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The Perfect Dictatorship
March 17, 2023

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome investigative reporter Pat McShay to the program. Aldous Huxley, in his dystopian novel Brave New World, wrote the appearance of democracy would be a system of slavery where the slaves would love their servitude. The Green New World Order has envisioned such a utopian society, dubbed 15-Minute Cities. There would be no need for cars as everything is within bicycling or walking distance. Agenda 2030 is approaching us at breakneck speed, and it does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Biden has committed the United States to the World Health Organizations Pandemic Treaty which contains a multitude of mandates like vaccine passports, quarantines, examinations, etc. To insure compliance there must be a culling of the herd, which is where the population control jab comes into play.

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Climate Rationing Is On Our Doorstep
March 10, 2023

Genesis 8:22 explains to us that until Jesus returns there will be cold and heat. But the Marxists behind the “Green Movement” care not about God’s Word. They are determined to implement their tyrannical control at all costs. Following the blueprint of the COVID-19 lockdowns, the elite are contemplating how and when to install food and fuel rationing to coincide with climate lockdowns. Resident Joe Biden has claimed that climate change is an existential threat to the world, yet has not voiced one concern about the number of coal-fired power plants being constructed in Red China. Meanwhile, Biden’s regime and his “Climate Czar,” John Kerry, continue to pressure power companies to shutter coal and natural gas power plants with no new construction imminent. However, if one follows the “green” money trail, you will find it leads directly to Democrat mega-donors. Wealth redistribution is one of the hallmarks of Marxist doctrine. Unfortunately for the working class, the only distribution that will happen is the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

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Secrets (Volume 317)
March 3, 2023

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Union for government employees claims forcing them back into the office is detrimental to the environment; (2) Ford Motor Company has filed a patent for self-driving cars to repossess themselves if the owner is delinquent on payments; (3) Homicide clearance rate has plummeted 20% since 1980; (4) FBI background checks have exceed two million per month for over three years straight; (5) Nike is asking for police presence at their Portland store before it will reopen; (6) City of Seattle, Washington must pay $3.65 million dollars to business owners for damages caused by the anarchist takeover of a six block radius, known as CHAZ, in 2020; (7) Brazen thieves in California casually stroll out of a retail store with bags of stolen clothes; (8) Pope Francis has declared that there is a special place in heaven for pedophiles and we should not judge them; (9) Social justice has invaded major airlines with policies implemented to hire unqualified people—predominately women and people of color—as pilots for wide-bodied aircraft; (10) Legal group claims the IRS, in an effort to create “racial equity,” is altering algorithms to target white and Asian Americans with audits; (11) FBI has gone wild as internal memo exposes numerous cases of drunk driving, property theft, child abuse and others leading to a slap-on-the-wrist punishment; (12) Doctors and hospitals have been instructed to aid the federal government with tracking unvaccinated individuals; (13) A Florida doctor, who addressed a hospital board meeting about the efficacy of ivermectin, was escorted from the meeting by police.

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Controlled Media Propagates Propaganda
February 24, 2023

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome the Roving Editor and reporter for American Free Press. Recent revelations prove that George Soros has bought the favor of numerous members of the controlled media. His vision of a one world order are being promoted by the propagandists you watch, listen to, and read every day.

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Setting the Stage for the Antichrist
February 17, 2023

Jerry Barrett is honored to welcome Pastor Matt Furse to the program. One of the cast of characters who charmed the elites attending the World Economic Forum was Yuval Noah Harari. Harari is a philosopher and historian and sodomite Jew who does not believe in God. In his world, humans are hackable organisms who will become cyborgs. Transhumanism is his goal. Although he may not be the antichrist, he most definitely is antichrist. In Harari’s vision, humans will attain digital immortality.

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American CCP—Contant Censorship Programs
February 10, 2023

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome investigative reporter Pat McShay to the program. With the release of the Twitter Files, many Americans were surprised to learn about the “Global Engagement Center.” Those who are in-the-know were already aware of the propaganda epicenter for our federal government. The Democrats continue to push the false narrative that they are preserving democracy. However, as more and more of Hunter Biden’s laptop continues to be revealed, the depths of deceit coming from the liberal party are finally being exposed.

