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May 2020 Set
May 2020 Set
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    Secrets (Volume 282): Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) CBS News uses footage from an Italian hospital overwhelmed by coronavirus victims and claims it’s from a New York hospital; (2) United Nations wants a 10% global tax to pay for “Shared Responsibility” program to address coronavirus pandemic; (3) Barack Obama criticized President Trump’s handling of the pandemic, while ignoring the fact of how bad he and his administration handled Ebola and Swine Flu pandemics during his regime; (4) California state legislators are contemplating a state-wide ban of all gas-powered lawn equipment because of climate change; (5) Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has drawn the ire of fellow Democrats for not paying dues to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and building her own fund-raising operation; (6) Loophole in California state law allows car break-ins to go unpunished. Even police don’t bother to file reports; (7) Chelsea Clinton has raked in around nine million dollars thanks to her mother’s close relationship with wealthy donor; (8) Glacier National Park is replacing signs which claimed the glaciers would be completely melted by 2020. New signs will have no expected deadline; (9) Authorities believe a convicted child molester who has been freed from an Iowa prison will not re-offend after undergoing transgender treatment while incarcerated; (10) Wisconsin high school student arrested after sexually assaulting a classmate in a gender neutral bathroom created by school administrators in 2019; (11) Are debtor prisons making a return?; (12) Christian cake bakers in Oregon who refused to bake a wedding cake for lesbians have original punishment reversed by Supreme Court decision; (13) San Francisco city official whose mentor was Willie Brown has been arrested and charged with bribery, kickbacks and side deals; (14) Former President Saint Barack Obama given free pass by main stream media even though he constantly intervened in ongoing trials and investigations; (15) Hillary Clinton suggests Democrats need to control the media to shape what Americans believe and how they think; (16) Arizona woman threatened with hundreds of dollars in fines for flying her Trump 2020 flag in her yard; (17) Joe Biden and Barack Obama given free pass for budget submissions that called for reducing the funds for the Centers for Disease and Prevention, while President Donald Trump is raked over the coals.

    From Pandemic to Police State: Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Pat McShay back to the program to discuss the global pandemic COVID-19. The American people have been compliant to restrictions placed upon them. This ignorance and apathy is viewed by our controllers as weakness and consent while they push for more vaccines. The media has willfully acquiesced and continues to stoke fear and panic among the masses. Hidden from prominent view but nonetheless leading the hue and cry for more vaccines is Bill Gates. His foundation held a pandemic simulation of a coronavirus in conjunction with Johns Hopkins University called “Event 201.” Is there a coup against our Constitution and our freedoms? Will food shortages accelerate martial law in America? Do the elite plan to fulfill the prophecy written on the Georgia Guidestones to reduce the world’s population to 500 million?

    Open Your Church Door and Grieve Not the Holy Spirit: We hear of churches being forced to close because of the Wuhan Flu. These buildings are not, however, the church of Jesus Christ. He told us, “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Christians, therefore, should open their hearts and let forth the love of Christ Jesus be spread among all whom we come to know. The Apostle Paul explains in Ephesians how not to grieve the Holy Spirit, and not speaking about the gospel to our neighbors does just that. You are the church. Open your spiritual door and spread the light of Christ.

    Trading With the Enemy—The Great China Entanglement: America was founded on definitive principles as found in the Bible and a belief in God. Communist China, whose only higher authority is the State, has no clear definition of right or wrong and says or uses anything to further the power of the State. Jerry Barrett welcomes Sandra Myers back to the show to discuss the many facets of how China has come to wield such expansive power over the USA. 1) China has learned to use the foibles and weaknesses of the power-hungry whose lust for building their own empire gives China footholds inside our government, finance, and autonomy; 2) China gives us cheap labor and goods for those with the overwhelming need to consume—new phones, new cars, new everything—cheap, disposable and instantaneous; 3) The younger American generations are being propagandized to expect entitlements from and to be taken care of by the government. They are taught to spy and report on friends and family. They are taught to willingly comply with State mandates. They are also taught that truth is not absolute and is whatever is needed in the moment.


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