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August 2023 Set
August 2023 Set
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    Progressives Have the First Amendment In Their Crosshairs: Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Andrea Widburg from to the program. In order to maintain their grip on power, tyrants will use every tool available to them to squelch dissenting voices. In Michigan, the looney-left—including Governor Gretchen Whitmer—have proposed a bill that blatantly attacks the First Amendment rights of Michiganders. This bill could have enormous consequences beyond the borders of Michigan as other Demonrat controlled states could soon follow suit. For many, the First Amendment guarantees an American’s ability to speak out against actions or policies they disagree with. However, if this bill is signed into law, it would be considered a hate crime if a person causes “severe mental anguish” to another individual. Moreover, even if a defendant is acquitted of these charges they could still face a civil lawsuit. In other words, if you voice displeasure at a man claiming to be a woman, you could face up to five years in prison for hurting their feelings!

    Why the King James Bible Is So Important to Understand the Rapture: Jerry Barrett is honored to welcome Pastor Matt Furse to the program. This powerful program unmasks the false doctrines surrounding the rapture. Words matter. Words have meaning. Where God’s Holy Word is concerned, the modern versions adding and removing words could be the difference between damnation or eternal life. His doctrine in sound, but man has forever believed himself smarter than God. Whether with sinister intentions or an ill-conceived notion of superior intelligence, these wordsmiths have crafted diabolical phrases with serious implications. Why else would a man or woman attempt to create equality of meaning between tribulation and wrath? Deny the virgin birth of our Lord and Saviour? Or deny a heartfelt belief in Jesus is required for salvation?

    Secrets (Volume 321): Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) An estimated two hundred thousand babies have been saved since Roe v. Wade was overturned; (2) Virginia Lt. Governor Winsome Sears calls Supreme Court Justice a diversity hire; (3) Progressive snowflake did not invite her uncle and is upset he didn’t send a wedding gift; (4) Forty-seven consecutive months where over one million American’s have exercised their 2nd Amendment rights; (5) Smart home is shut down by Amazon device for allegedly being a racist; (6) Woke New York City council members have targeted pizza restaurants; (7) Federal judge interrupts Biden Administration’s censorship in collusion with Big Tech; (8) With budget shortfalls looming from a decline in gasoline tax revenue, states are test driving a pay-by-the-mile program; (9) Electric vehicles are doing massive damage to America’s roadways; (10) Biden Administration aims to combat climate change by blocking out the sun; (11) SPLC has been a frequent guest of resident Joe Biden; (12) COVID “vaccine” study finds seventy-four percent of deaths were from the jab, but study is removed from the Lancet twenty-four hours after it was posted; (13) Shocking statistic—Amish died from COVID ninety times lower than the rest of America; (14) Ohio hospital sets diversity quotas as part of DEI program—patient health comes in a distant second; (15) Massachusetts Middle schoolers protest Pride celebration—chant USA are our pronouns!

    Minor-Attracted Persons—Normalizing Pedophilia: Jerry Barrett is honored to welcome Jon Uhler to the program. The buzz surrounding the movie Sound of Freedom has helped place a spotlight on child sex slave trafficking. The looney left have long attempted to normalize the physical attraction of adults towards young children. Many have claimed there is a negative stigma attached to the word “pedophile,” and began pushing to change this to “minor attracted persons.” The North American Man Boy Love Association, a pro-pedophile organization founded in 1978, has striven to abolish age of consent laws. The utilization of the internet has allowed these minions of Satan to proliferate largely undetected from civilized society. Will Christians awaken to this evil permeating our society or continue to bury their heads in the sand?

    The Satanic Temple (TST): Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Sandra Myers to the program. Not to be confused with Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan, relative newcomers to the cause Lucien Greaves and Malcolm Jarry’s, The Satanic Temple (TST), have taken up the mantel to destroy Christianity and wage war on humanity. With branches in the USA (and around the world), TST is using their religious tax-exempt status to usher in their satanic beliefs via political advocacy including for religious abortion rights.


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