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Secrets (Volume 316)
February 3, 2023

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Climate lockdowns being suggested by the Biden administration to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions; (2) Ukraine’s President Zelensky ordered government officials to destroy all documents pertaining to Metabiota on the day Russia invaded; (3) Tiktok influencer comes to realize the grift that is taxation; (4) Like a two-year old toddler, Wendy’s employee throws an expensive temper tantrum; (5) Seattle City Attorney has filed suit against Kia and Hyundai because thieves are stealing cars; (6) Are gas stoves to be eliminated or is it another conspiracy theory?; (7) Hanoi Jane Fonda blames climate change on... racism!; (8) Satanic Temple to open a telehealth abortion clinic to continue their sick religious ritual; (9) DACA recipient who murdered roomates had been released—despite ICE deportation request—for child abuse and aggravated assault; (10) Shootings of police officers has skyrocketed since 2020; (11) Pizza worker in San Francisco fired after telling police to leave the restaurant; (12) Electric vehicles loose acceleration capabilities in the cold; (13) Powdered crickets are now appearing in popular foods in Europe; (14) Florida Baptist church requires members to sign pledge or lose membership; (15) Dr. Deborah Birx admits she lied about vaccines; (16) Dr. Carol Baker, a CDC official, has a solution for vaccine deniers; (17) Bob Snow, a pilot for American Airlines, discusses his heart attack at DFW airport and what he blames for it.

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World on Fire (Part 2)—Schwab and Company Point Towards New World Order
January 27, 2023

Jerry Barrett concludes this exposé on the ten most dystopian things being pushed by the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab.

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World on Fire (Part 1)—Schwab and Company Point Towards New World Order
January 20, 2023

Jerry Barrett takes a deep dive into events that recently transpired in Davos, Switzerland. A record number of attendees which included over 60 world leaders and over 600 prominent business leaders, reporters, and politicians. The World Economic Forum has claimed that the peons will own nothing and will like it. Here are 10 of the most dystopian things being pushed by the WEF.

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Information Overload (Volume 6)
January 13, 2023

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome investigative reporter Pat McShay to the program. Topics exposed and discussed include: (1) Joe Biden’s possession of classified documents; (2) Nancy Pelosi’s father had mob connections in Baltimore; (3) China funded Biden’s Think Tank; (4) General Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is a traitor; (5) California Governor Gavin Newsom is allowing illegal aliens to become police officers; (6) California doctors who do not toe the company line on health issues will lose their license to practice; (7) Moderna is releasing a new jab to correct the heart issues related to the Covid jab; (8) Teen deaths across America have skyrocketed in recent weeks; (9) Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of Transportion, seems to be attempting to kill America; (10) Biden visits El Paso, finally; (11) Gas stoves are to be banned as dangerous; (12) Generation Z members are not proud to be Americans.

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Secrets (Volume 315)
January 6, 2023

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Resident Joe Biden has spent over two hundred and eighty days on vacation since he assumed office; (2) Demonrats in Commiefornia had a banner year advancing progressive legislation; (3) Chicago and Philadelphia are more dangerous to military-aged males than war zones in Afghanistan and Iraq; (4) The Inflation Reduction Act includes several tax hikes which took effect on January 1st, and will affect every American’s pocketbook; (5) Robotics have come to McDonald’s; (6) iRobot’s Roomba transmitted intimate pictures that were uploaded onto Facebook; (7) Over one thousand IRS employees were fired for not paying taxes, and subsequently re-hired; (8) The Bail Project in Las Vegas faces a lawsuit after bailing out a career criminal who later shot a waiter eleven times!; (9) No joke!—Ford tells EV pickup truck owners to not run the heater during the winter; (10) Toyota Motor Corporation President advises other manufacturers to pump the brakes on converting to all electric vehicles; (11) Pete Buttigieg, Biden’s Secretary of Transportation, has taken eighteen taxpayer-funded private jets while extolling the virtue of reducing emissions; (12) Progressive Democrat calls for $25 per hour minimum wage while only offering $15 to her campaign canvassers; (13) Stanford University publishes a guide to remove harmful language in an effort to be more sensitive.

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Where’s the Logic (Volume 2)
December 30, 2022

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Sandra Myers to the show. Absurdities abound and are pushed by the controlled media. In this episode we will discuss: (1) Varied observations about liberal gender and sexuality practices and conclusions; (2) Why are we running out of money for social security and medicare, but not for welfare, illegals, free college and Ukraine? (3) If socialism and communism are so great, why aren’t there rushes of people invading Venezuela? (4) And much more!

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The Slippery Slope to Destruction
December 23, 2022

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Pastor Butch Paugh to the program. The World Economic Forum continues to hurtle head-long into controlling your everyday life. Massive food shortages will lead to the general acceptance of fake meat and the eating of bugs. The energy crisis will be catastrophically imposed upon millions of Americans as rolling blackouts will become the norm instead of the exception. Property ownership is also on the chopping block—this will include vehicles!

