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Secrets (Volume 314)
December 2, 2022

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Key medications used to treat common childhood illnesses are in short supply; (2) China and India manufacture eighty percent of active ingredients used in medicines; (3) Respect for Marriage Act threatens Christian-owned businesses and charitable organizations; (4) Electric vehicle hoax exposed in less than a minute; (5) Dutch government plans to shut down up to three thousand farms; (6) Actress Alyssa Milano frequently opens mouth and inserts foot; (7) Furniture manufacturer fired all 2,700 employees while they slept, just days before Thanksgiving; (8) Disinformation spreads faster than the truth in a shooting involving police; (9) FBI ran over 190,000 background checks on Black Friday; (10) The Hippocratic Oath has gone “woke!;” (11) “Woke” medical school student punishes patient for laughing at her pronoun badge; (12) United Kingdom bank goes woke and faces a rush of customers removing their money; (13) Walmart CEO banned open carry in its stores, creating a target rich environment; (14) Demonrat Michigan Governor is frothing at the mouth to begin implementing gun control now that Dems control state legislature; (15) San Francisco Board of Supervisors enacts law allowing SFPD to use armed robots; (16) Gender activists want to ban archaeologists from identifying human remains as male or female; (17) Palm Springs, California implements “universal basic income” to benefit homosexuals and transgenders only; (18) Beauty pageant in Derry, New Hampshire declares transgender the winner; (19) Five vehicles rented by Biden’s Secret Service mysteriously go up in flames after being dropped off; (20) Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) claims parents should leave raising of kids to the professionals; (21) Cross-dressing Biden official charged with stealing a woman’s luggage.

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Are You Fed Up Yet?
November 25, 2022

Jerry Barrett takes a look at current events that our controlled media have twisted into a pattern of deceit. Topics will include: (1) Election malfeasance; (2) Violent crime has skyrocketed; (3) Nationalism has been scorned; (4) Inflation is destroying the middle class, and much more.

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Is the Federal Reserve Operating Under a Dark Agenda?
November 18, 2022

Jerry Barrett is honored to welcome Edward Hendrie to the program. With its creation, the Federal Reserve has controlled monetary policy in America for over one hundred years. The Fed appears to have abandoned effective financial regulation, thus leading to more fiscal hardships on the American people. With its continual raising of interest rates, everything dependent upon credit costs more. Is the government covering up a dark agenda?

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Liars and Thieves—Collusion Between Politicians and Pundits
November 11, 2022

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Andrea Widburg, Deputy Editor for AmericanThinker.com. Recently an article was published in The Atlantic, a notoriously progressive magazine, proposing amnesty for the tyrants who imposed COVID lockdowns, mask mandates, and the jab on the peasants. The controlled media colluded with politicians and policy makers to tailor the narrative to persuade the citizenry these actions were in “their best interest.” Now that truth is coming to the forefront, these looney-left attack dogs want everyone to play nice and forgive.

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Secrets (Volume 313)
November 4, 2022

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Radical journalist becomes so enraged at a Twitter post he contacts CPS; (2) “Now Hiring” sign infuriates local snowflakes; (3) Another Christian baker wins lawsuit brought by a lesbian couple; (4) Resident Joe Biden claims inflation isn’t that bad, you just need to buy generic brands; (5) Democratic prosecutors in Illinois are suing Gov. JB Pritzker over criminal justice reform law that will send free thousands of hardened criminals; (6) German energy company is demolishing wind turbines and replacing them with...coal-fired power plants; (7) Ford’s new electric truck has a shocking sticker price for a new battery; (8) Democrat Senate candidate Val Demmings of Florida claims it’s harder to be an elected official than a law enforcement officer; (9) Famed cardiologist, Dr. Peter McCullough, has had his medical board certification revoked for speaking out against the jab; (10) The Ministry of Truth at YouTube will now certify “medical experts” to crack down on misinformation; (11) Virginia Democrat will introduce bill to remove children from parents who refuse to affirm their sexual or gender identity; (12) New York Mayor Adams refuses to reinstate fired workers who refused to take the jab, despite a recent ruling from the New York Supreme Court; (13) MSNBC claims those who promote the idea crime has exploded across the country are subscribing to a “Republican Manipulation” tactic; (14) Looney-left radio host has an epiphany and proclaims Los Angeles is a mess—even though he and his ilk have voted to support these policies; (15) Washington, D.C. council is set to vote on criminal justice reforms...what could go wrong here?; (16) Canada, the global leader in euthanasia, is exploring a new bill to allow minors to die without parental consent; (17) Baltimore parents are fed up with violence in the local schools; (18) Philadelphia deputy sheriff arrested for selling guns used in a school shooting; (19) Fox 10 in Phoenix declares Katie Hobbs the winner in the state’s gubernatorial election...a week before the polls open; (20) Mother blames homeowner for shooting her child, even though he was armed and performing a criminal act.

