Special Bonus Report
by Sandra Myers

A Return to Feudalism?

Sandra Myers

Sandra Myers

Has the political system that prevailed in Europe from the 9th to the 15th centuries returned in full force to America? Is our American, and even the world, system of governance returned to the basis of the relation of lord to vassal?

    For all the warnings the conservatives make about the left’s fast-track path to socialism and communism I think we are overlooking to where America has already descended. We are now in the middle of outright “olde-English feudalism.”

The New Order of Feudalism

Whereas the top line of the “Olde” feudal state with the final authority (on earth) was the monarchy such as a king, queen or emperor. At today’s top of today“s ruling class are a handful of corporate oligarchs: the world/central bankers such as the Federal Reserve, the World Bank, the European Central Bank, the Bank of International Settlements, etc.

    In the Olde system the next level was followed by the mid-royalty such as dukes, earls and barons. Now however, closely following—or perhaps directly intertwined with the top level—are the ultra-rich billionaire influencers. These are the elite who wield their dark money with impunity in politics, cultural revolution and climate control: George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer; the Koch Brothers, Warren Buffett, the Rothschilds, and more.

    The remainder of the Olde feudal system was followed by the clergy of the church—bishops and priests. Next followed the chancellors, sheriffs and constables; then came the traders and explorers. In the last two echelons were the upper peons such as the tenant farmers and military officers. Lastly, there are the peasants, laborers and conscripts.

    In our modern feudal system the third level contains the titans of the corporate elite. This line of distinction between the third level and level two is blurred. Within this corporate elite are the media companies (social media as well as “news” outlets) and ultra wealthy companies. The likes of these are names we instantly recognize: Jeff Bezos with Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan with Meta/Facebook, Bill Gates, Sheldon and Miriam Adelson (Sheldon has recently passed on, but his wife vows to carry on), Rupert Murdoch, and more. These are the controllers of the next level, our elected officials.

    You might have thought that today’s correlation to yesterday’s monarch would have been our president. Alas, our presidency and congress have been made subservient by international banks, corporate and dark money, the media, and those that wield the power of such. This has lowered the stature of our presidency several levels on the feudal scale.

    Our “elected” officials, from the presidency to your local city council, are in direct subjection to those who are buying their elected offices and, as such, are subject to the whims and fancies (or fantasies) of the worldview.

    The rest of us today are perhaps divided into two classes of higher level professionals, and entertainers; then comes the lower level of professionals along with blue collar workers, soldiers and students that are at the whim and mercy of our overlords.

Back to the Feudal State of America Today

As in the Middle Ages few own real property. We lowly serfs who believe we own homes and even have paid off the bank, the lord of the manor holds our property in their fiefdom. We fall under building codes, zoning ordinances, crop restrictions and the potential for imminent domain seizure of our property if it is for the “greater good.”

    The young people of today hold almost no value in homeownership (nevermind no value of self). Many still live with their parents and have no desire to forge a life and create family for themselves. These young have been brainwashed to “own nothing and be happy about it” (a quote from Klaus Schwab). They are content to rely on the feudal state above them for any and all rights and permissions to live, work and, otherwise, for their very existence. (Covid is a case in point.)

Institutional Feudalism

The government and mainstream media have a multi-tiered system of enforcing the rights of the people. No longer are we a country of “We the People” with checks and balances to equally uphold and enforce law, but have descended to “rules for thee but not for me.” The favored wealthy or elites suffer few consequences for the same offenses by the little people as their cronies recognize and respect their rank in the order. This new feudalism is not subject to the laws of the land, but to the elite who control our elected officials.

Socialism or Feudalsim?

The claim is that we are radically descending to socialism/communism. But this centralized, total power resembles the feudal system. Now, as then, power will be wielded so it may be maintained by the top tier. Bernie Sanders, AOC and those other fomenters of the promise of total equality (socialism) are propagandized and programmed to yield to the power of the elite who ultimately bestow royal titles and offices at a whim. In turn these minor overlords are also subject bow in subjection and will be broken when it becomes expedient to break them and their feudal privileges will be withdrawn when desired.

GOD Has Absolute Power Over All

God is still on the Throne. When the kings of Olde failed to recognize and revere God, their kingdoms fell. Satan and his earthly generals are now trying to remove God and corrupt man, seeking to grab power and exalt himself. Modern man has fallen into a trap and is being taught to despise God. Are we perfect? No, of course not. But our Lord and Saviour is, and without God our nation doesn’t stand a chance.  

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