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Congress Viciously Attacks Christianity
December 16, 2022

Jerry Barrett is honored to welcome Pastor Matt Furse to the show. After the Supreme Court ruled Roe v. Wade unConstitutional, the Demonrats fretted over the same outcome for same-sex marriage. Once again those who have been duly elected to represent the people will further subjugate us to the whim of less than ten percent of the population. No longer is this a government of the people, by the people. With the passing of the Respect for Marriage Act, a bullseye has been placed squarely upon every Christian organization, church, and Bible-believing, Christ-loving American. Any Christian tax-exempt organization can and will be subjected to an array of civil lawsuits. The insanity will not stop there as bakers, photographers, and owners of wedding venues who are blood-bought Christians will feel the wrath of the homosexual activist.

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Fast Tracking Idiocracy
December 9, 2022

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome investigative report Pat McShay to the program. A whopping fifty-nine percent of Americans do not trust our current election system. How can we trust election results after the high number of issues during the recent midterm election? The Biden administration colluded with social media titans Twitter and Facebook to censor conservative content. Meanwhile, Biden’s press secretary continues to claim misinformation and hate on social media might lead to a formal investigation. The old meritocracy standard is being replaced in at all levels of our education system, all in the name of “Equity.” Will you be able to trust the competence of your doctor or pilot in the future? The depopulation agenda by the global elite continues with “vaccine” mandates despite the alarming numbers of “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.” Why is the jab still being pushed?

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Secrets (Volume 314)
December 2, 2022

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Key medications used to treat common childhood illnesses are in short supply; (2) China and India manufacture eighty percent of active ingredients used in medicines; (3) Respect for Marriage Act threatens Christian-owned businesses and charitable organizations; (4) Electric vehicle hoax exposed in less than a minute; (5) Dutch government plans to shut down up to three thousand farms; (6) Actress Alyssa Milano frequently opens mouth and inserts foot; (7) Furniture manufacturer fired all 2,700 employees while they slept, just days before Thanksgiving; (8) Disinformation spreads faster than the truth in a shooting involving police; (9) FBI ran over 190,000 background checks on Black Friday; (10) The Hippocratic Oath has gone “woke!;” (11) “Woke” medical school student punishes patient for laughing at her pronoun badge; (12) United Kingdom bank goes woke and faces a rush of customers removing their money; (13) Walmart CEO banned open carry in its stores, creating a target rich environment; (14) Demonrat Michigan Governor is frothing at the mouth to begin implementing gun control now that Dems control state legislature; (15) San Francisco Board of Supervisors enacts law allowing SFPD to use armed robots; (16) Gender activists want to ban archaeologists from identifying human remains as male or female; (17) Palm Springs, California implements “universal basic income” to benefit homosexuals and transgenders only; (18) Beauty pageant in Derry, New Hampshire declares transgender the winner; (19) Five vehicles rented by Biden’s Secret Service mysteriously go up in flames after being dropped off; (20) Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) claims parents should leave raising of kids to the professionals; (21) Cross-dressing Biden official charged with stealing a woman’s luggage.

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Are You Fed Up Yet?
November 25, 2022

Jerry Barrett takes a look at current events that our controlled media have twisted into a pattern of deceit. Topics will include: (1) Election malfeasance; (2) Violent crime has skyrocketed; (3) Nationalism has been scorned; (4) Inflation is destroying the middle class, and much more.

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Is the Federal Reserve Operating Under a Dark Agenda?
November 18, 2022

Jerry Barrett is honored to welcome Edward Hendrie to the program. With its creation, the Federal Reserve has controlled monetary policy in America for over one hundred years. The Fed appears to have abandoned effective financial regulation, thus leading to more fiscal hardships on the American people. With its continual raising of interest rates, everything dependent upon credit costs more. Is the government covering up a dark agenda?

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Liars and Thieves—Collusion Between Politicians and Pundits
November 11, 2022

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Andrea Widburg, Deputy Editor for AmericanThinker.com. Recently an article was published in The Atlantic, a notoriously progressive magazine, proposing amnesty for the tyrants who imposed COVID lockdowns, mask mandates, and the jab on the peasants. The controlled media colluded with politicians and policy makers to tailor the narrative to persuade the citizenry these actions were in “their best interest.” Now that truth is coming to the forefront, these looney-left attack dogs want everyone to play nice and forgive.

