from Lahaina, Maui; (4) Propaganda campaign on global warming was pushed to warp speed in the 1990s; (5) Critics of the jab continue to get canceled; (6) Fraudci finally admits that the covid jab can cause myocarditis; (7) Biden has let the cat out of the bag concerning a “new” scamdemic; (8) Patriot Act has been used to usurp many of our liberties; (9) New Mexico Governor attempts to remove the 2nd Amendment; (10) Cashless society and digital IDs are edging closer to fruition. These items and much more!

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Paradise Lost to the Great Reset
September 8, 2023

What happened in Lahaina, Hawaii is nothing short of catastrophic. Over two thousand children are missing, while only a handful of children’ bones have been found. As the fires raged, Maui police were ordered to help FEMA block escape routes. The land in Lahaina is considered the second most expensive real estate in the world. FEMA employees began arriving in Honolulu, Hawaii two days before the fires began. Demonrat Governor Josh Green is walking in lock-step with his overlords at the United Nations, pushing “sustainable development goals.” Communist state legislators have introduced a bill to codify Agenda 2030. Was the island of Maui, and the town of Lahaina, targeted for destruction by the global elite? Were directed energy weapons (DEWs) used to destroy property inhabited by the indigenous people? Why were the Mega-Mansions not destroyed in the blaze? Has the World Economic Forum already predisposed that Lahaina is to become a “smart fifteen minute city?” Were the school children sold to an international child sex cartel? There are too many questions, with no answers forthcoming from the elected leaders.

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Secrets (Volume 323)
September 1, 2023

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Colorado 7th grade student understands history and the significance of the Gadsden Flag better than his teacher; (2) Oregon voters have come to the harsh realization that legalizing hard drugs was not in their best interest; (3) Los Angeles is reaping the benefits of no cash bail as smash and grab robbery suspect strikes again a day after being freed from jail; (4) Chicago mayor promises pizza party to students in celebration of the first day of classes...student reactions are not positive; (5) Chicago news crew, while reporting on recent armed robberies, are accosted by three thugs and robbed at gunpoint; (6) Email links John Kerry to the Burisma bribery; (7) Biden regime has now declared war on ceiling fans; (8) Over 1600 scientists declare climate emergency is a myth; (9) Masks may expose wearers to toxic compounds linked to seizures and cancer; (10) CDC has discontinued V-safe, and app that tracked adverse reactions to the Covid jab; (11) National Archive admits is has over five thousand emails showing Joe Biden’s aliases; (12) Woman undergoing cancer treatment banned from a hospital because she criticized transgenderism; (13) Christian nurse in England suspended for claiming being white doesn’t make you a racist; (14) Antarctica has shown net zero warming for seventy years, and climate change hoaxsters can’t understand why; (15) By 2050 America will see over 43 million tons of wind turbine blades filling up landfills.

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Where Are We At In Society Today? (Volume 2)
August 25, 2023

Jerry Barrett illuminates the continued disconnect from truth in our society today. While the propaganda wheel spins at breakneck speed, truth has been subjected to an all-out attack by nefarious influencers aimed at controlling your emotional well-being. Mind-control elements are more prevalent in every aspect of your life as Big Brother’s goal of total control marches onward.

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Perpetuating Hoaxes and Cons On a Gullible Populace
August 18, 2023

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome author Pat Shannan to the program. When a bright light of truth is shown on irrefutable facts, reason becomes replaced with emotional propaganda. Those who prefer to expose the actual events that transpired are quickly deemed revisionists, and dismissed by controlled media. In a recent rebuttal to an article, Mr. Shannan points out erroneous claims about the so-called Holocaust and explains who the actual victims depicted in numerous photographs are. What other hoaxes and cons have the public been subjected to?

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Biden Crime Family Secrets Exposed
August 11, 2023

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome investigative reporter Pat McShay to the program. Devon Archer’s recent testimony in front of a Congressional hearing has exposed the traitorous actions of resident Joe Biden, his son Hunter, and the other family members of the Biden crime syndicate. Archer explained that Hunter put then-Vice President Biden on the phone during more than twenty business discussions. The controlled media has said nary a word about Archer’s explosive testimony before Congress or his appearance with Tucker Carlson. Instead, the Marxist media claims no special treatment has been afforded Hunter or the Biden family. In an ironic twist, a former FBI agent has has pled guilty to collusion with a Russia oligarch after years of the media bombarding its audience with propagandistic claims that it was Trump who had colluded with Russian agents!

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Secrets (Volume 322)
August 4, 2023

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Fox News removed The Satanic Temple from donation matching program; (2) Government admits that unemployment figures are skewed to favor Biden’s economic policy; (3) Disney whistleblower exposes the systematic attack against conservative employees; (4) American Airlines flight to Guyana diverted back to New York after snowflake flight attendant is offended; (5) Washington Post featured a story on the Boy Scouts National Jamboree, but buried in the article is the fact that attendance was less than half of the 2017 jamboree; (6) Christian school teacher is upset she was fired for attending a drag queen show; (7) Climate Czar John Kerry trashes farmers and their negative affect on climate change; (8) China has pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord and will not reduce emissions; (9) Christian coach fired for expressing his views on actual biology; (10) Would-be robber brings a knife to a gun fight and gets arrested; (11) Kentucky required nurses to take training on structural racism to maintain their license to practice; (12) Over 100 colleges and universities still mandate students take the jab to attend school; (13) New study reveals it costs more to charge EVs than to fill up a gas tank in most vehicles; (14) One in six Demonrats believe violence is justified to restore abortion; (15) Los Angeles Times article is lambasted as propaganda for suggesting residents should accept blackouts to save the environment; (16) California mandate on the trucking industry may prove catastrophic to our nation’s economy.