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Where’s the Logic? (Volume 1)
October 28, 2022

Jerry Barrett is honored to welcome Sandra Myers as we scratch our heads over liberal logic: Buying oil from OPEC instead of using our own oil; Abolishing the sale of gas-run cars, but telling people not to charge their electric cars, meanwhile the elite take private jets and mega yachts; Leaving the border wide open, but building walls around the Capitol and elite property; Violence skyrockets, we defund the police, but the elite hire private security.

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George Soros’ Plan to Destroy America
October 21, 2022

George Soros and his globalist pals are out to destroy America. The controlled media forms their propaganda arm, while public school teachers, influenced by Marxist doctrine, control the indoctrination centers. The looney-left progressives control, at least for now, Congress. Antifa, who in sane times would be categorized as domestic terrorists, are the muscle to enforce disruption in society. It was no accident that antifa thugs showed up with bricks and Molotov cocktails to lead riots. These terrorists were bused and flown into big cities to lead the unrest. Their weapons were delivered to protest sites ahead of time. Where did these violent thugs and hooligans come from? Could they have been released by the liberal district attorneys funded by George Soros?

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Information Overload (Volume 5)
October 14, 2022

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome investigative reporter and researcher Pat McShay to the program. Among the topics discussed: (1) Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joe Ladapo and cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough faced the wrath of Twitter; (2) Athletes around the world are suffering cardiac events after receiving the COVID-19 jab; (3) Bill Gates has a staff scouring the internet for items related to him; (4) CEO of Pfizer claims in interview he didn’t think these jabs were safe; (5) New law in Commiefornia will empower the medical police state in California to severely punish doctors who disseminate disinformation about this gene therapy; (6) The Unifier-in-Chief has further driven a wedge between American citizens; (7) PayPal’s updated user agreement includes a provision where those who share “disinformation” can be fined $2,500; (8) Schools have become New World Order indoctrination centers; (9) Progressive pundit claims we need an Obama-led democracy commission; (10) FBI whistleblower reveals how politicized the agency is; (11) Crime incidents continue to increase with progressive revolving door policy of no bail; (12) JD Vance shames democrats immigration policies; (13) Biden’s administration is filled with anti-American radicals; (14) Parental rights are on the precipice of being revoked; (15) Class-action lawsuits against doctors who perform gender mutilation surgeries could be on the horizon; (16) Biden economic advisers, and cabinet members are destroying our once vibrant economy, and much more.

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Climate Change—Deadly Globalist Scam
October 7, 2022

With the recent destruction by Hurricane Ian fresh in everyone’s mind, it is important to note that controlled media and politicians were quick to blame Climate Change. Did global warming lead to the rapid growth of Ian? What other plans are in place to combat this life-threatening, man-made event? Is the planet actually warming, or is this propaganda? Will true scientists ever be given a platform to be heard? Why did the government enact a gag order on employees at the National Weather Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration? Has the controlled media reported on the World Climate Declaration?

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Secrets (Volume 312)
September 30, 2022

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) CNN’s Don Lemon decided the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II was a good time to broach the subject of reparations for slavery; (2) Washington, D.C. councilwoman, who proudly supports DC as a “sanctuary city,” complains it has become a border town thanks to Gov. Doug Ducey (R-AZ) and Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX); (3) Hypocrisy on display in Martha’s Vineyard after emergency declared when illegal aliens are flown in; (4) NOAA Hurricane Director schools Don Lemon that climate change did not cause Hurricane Ian; (5) Bill Gates behind new GMO maize seeds, touting them as “magic seeds;” (6) Big box stores are taking extreme measures to limit shoplifting from gangs of thugs; (7) Bill Gates brags he talked Donald Trump from investigating adverse reactions to the COVID jab; (8) FBI facing a class-action lawsuit after committing the largest “armed robbery” in United States history; (9) Ten disable Portland residents fighting city hall for the entire city; (10) Solar panel investment of $46,000 is labeled the “biggest waste of money in my life” by Pink Energy customer; (11) Researchers at the University of California Irvine reveal the electric grid will not support the looney-left’s dream of no gasoline or diesel powered vehicles; (12) Stanford University scientists claim charging EVs at night will crash the grid; (13) Tesla owner unhappy after dead battery locks him out of the vehicle; (14) Looney-left bureaucrats declare they have a moral obligation to ban diesel big-rig trucks by 2035; (15) Credit card companies, who have succumbed to the gun control nuts, will face penalties from the state of Florida.