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Secrets (Volume 313)
November 4, 2022

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Radical journalist becomes so enraged at a Twitter post he contacts CPS; (2) “Now Hiring” sign infuriates local snowflakes; (3) Another Christian baker wins lawsuit brought by a lesbian couple; (4) Resident Joe Biden claims inflation isn’t that bad, you just need to buy generic brands; (5) Democratic prosecutors in Illinois are suing Gov. JB Pritzker over criminal justice reform law that will send free thousands of hardened criminals; (6) German energy company is demolishing wind turbines and replacing them with...coal-fired power plants; (7) Ford’s new electric truck has a shocking sticker price for a new battery; (8) Democrat Senate candidate Val Demmings of Florida claims it’s harder to be an elected official than a law enforcement officer; (9) Famed cardiologist, Dr. Peter McCullough, has had his medical board certification revoked for speaking out against the jab; (10) The Ministry of Truth at YouTube will now certify “medical experts” to crack down on misinformation; (11) Virginia Democrat will introduce bill to remove children from parents who refuse to affirm their sexual or gender identity; (12) New York Mayor Adams refuses to reinstate fired workers who refused to take the jab, despite a recent ruling from the New York Supreme Court; (13) MSNBC claims those who promote the idea crime has exploded across the country are subscribing to a “Republican Manipulation” tactic; (14) Looney-left radio host has an epiphany and proclaims Los Angeles is a mess—even though he and his ilk have voted to support these policies; (15) Washington, D.C. council is set to vote on criminal justice reforms...what could go wrong here?; (16) Canada, the global leader in euthanasia, is exploring a new bill to allow minors to die without parental consent; (17) Baltimore parents are fed up with violence in the local schools; (18) Philadelphia deputy sheriff arrested for selling guns used in a school shooting; (19) Fox 10 in Phoenix declares Katie Hobbs the winner in the state’s gubernatorial election...a week before the polls open; (20) Mother blames homeowner for shooting her child, even though he was armed and performing a criminal act.

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Where’s the Logic? (Volume 1)
October 28, 2022

Jerry Barrett is honored to welcome Sandra Myers as we scratch our heads over liberal logic: Buying oil from OPEC instead of using our own oil; Abolishing the sale of gas-run cars, but telling people not to charge their electric cars, meanwhile the elite take private jets and mega yachts; Leaving the border wide open, but building walls around the Capitol and elite property; Violence skyrockets, we defund the police, but the elite hire private security.

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George Soros’ Plan to Destroy America
October 21, 2022

George Soros and his globalist pals are out to destroy America. The controlled media forms their propaganda arm, while public school teachers, influenced by Marxist doctrine, control the indoctrination centers. The looney-left progressives control, at least for now, Congress. Antifa, who in sane times would be categorized as domestic terrorists, are the muscle to enforce disruption in society. It was no accident that antifa thugs showed up with bricks and Molotov cocktails to lead riots. These terrorists were bused and flown into big cities to lead the unrest. Their weapons were delivered to protest sites ahead of time. Where did these violent thugs and hooligans come from? Could they have been released by the liberal district attorneys funded by George Soros?

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Information Overload (Volume 5)
October 14, 2022

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome investigative reporter and researcher Pat McShay to the program. Among the topics discussed: (1) Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joe Ladapo and cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough faced the wrath of Twitter; (2) Athletes around the world are suffering cardiac events after receiving the COVID-19 jab; (3) Bill Gates has a staff scouring the internet for items related to him; (4) CEO of Pfizer claims in interview he didn’t think these jabs were safe; (5) New law in Commiefornia will empower the medical police state in California to severely punish doctors who disseminate disinformation about this gene therapy; (6) The Unifier-in-Chief has further driven a wedge between American citizens; (7) PayPal’s updated user agreement includes a provision where those who share “disinformation” can be fined $2,500; (8) Schools have become New World Order indoctrination centers; (9) Progressive pundit claims we need an Obama-led democracy commission; (10) FBI whistleblower reveals how politicized the agency is; (11) Crime incidents continue to increase with progressive revolving door policy of no bail; (12) JD Vance shames democrats immigration policies; (13) Biden’s administration is filled with anti-American radicals; (14) Parental rights are on the precipice of being revoked; (15) Class-action lawsuits against doctors who perform gender mutilation surgeries could be on the horizon; (16) Biden economic advisers, and cabinet members are destroying our once vibrant economy, and much more.

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Climate Change—Deadly Globalist Scam
October 7, 2022

With the recent destruction by Hurricane Ian fresh in everyone’s mind, it is important to note that controlled media and politicians were quick to blame Climate Change. Did global warming lead to the rapid growth of Ian? What other plans are in place to combat this life-threatening, man-made event? Is the planet actually warming, or is this propaganda? Will true scientists ever be given a platform to be heard? Why did the government enact a gag order on employees at the National Weather Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration? Has the controlled media reported on the World Climate Declaration?

