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(CD) October 2023 Set
(CD) October 2023 Set
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    Secrets (Volume 323): Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Colorado 7th grade student understands history and the significance of the Gadsden Flag better than his teacher; (2) Oregon voters have come to the harsh realization that legalizing hard drugs was not in their best interest; (3) Los Angeles is reaping the benefits of no cash bail as smash and grab robbery suspect strikes again a day after being freed from jail; (4) Chicago mayor promises pizza party to students in celebration of the first day of classes...student reactions are not positive; (5) Chicago news crew, while reporting on recent armed robberies, are accosted by three thugs and robbed at gunpoint; (6) Email links John Kerry to the Burisma bribery; (7) Biden regime has now declared war on ceiling fans; (8) Over 1600 scientists declare climate emergency is a myth; (9) Masks may expose wearers to toxic compounds linked to seizures and cancer; (10) CDC has discontinued V-safe, an app that tracked adverse reactions to the Covid jab; (11) National Archive admits is has over five thousand emails showing Joe Biden’s aliases; (12) Woman undergoing cancer treatment banned from a hospital because she criticized transgenderism; (13) Christian nurse in England suspended for claiming being white doesn’t make you a racist; (14) Antarctica has shown net zero warming for seventy years, and climate change hoaxsters can’t understand why; (15) By 2050 America will see over 43 million tons of wind turbine blades filling up landfills.

    Paradise Lost to the Great Reset: What happened in Lahaina, Hawaii is nothing short of catastrophic. Over two thousand children are missing, while only a handful of children’s bones have been found. As the fires raged, Maui police were ordered to help FEMA block escape routes. The land in Lahaina is considered the second most expensive real estate in the world. FEMA employees began arriving in Honolulu, Hawaii two days before the fires began. Demonrat Governor Josh Green is walking in lock-step with his overlords at the United Nations, pushing “sustainable development goals.” Communist state legislators have introduced a bill to codify Agenda 2030. Was the island of Maui, and the town of Lahaina, targeted for destruction by the global elite? Were directed energy weapons (DEWs) used to destroy property inhabited by the indigenous people? Why were the Mega-Mansions not destroyed in the blaze? Has the World Economic Forum already predisposed that Lahaina is to become a “smart fifteen minute city?” Were the school children sold to an international child sex cartel? There are too many questions, with no answers forthcoming from the elected leaders.

    Information Overload (Volume 9): Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome investigative reporter Pat McShay to the program. This rapid fire discussion of current events unfolding in front of us offers tremendous information to awaken many who have yet to see the light of truth. These explosive revelations are not exposed on controlled media. (1) Kamala Harris claims that the January 6 events are worse than 9/11; (2) Former President Barack Obama’s gay history has been exposed... again; (3) Hawaiian government is efforting to control the narrative coming from Lahaina, Maui; (4) Propaganda campaign on global warming was pushed to warp speed in the 1990s; (5) Critics of the jab continue to get canceled; (6) Fraudci finally admits that the covid jab can cause myocarditis; (7) Biden has let the cat out of the bag concerning a “new” scamdemic; (8) Patriot Act has been used to usurp many of our liberties; (9) New Mexico Governor attempts to remove the 2nd Amendment; (10) Cashless society and digital IDs are edging closer to fruition. These items and much more!

    Rumblings and Ruminations—What Does 2024 Hold For America?: Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome author Mike King to the program. The cabal controlling the current administration in Washington, D.C. has inflicted enormous damage to our economy. The plan for more despotic controls looms on the horizon. If this agenda of the elite goes unchecked, abstract poverty and destruction of the middle class will be just the tip of the iceberg.

    Seeking Immortality—The Latest Trends, The Same Old Story: Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome Sandra Myers back to the program. The Bible says the life is in the blood. Are men taking this to the extreme by transfusing young blood plasma into their own aging bodies? Is it working? Can labs bypass the use of men and women in the lab to create human life? Elon Musk and others are already touting the merging of humans (singularity) with artificial intelligence. Mocking God’s plan for their lives, they and so many others seek a false vainglorious immortality. This is nothing new. History reflects this conceit from far back in the ancient philosophies, secret societies, to the age of enlightenment, to now. Man’s hubris knows no bounds.

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