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April 2022 Set
April 2022 Set
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    Secrets (Volume 305): Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Resident Joe Biden is trying to look tough on the world stage, implementing economic sanctions against Vladimir Putin and Russia. Meanwhile, thanks to his green energy policies, America is now spending almost $70-million dollars a day importing oil from... Russia!; (2) With the threat of nuclear war looming, FEMA has issued guidelines for Americans to follow in case of a nuclear explosion—wear a mask and socially distance yourself; (3) Justin Trudeau has rescinded his martial law decree, but Main Stream Media will not tell you why; (4) A middle school teacher has been suspended after being filmed stating that conservative Christians need to get COVID and die; (5) During a debate a woman claims meat eaters are white supremacists with a patriarchal world view; (6) U.S. Border Agents are being asked to leave our southern borders and head to Poland to aid the processing of Ukranian refugees; (7) Be on the lookout for “woke” versions of Dr. Seuss books; (8) Walmart has begun putting expensive steaks behind locked metal cages to prevent shoplifters from stealing them; (9) Commiefornia state legislators pushing a bill to punish doctors who don’t toe the liberal agenda on COVID; (10) 1,500 looney-left teachers in Colorado call in sick to protest newly-elected conservatives on the school board; (11) ABC’s The View host Joy Behar is angry at Putin for invading Ukraine...because it’s messing up her Italy vacation!; (12) Pete Buttigieg appears to have rewarded donors to his South Bend, Indiana mayoral candidacy with millions in city contracts; (13) Gas prices have soared under Joe Biden’s high will they go?; (14) Parent exposes another school board’s hypocrisy on mask mandates.

    Climate Change Trumps Your Pocketbook: America is experiencing record breaking prices at the gas pump. Inflation has enveloped the nation with no signs of slowing down. The energy independence America experienced is in the rear view mirror, after having been a net exporter of oil. The policies implemented by Joe Biden and his green new deal agents have essentially turned the spigots off. Lame Stream Media, following the lead of the White House propagandists, continually blames the Russian invasion of Ukraine as the reason for higher gas prices. Certainly the blame cannot be placed at the feet of Joe Biden and his administration... or can it?

    Puppetocracy In Ukraine—Who’s Pulling the Strings?: Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome researcher and reporter Pat McShay to the program. News reports claim that Ukraine has been invaded by Russian armed forces. Is Ukraine a hub for money laundering operations? What of the biolabs that have just been exposed? Is the Biden syndicate making a fortune there? Could Klaus Schwab and his Great Reset agenda part and parcel of this so-called war? Was Trump impeached because he demanded accountability in Ukraine? These items and much are are discussed in this powerful exposé.

    Young Global Leaders—Incubator to the Great Reset: The European Management Forum was created in 1971. This Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), which is now funded by a thousand multinational corporations, eventually changed its name to the World Economic Forum. Its globalist agenda expanded in 1992 when Klaus Schwab created the Global Leaders of Tomorrow school. Its members include Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy, and Tony Blair. In 2004 the school was re-established as the Young Global Leaders.The alumni number over 1300, and are in prominent positions of leadership in politics and business around the globe.


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