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The Cover Ups of 9/11 and a Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act
September 23, 2022

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Susan Lindauer to the program. Twenty-one years ago the Twin Towers in New York City came crashing down. There were more victims than those who perished during this heinous act. Ms. Lindauer was congressional aide and was the second non-Arab American ever indicted under the Patriot Act. Was the CIA aware of an impending attack? Did the government create a false flag event to justify an invasion of Iraq?

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When Will the Charade End?
September 16, 2022

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome investigative reporter Pat McShay to the program. With the constant stream of propaganda and outright lies coming from the Biden regime, one must wonder if the populace is this gullible or not. Kamala Harris was recently interviewed and claimed that our borders are secure, although she has spent no time speaking with local law enforcement or border patrol agents. Joe Biden was seen screaming on the White House lawn about his Inflation Reduction Act and how it was going to help the peons while the stock market was markedly down.

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The Thin Veneer of Civility
September 9, 2022

Today, more and more people are committing some of the most heinous acts of violence. Crime rates are soaring and brazen attacks are repeatedly occurring in broad daylight. Respect for our fellow man has ebbed to an all-time low. Our federal government has joined the fray, as government agencies have stockpiled massive caches of weapons and ammunition. Not only do the citizenry need to worry about the IRS hiring and arming more agents, but the Environmental Protection Agency, which has been militarized since the Reagan Administration, is intent on flexing tyrannical control. When an Amish farmer is raided and fined an exorbitant amount of money for producing and selling organic foods; when California doctors are threatened with losing their license to practice if they do not obey government “science;” and when homeowners no longer control their own thermostats, tyrannical elites are proving that civility is one step away from annihilation.

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Secrets (Volume 311)
September 2, 2022

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Recent survey shows most Americans do not believe electric vehicles are practical; (2) How expensive are some of these EVs?; (3) Florida man receives astronomical quote to replace the battery in his EV; (4) Heatwave threatens California and residents are instructed to reduce energy consumption by turning up thermostats, not using appliances and do not charge EVs; (5) Supply chain czar in Biden’s administration claims lazy Americans need to get back to work to end logjams and out of control costs; (6) Father laments parents losing parental rights if the transgender-mania, pushed by looney-left activists, continues unabated; (7) Humorous quotes from doom and gloom prognosticators concerned about global warming and coming ice age; (8) Climate czar John Kerry doesn’t want energy independence for most Americans; (9) Biden’s Deputy Director of Climate, Jane Lubchenco, has been banned for five years by the National Academy of Sciences—can we trust the science?; (10) Social justice activists in education claimed teaching phonics to children promoted white supremacy; (11) Minneapolis teachers union ends strike after school district agrees to lay off white teachers first; (12) San Francisco business owners are fed up with city hall and are refusing to pay taxes; (13) In effort to clean up the city, San Francisco officials are conducting a survey about trash cans; (14) Toyota EUV has major issue keeping the wheels on; (15) Amazon is increasing its surveillance of Americans; (16) Miami gun buy-back program to benefit Ukraine; (17) Texas Governor is busing illegal aliens to “sanctuary cities;” (18) UK Royal Air Force is pausing entrance to white males in favor of women and ethnic minorities.

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The Benefits of Global Hunger
August 26, 2022

In 2009 the United Nations published an op-ed entitled “The Benefits of World Hunger.” For generations we have heard celebrities claim their soul desire is to eliminate world hunger. Shockingly, the elites actually view food scarcity as an asset and believe if world hunger were to end it would be catastrophic. They are of the opinion that food shortages create a more devoted workforce. Could this be one of the reasons Bill Gates owns more farmland than anyone in America?

