Special Bonus Report
by Sandra Myers

Destroying Truth and Righteousness...

Give Us Barabbas

Sandra Myers

Sandra Myers

There was no logic to the choice of Barabbas over Jesus. Pilate knew there was no just reason to crucify Jesus. Pilate even appealed to the crowd asking, “what has he done?”

    While these two were both revolutionaries, they advocated two very different thoughts on the kingdom and revolution. Both were radical, but Pilot thought the choice would be obvious. Surely the people would choose the righteous man and not the violent robber, thief and murderer. But the people, being swayed and controlled by the incitement of their influencers chose not to follow God. They wanted to conquer and create their own kingdom on earth. They chose darkness over Light. And, in the hopes of quieting the brewing tumult, Pilate washed his hands and gave the people what they demanded.

    The American people, even many Christians, are being bamboozled by rabble-rousing, emotion-driven politics. The empty rhetoric promising free handouts, social reform and fairness is twisting reality and swaying so many away from biblical values—the very values our nation was founded upon.

    Then as now, choosing Barabbas, the false Jesus, is symbolic of kingdom building here on this earth by men of power and influence. Barabbas was presented as a mighty man willing to do whatever it took to gain power and control to loose the bonds of their oppressors, the Romans. Jesus, on the other hand was a symbol that rose above the teachings of the traditions of men and thus was a direct threat to the control and following of the people by the Sanhedrin.

    Will Americans become a people who truly want lies and who have embraced delusion? If a people are so easily swayed by the world, how much more easy will it be to deceive people be in the future with the rise of the beast? These are the very same type of people who choose Barabbas over Jesus Christ.

    Rothschild, Soros, Gates, Zuckerberg, Bezos, Carnegie, Mellon, Schwab, et al—our modern-day influencers—hate Truth and Light also. They offer up their form of Barabbas—they give money to Marxist causes with empty promises of freedom from oppression all the while they have the same ultimate goal: conquest and their own kingdom on earth.

    Some obvious examples of emotional manipulation used to incite the crowds to cry out, “give us Barabbas” are the groups and movements such as Black Lives Matter and the resulting riots, looting, burning and Critical Race Theory education. Occupy Wall Street, COVID-madness, Climate Change, Gender Identity, #MeToo movement, and “free” social programs are other diversions, to name a few more, used to distract people from righteousness. They dangle so many causes before us there is surely no room for our Saviour (they hope).

    You, my brothers and sisters in the Lord, undertand the vast importance of resisting the emotional allure and persuasion of the choices being dangled before all of us: Barabbas or Jesus. But it is up to us to reach our bewildered neighbors, friends, family and youth. We must help them see past the emotional blackmail and string-pulling and help ground them in Truth.

    Truth is the Truth and you cannot destroy it. It may get obscured for a time with men calling evil good and good evil, but the Truth and Light always wins. The question is, how long will we have to be enslaved before the people turn again to God as our true redeemer?

    Our beloved country is dependant upon our seeing through the emotional rhetoric and assault. More than that, the souls of our loved ones rests in the balance. Let’s help them see the wisdom of choosing our true King, Jesus over the world’s false king, Barabbas.  

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