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The Satanic Temple (TST)
July 28, 2023

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Sandra Myers to the program. Not to be confused with Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan, relative newcomers to the cause Lucien Greaves and Malcolm Jarry’s, The Satanic Temple (TST), have taken up the mantel to destroy Christianity and wage war on humanity. With branches in the USA (and around the world), TST is using their religious tax-exempt status to usher in their satanic beliefs via political advocacy including for religious abortion rights.

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Minor-Attracted Persons—Normalizing Pedophilia
July 21, 2023

Jerry Barrett is honored to welcome Jon Uhler to the program. The buzz surrounding the movie Sound of Freedom has helped place a spotlight on child sex slave trafficking. The looney left have long attempted to normalize the physical attraction of adults towards young children. Many have claimed there is a negative stigma attached to the word “pedophile,” and began pushing to change this to “minor attracted persons.” The North American Man Boy Love Association, a pro-pedophile organization founded in 1978, has striven to abolish age of consent laws. The utilization of the internet has allowed these minions of Satan to proliferate largely undetected from civilized society. Will Christians awaken to this evil permeating our society or continue to bury their heads in the sand?

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Secrets (Volume 321)
July 14, 2023

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) An estimated two hundred thousand babies have been saved since Roe v. Wade was overturned; (2) Virginia Lt. Governor Winsome Sears calls Supreme Court Justice a diversity hire; (3) Progressive snowflake did not invite her uncle and is upset he didn’t send a wedding gift; (4) Forty-seven consecutive months where over one million American’s have exercised their 2nd Amendment rights; (5) Smart home is shut down by Amazon device for allegedly being a racist; (6) Woke New York City council members have targeted pizza restaurants; (7) Federal judge interrupts Biden Administration’s censorship in collusion with Big Tech; (8) With budget shortfalls looming from a decline in gasoline tax revenue, states are test driving a pay-by-the-mile program; (9) Electric vehicles are doing massive damage to America’s roadways; (10) Biden Administration aims to combat climate change by blocking out the sun; (11) SPLC has been a frequent guest of resident Joe Biden; (12) COVID “vaccine” study finds seventy-four percent of deaths were from the jab, but study is removed from the Lancet twenty-four hours after it was posted; (13) Shocking statistic—Amish died from COVID ninety times lower than the rest of America; (14) Ohio hospital sets diversity quotas as part of DEI program—patient health comes in a distant second; (15) Massachusetts Middle schoolers protest Pride celebration—chant USA are our pronouns!

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Why the King James Bible Is So Important to Understand the Rapture
July 7, 2023

Jerry Barrett is honored to welcome Pastor Matt Furse to the program. This powerful program unmasks the false doctrines surrounding the rapture. Words matter. Words have meaning. Where God’s Holy Word is concerned, the modern versions adding and removing words could be the difference between damnation or eternal life. His doctrine in sound, but man has forever believed himself smarter than God. Whether with sinister intentions or an ill-conceived notion of superior intelligence, these wordsmiths have crafted diabolical phrases with serious implications. Why else would a man or woman attempt to create equality of meaning between tribulation and wrath? Deny the virgin birth of our Lord and Saviour? Or deny a heartfelt belief in Jesus is required for salvation?

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Progressives Have the First Amendment In Their Crosshairs
June 30, 2023

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Andrea Widburg from AmericanThinker.com to the program. In order to maintain their grip on power, tyrants will use every tool available to them to squelch dissenting voices. In Michigan, the looney-left—including Governor Gretchen Whitmer—have proposed a bill that blatantly attacks the First Amendment rights of Michiganders. This bill could have enormous consequences beyond the borders of Michigan as other Demonrat controlled states could soon follow suit. For many, the First Amendment guarantees an American’s ability to speak out against actions or policies they disagree with. However, if this bill is signed into law, it would be considered a hate crime if a person causes “severe mental anguish” to another individual. Moreover, even if a defendant is acquitted of these charges they could still face a civil lawsuit. In other words, if you voice displeasure at a man claiming to be a woman, you could face up to five years in prison for hurting their feelings!

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Information Overload (Volume 8)
June 23, 2023

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome researcher and reporter Pat McShay to the program. Topics exposed and discussed include: (1) Republicans in Name Only (RINO) in the house cave on the debt ceiling, exposing themselves as the snakes they are; (2) Department of Homeland Security is funding program’s at the university level propagandizing that Christians are Nazi’s; (3) World Health Organization treaty Biden is pushing will likely end American sovereignty; (4) New reports emanating from Russia are exposing more biolabs funded by American taxpayers are in Ukraine; (5) There is a war on farmers; (6) The national health crisis is being caused by climate change; (7) Jane Fonda calls for the arrest of white men; (8) Social Security is not an entitlement and much more.

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Secrets (Volume 320)
June 16, 2023

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) (1) Insurance analyst claims staggering mortality rate among those who have been vaccinated for COVID; (2) Another corporation has decided to enter the woke transgender support system; (3) Facing large financial losses, Target decides to remove some transgender items, drawing the ire of California Governor Gavin Newsom; (4) Prosecutors in “criminal” cases from the January 6 protests are asking judges to impose fines to offset donations from American citizens; (5) Former Kentucky Secretary of State fined for helping the Democrat Party to cheat in elections; (6) IRS agent blows the whistle on Hunter Biden investigation; (7) Hanoi Jane Fonda blames white men for climate change; (8) John Kerry, resident Biden’s “Climate Czar,” has declared war on American farmers and ranchers; (9) Habitual tardiness results in huge reward; (10) Professor who viciously attacked reporter with a machete claims she’s a victim; (11) Adam “Shifty” Schiff faces expulsion from Congress; (12) State Farm will no longer insure homes in California...and much more!

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