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The Gravest Threat To Our Liberty
August 19, 2022

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Pastor Chuck Baldwin to the program. American’s have continually been asked to give up personal liberty in the name of safety. After recent mass-shooting events, Congress has decided to impose upon our liberties once again. The Federal Red Flaw Law has been rushed through the House and Senate and signed by Resident Joe Biden. Innocuous upon first blush, when one considers the ramifications in this law, innocent gun owners can and will have their weapons confiscated by law enforcement agents without Due Process—a clear violation of our Constitutional and God-given rights! Even if the Supreme Court decides this is an unconstitutional law, the loss of property will never be returned or compensated for.

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The Weaponization of Government
August 12, 2022

Jerry Barrett is honored to welcome investigative report Pat McShay to the program. Recently, the FBI raided Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence armed with a search warrant looking for classified documents. This has never happened before to a former President. Though denied by the White House, something this egregious must obviously go up the chain of command. Would it surprise you the judge who signed this warrant represented convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epsteinís employees and was a financial donor towards Barack Obama’s presidential candidacy? Did the FBI have a mole inside Mar-a-Lago? Is the endgame of this scenario to keep Donald Trump from ever holding the presidency again?

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Secrets (Volume 310)
August 5, 2022

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Pro baby-killer chairwoman refuses to let fellow congressman use a world-famous image during hearing; (2) Missouri Sheriff refuses to allow FBI access to concealed carry permit holder names, even if it means jail time; (3) ATF Agents are going door-to-door checking gun ownership; (4) Barack Obama wants to kill independent journalism; (5) Mexico City citizens are irate about the influx of Americans relocating and gentrifying their city and country; (6) Defunding the police in Seattle has led to administrative dysfunction resulting in millions in lost revenue; (7) Shocker!—drug runners released on zero bail fail to show up for hearing; (8) Washington State Supreme Court claims systemic racism has long plagued its citizens and issues new ruling on the legality of police stops and seizures; (9) New Jersey Democratic councilwoman involved in hit-and-run accident; (10) Los Angeles United School District faces lawsuit after parent alleges they bribed her teenager to get the jab and forge their signature; (11) Robot dog with a fully automatic weapon-of-war shoots up targets at gun range; (12) Even Texas newscasts are immune from ERCOT’s ineptness; (13) Pete Buttigieg is astounded that everyday Americans refuse to buy EVs; (14) World Economic Forum wants to eliminate vehicle ownership; (15) Ecoterrorist in charge of Biden’s Bureau of Land Management shuts down gas and oil drilling on 35 million acres in Colorado; (16) More California city councils considering banning new construction of gas stations; (17) Crayola Crayons latest large corporation to get woke.

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Into the Metaverse and Beyond—Virtual Reality Will Displace True Reality and You’ll Be Lonelier Than Ever
July 29, 2022

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Sandra Myers to the program. Sure, virtual reality has some good uses—think flight simulators. But, if you think cell phones have divided society with everyone’s eyes and attention constantly turned down to that hoggish device in their hand, wait until virtual reality becomes the preferred “reality.” We’ve already had a minor taste, bad and good, of this new reality during the COVID lockdowns. Children going to school by video and not playing with friends; doctor visits via your smartphone; video visits with the grandparents. As virtual reality takes hold, entire lives will be largely lived in virtual reality. Reclusive and anti-social are merely the beginning of life as it transcends to new virtual bodies. Nike, Walmart and other corporations are even creating their new virtual storefronts so that you can have the coolest virtual Nike shoes to impress your virtual friends. And in this virtual life will there be room for Jesus? Will a new virtual life make people feel immortal?

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Is Vlad Really the Bad Guy?
July 22, 2022

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome author Mike S. King to the program. In his outstanding work, The War Against Putin, Mike exposes the ascension of Vladimir Putin into the presidency, despite strong opposition from other global leaders. With the current war in Ukraine, it behooves everyone to learn the truth of Russia’s current leader.

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Where Was the Outrage When Covidland Took Your Freedom?
July 15, 2022

Jerry Barrett is honored to welcome Paul Wittenberger to the program. Paul is a well-known and respected documentary filmmaker whose latest works are the Covidland series. Interviewing 50 industry experts and painstakingly gathering data and news reports, Paul crushes the doubters of the New World Order with documented facts. With propaganda unleashed upon the world, the mandating of lockdowns and face diapers, truth is stranger than fiction. The endgame is even more sinister than one could have foreseen, unless they hold a biblical worldview. If you ask yourself this simple question, “Who benefited,” you will surely be convinced this scamdemic was a man-made event.

