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February 2021 Set
February 2021 Set
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    Secrets (Volume 291): Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) The wearing of a mask has given people a false sense of control over our own mortality; (2) Unexplained explosion rips through the world’s second largest hydroxychloroquine factory in Taiwan; (3) Apple’s head of security and two Santa Clara Sherriff’s officers indicted in iPad for gun permit sting; (4) Secular Democrats implore President-Elect Joe Biden to remove religious liberty; (5) Google caught spying on employee’s lives, gathering dirt, and then firing them; (6) Portland, Oregon fund begs criminals they bailed out of jail to return their money; (7) Radical Democrats cut line to get Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine claiming the need for continuity of Congress; (8) Gun permit requests have skyrocketed in New York City amid surge in violence; (9) Seattle City Councilwoman who pushed defunding of police calls cops after man throws rock through her window; (10) Ticketmaster plans to require evidence of vaccination or negative tests for attendees of concerts and sporting events before granting admission; (11) Whistleblower claims a Supreme Court judge has been seen on the Jeffrey Epstein “tapes” and has been subjected to blackmail since accepting the nomination to our highest court; (12) Liberals on Capital Hill are pushing House and Senate leadership to prohibit members from carrying guns anywhere on the Hill; (13) Flashback: Democrats plan to weaponize the IRS after Joe Biden takes office, just as was done during the Obama regime; (14) Joe Biden’s niece, Caroline Biden, pleads guilty to DUI and avoids jailtime...again!; (15) Anthony Fauci admits he has been lying to the American public about herd immunity because he wants more people to get the vaccine; (16) Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) claims “sex work is work;” (17) Racial profiling is hateful, but profiling those who choose not to get the COVID vaccine is okay; (18) Alyssa Milano claims masks will protect you more than an AR-15 but ignores the fact that Hollywood security services use them to protect the stars during award ceremonies; (19) Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Raphael Warnock filmed by police body camera’s after altercation with his ex-wife.

    Who Crashed the Party on Capitol Hill?: Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Pat McShay back to the program to discuss the events which occurred in Washington, D.C. on January 6th. Amazingly, an NPR reporter published a report about the storming of the Capital Building four hours before it happened! Over one million Trump supporters were in our nation’s capital with no civil disobedience in the twenty-four hours prior. Reports and amateur videos posted on social media have shown police escorting rioters into the building. One video purports to show four charter buses that arrived on Capital Hill with police escorts moments after Trump finished addressing the crowd. Did these buses carry Antifa and Black Lives Matter co-agitators? Was Mike Pence a Judas Goat selected to subvert Trump’s presidency?

    Microwave Sickness Increasing Thanks to Mandated Lockdowns: Jerry Barrett is honored to welcome CeCe Doucette back to the program to discuss the harm being caused by EMF radiation—thanks to 4G/5G, wifi, etc.—during the pLandemic. With more and more homes becoming “wired” for our convenience, the exacerbation of illnesses will continue to increase. Some of the topics discussed will include: (1) Are there short-term symptoms to be aware of?; (2) Are children more vulnerable than adults?; (3) Do doctors know about microwave sickness?; (4) Can this technology be made safer?

    America Is Quickly Becoming a Theocracy: America was founded on Christian principles. The First Amendment forbids government interference or creation of a religion. This basic tenet has now come under a rabid attack by those who have taken on the cloak of social justice warrior. No longer are we to be allowed to judge an individual based on their character. Children are now being taught to view themselves as oppressors or victims. History has succumbed to the “Ministry of Truth” as students are now taught that the United States was founded in 1619. Basic math problems reek of “white supremacist patriarchy.” America is fast becoming a “Woke” Theocratic state.

    Despise Not the Chastening of the Lord: As Christians we are to live our lives by the principle of obedience. God has never intended that His children live in sin. However, we do sin, and many take sin all too lightly. Whatever sin we may have committed, if we go to God and confess that sin and ask for forgiveness, we will be forgiven. God is willing to forgive all the sins that we commit when we confess them sincerely. But that does not mean that we will not be chastened for our sins. By His Word and by the Holy Spirit, God seeks to show us the error of our ways.


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