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Secrets (Volume 312)
September 30, 2022

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) CNN’s Don Lemon decided the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II was a good time to broach the subject of reparations for slavery; (2) Washington, D.C. councilwoman, who proudly supports DC as a “sanctuary city,” complains it has become a border town thanks to Gov. Doug Ducey (R-AZ) and Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX); (3) Hypocrisy on display in Martha’s Vineyard after emergency declared when illegal aliens are flown in; (4) NOAA Hurricane Director schools Don Lemon that climate change did not cause Hurricane Ian; (5) Bill Gates behind new GMO maize seeds, touting them as “magic seeds;” (6) Big box stores are taking extreme measures to limit shoplifting from gangs of thugs; (7) Bill Gates brags he talked Donald Trump from investigating adverse reactions to the COVID jab; (8) FBI facing a class-action lawsuit after committing the largest “armed robbery” in United States history; (9) Ten disable Portland residents fighting city hall for the entire city; (10) Solar panel investment of $46,000 is labeled the “biggest waste of money in my life” by Pink Energy customer; (11) Researchers at the University of California Irvine reveal the electric grid will not support the looney-left’s dream of no gasoline or diesel powered vehicles; (12) Stanford University scientists claim charging EVs at night will crash the grid; (13) Tesla owner unhappy after dead battery locks him out of the vehicle; (14) Looney-left bureaucrats declare they have a moral obligation to ban diesel big-rig trucks by 2035; (15) Credit card companies, who have succumbed to the gun control nuts, will face penalties from the state of Florida.

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The Cover Ups of 9/11 and a Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act
September 23, 2022

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Susan Lindauer to the program. Twenty-one years ago the Twin Towers in New York City came crashing down. There were more victims than those who perished during this heinous act. Ms. Lindauer was congressional aide and was the second non-Arab American ever indicted under the Patriot Act. Was the CIA aware of an impending attack? Did the government create a false flag event to justify an invasion of Iraq?

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When Will the Charade End?
September 16, 2022

Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome investigative reporter Pat McShay to the program. With the constant stream of propaganda and outright lies coming from the Biden regime, one must wonder if the populace is this gullible or not. Kamala Harris was recently interviewed and claimed that our borders are secure, although she has spent no time speaking with local law enforcement or border patrol agents. Joe Biden was seen screaming on the White House lawn about his Inflation Reduction Act and how it was going to help the peons while the stock market was markedly down.

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The Thin Veneer of Civility
September 9, 2022

Today, more and more people are committing some of the most heinous acts of violence. Crime rates are soaring and brazen attacks are repeatedly occurring in broad daylight. Respect for our fellow man has ebbed to an all-time low. Our federal government has joined the fray, as government agencies have stockpiled massive caches of weapons and ammunition. Not only do the citizenry need to worry about the IRS hiring and arming more agents, but the Environmental Protection Agency, which has been militarized since the Reagan Administration, is intent on flexing tyrannical control. When an Amish farmer is raided and fined an exorbitant amount of money for producing and selling organic foods; when California doctors are threatened with losing their license to practice if they do not obey government “science;” and when homeowners no longer control their own thermostats, tyrannical elites are proving that civility is one step away from annihilation.

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Secrets (Volume 311)
September 2, 2022

Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Recent survey shows most Americans do not believe electric vehicles are practical; (2) How expensive are some of these EVs?; (3) Florida man receives astronomical quote to replace the battery in his EV; (4) Heatwave threatens California and residents are instructed to reduce energy consumption by turning up thermostats, not using appliances and do not charge EVs; (5) Supply chain czar in Biden’s administration claims lazy Americans need to get back to work to end logjams and out of control costs; (6) Father laments parents losing parental rights if the transgender-mania, pushed by looney-left activists, continues unabated; (7) Humorous quotes from doom and gloom prognosticators concerned about global warming and coming ice age; (8) Climate czar John Kerry doesn’t want energy independence for most Americans; (9) Biden’s Deputy Director of Climate, Jane Lubchenco, has been banned for five years by the National Academy of Sciences—can we trust the science?; (10) Social justice activists in education claimed teaching phonics to children promoted white supremacy; (11) Minneapolis teachers union ends strike after school district agrees to lay off white teachers first; (12) San Francisco business owners are fed up with city hall and are refusing to pay taxes; (13) In effort to clean up the city, San Francisco officials are conducting a survey about trash cans; (14) Toyota EUV has major issue keeping the wheels on; (15) Amazon is increasing its surveillance of Americans; (16) Miami gun buy-back program to benefit Ukraine; (17) Texas Governor is busing illegal aliens to “sanctuary cities;” (18) UK Royal Air Force is pausing entrance to white males in favor of women and ethnic minorities.

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