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Secrets (Volume 309)
July 8, 2022

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn celebrate 76 years of marriage; (2) Shocking audio reveals Planned Parenthood accepts private donations which can be earmarked to kill black babies; (3) California law will ban independent over-the-road truckers from working in the state, exacerbating an already handicapped supply chain; (4) Strategic Oil Reserves which were supposed to ease the pain-at-the-pump gas prices on Americans has instead, been sold to other countries; (5) China-Joe sold 950,000 barrels of these oil reserves to a Chinese company with alleged ties to Hunter Biden!; (6) Biden Economic Advisor, Brian Deese, says the quiet part out loud on CNN; (7) Scottish man wishing to donate blood is turned away for refusing to answer one question; (8) Anthony Fauci’s agency grants nearly half-a-million dollars in attempt to make male monkeys transgender; (9) California Department of Justice releases thousands of gun owner’s information to the public; (10) $750,000 worth of fentanyl pills is not enough to keep criminal drug traffickers in jail longer than 18 hours; (11) George Soros-back prosecutor in Virginia keeps releasing career criminals who commit more violent crimes; (12) Highly touted Illinois “Red Flag Law” fails to prevent mass shooting during Independence Day Parade; (13) Meat eaters beware...Klaus Schwab and MasterCard introduce new credit card which will limit your carbon footprint; (14) Queer-owned business in Philadelphia forced to close after woke employees claim the owners were not woke enough; (15) New York City bodega worker faces second degree murder charge—and self-defense is not applicable; (16) Gun sales exceed one million for the thirty-fifth consecutive month.

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The Time Is Now to Prepare
July 1, 2022

There is a grand plan for planet earth. The elite have a dark incentive to control us through starvation and strife. The Great Reset has been perfectly constructed and this plan will force many to acquiesce to these power-hungry zealots. By giving over control of their lives in order to avoid starvation, the era of lords and serfs will be revisited. Coupled with economic hardships, fuel, and energy shortages, the masses will be cowed into following the edicts issued forth by Big Brother. This is not hyperbole, this is fact. The Days of Hunger are at our doorsteps, and those who are apathetic could soon be faced with the dire circumstance of starvation and death.

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Stupid Is As Stupid Does—Could AIDS, Monkeypox, and Sudden Adult Death Syndrome Be Jab Related?
June 24, 2022

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome investigative researcher and reporter Pat McShay to the show. After two years of constant bombardment from lame stream media to submit to gene therapy, staggering numbers of adverse reactions are proving how wise it was to deny the mandates. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrom (AIDS) cases in those jabbed are rocketing upwards. To explain the number of healthy young people who are dying a new “syndrome” has been created out of thin air—Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS). Immune system damage is also credited with an alleged outbreak of “Monkeypox.” Coincidentally, Monkeypox is only occurring in countries where the Pfizer vaccine was distributed. A multitude of other adverse reactions have been chronicled as well.

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Environmental & Economic Destruction Through EV Mandates
June 17, 2022

Jerry Barrett is honored to welcome Ronald Stein, a Pulitzer Prize-nominated author and columnist focusing on energy literacy. With the Biden regime’s war against “fossil fuels,” our economy is gravely ill. The Green New Deal supporters have rabidly attacked the oil industry, but none have offered an alternative. The use of electric vehicles, wind turbines, and solar panels are all created through crude oil derivatives. Rare earth minerals are required to make the batteries used in these devices, creating much more destruction than drilling does. The current price of EV’s is also a limiting factor for many across America during this economic hardship felt by all but the rich elite. There are more negatives revolving around the EV movement than positives.

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Secrets (Volume 308)
June 10, 2022

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Journalist takes a two-thousand mile road trip in an electric vehicle...what could go wrong?; (2) Do electric vehicles contribute to the wrecking of our environment?; (3) Midwestern states have been warned that rolling blackouts are a strong possibility this summer; (4) California Governor Gavin Newsom’s green new ordeal could cost thirty-two thousand mechanics their jobs; (5) Resident Joe Biden admits that skyrocketing gas prices are intentional; (6) Host on The View claims gun control laws will be implemented once black people own guns; (7) Workplace robot orders have jumped forty percent in the first quarter of 2022; (8) While on live TV, Chicago television reporter has armed gunman dance behind pointing gun at the cameraman; (9) Thanks to looney-left lawmakers in Washington state, motorists are no longer pulling over for police; (10) New York City subway murder suspect had 19 previous arrests; (11) State Farm Insurance supplied transgender books to children as young as five; (12) Chicago judges are turning hardened, violent criminals loose on the streets without bail but tethered to ankle monitors; (13) Professional shoplifter, arrested 108 times, still avoids jail time thanks to looney-left judges in New York City; (14) North Carolina pre-schoolers taught colors with LGBTQ-themed flash cards, one of which depicts a pregnant man!; (15) Indiana medical school is adding diversity requirements for tenure and promotions; (16) Race-based grading to be implemented in 2023 at Chicago area school to promote “equity.”

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Violence Is Running Rampant
June 3, 2022

The recent school shooting in Uvalde, Texas has brought forth the venomous gun-control crowd once again. Never one to let a crisis go to waste, the looney-left in Congress have begun submitting numerous bills to ban “weapons of war” like the AR-15. Thirty years ago, students carried their rifles to school and attended shooting classes. There were no mass shooting events to speak of. What has changed? Psychotropic drug use, cultural decay, and the destruction of the nuclear family are part and parcel to the on-going dilemma our nation faces. There is one group vehemently opposed to police in our schools, who believe “gun-free zone” are perfectly safe, who push to free career criminals in the name of racial equality, and send billions of taxpayer dollars to other countries or fund gender-equity studies. These America-hating hypocrites and their lap-dog’s in the controlled media are fueling the gun-grabbing snowflake movement.

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The “Ministry of Truth” for a New Era
May 27, 2022

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Sandra Myers back to the program. Under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) the Biden administration announced that it has launched what is being called a Disinformation Governance Board to combat “misinformation.” Our new Ministry of Truth is in charge of propaganda and will follow the principle of doublethink, and will concern itself with spreading lies. This “ministry” will make sure all information available to the population conforms with current party lines and government-think. Will they have the power to change historical accounts any destroy evidence that will prove the Democrats false? Is this system already in place?

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The Other “Social Credit”
May 20, 2022

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome investigative reporter and roving editor for American Free Press Mark Anderson to the program. Mark returns with a fresh twist, as he will explain the other “social credit” that you may have never heard about—and it has nothing at all to do with the Chinese social penalty system for “anti-state” behavior. Instead, Mark will explain the basic framework of “Douglas Social Credit,” which is named after British engineer Clifford Hugh Douglas, who called it “applied Christianity.” It shows great promise for repairing, or in some respects replacing, our political-socio-economic order. One might call it Sovereign National Credit. It’s essentially a species of monetary reform that dramatically decentralizes power by avoiding the false alternatives of centralized state socialism and top-down monopoly capitalism.

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Secrets (Volume 307)
May 13, 2022

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Mainstream media says the quiet part out loud concerning who controls the narrative; (2) MSNBC host explains that Elon Musk—along with his cohorts—could censor, ban, or suspend accounts that could affect the next election; (3) Biden regime unveils its new Ministry of Truth!; (4) Florida sheriff rankles gun-control advocates with his press briefing; (5) Xavier Becerra explains that the jab kills more people of color; (6) Teachers across America are creating secret “gender transition” closets; (7) Pete Buttigieg tells Americans to get used to high gas prices; (8) Congressional staffer will be able to afford higher gas prices thanks to the largest appropriation increase since its creation in 1996; (9) Drilling permits plummet eighty-five percent under Biden despite outcries for more oil; (10) Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, confirms that the Biden regime is handing out free cellphones to illegal aliens; (11) Who’s been visiting Biden in Delaware?—even the Secret Service doesn’t know; (12) Seattle residents protested to defund the police, but now they’re not sure it was a great idea; (13) Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor believes those who know FBI crime statistics should never serve on a jury; (14) Illinois governor orders gas stations to display his election propaganda; (15) Woke corporations are going broke—will they wake up in time?; (16) Harvard cancels feminist speaker.

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Land of the Free, Home of the Brave?
May 6, 2022

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Pastor Butch Paugh to the program. America has become the land of Sodom and Gomorrah with its homosexual and transgender movement. Lukewarm pastors have failed to prepare the flock to avoid the pitfalls of the ills afflicting society today. Ignorance and apathy have garnered a strong foothold and those with the temerity to voice truth about the degradation of our nation are quickly labeled and scorned. The fingerprints of this control can be seen by those willing to look after the COVID scamdemic and the tyrannical controls implemented on our nation as well as the world. Until such time as brave souls are willing to call out this debauched behaviour this nation will continue its downward spiral.

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