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(CD) October 2021 Set
(CD) October 2021 Set
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    Secrets (Volume 299): Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) State Department officials instructed other federal agencies to remove details concerning the amount of taxpayer dollars spent in Afghanistan; (2) Pennsylvania state legislator presents bill to require photo ID to purchase ammunition; (3) Active and retired military personnel received an email telling them to not criticize Biden, Harris, Congress and others in Biden’s regime; (4) One of the founders of PayPal slams his former company for partnering with the ADL to remove right-wing extremists; (5) PayPal, through its partnership with the ADL and the SPLC, will only allow “woke” companies to do business with them; (6) New York City Councilman exposes his latent hypocrisy by claiming ID requirements to enter public spaces is okay but is discriminatory to require an ID to vote; (7) Texe Marrs exposed a coming water shortage many years ago, and now it is coming to pass; (8) Democrat-led cities that led the charge of defunding the police spent millions of taxpayer dollars for personal protection of city leaders; (9) Cori Bush (D-MO) has been extremely vocal about defunding the police and two of her bodyguards lost their full-time job for not following directives; (10) Brandeis University adopts an expanded list of oppressive words and phrases that need to be avoided; (11) Ruling class is now calling on the private sector to issue vaccine mandates; (12) Congressional candidate claims “we should be allowed to shoot anyone who doesn’t take COVID seriously;” (13) Texas attorney claims the scamdemic is a massive lie killing America; (14) CDC has issued a directive to set up detention camps for high risk individuals; (15) CDC director asks us to trust the science while not admitting that only women can get pregnant; (16) Department of Homeland Security claims anyone who opposes vaccines, mask mandates, social distancing, or lockdowns are potential domestic terrorists.

    China Is Playing the Tali-ban-Joe: The chaotic exodus of military and civilian personnel recent from Afghanistan has turned America into a laughingstock. Hailed as the greatest airlift in United States history by the Biden regime, it has failed catastrophically in the eyes of patriots. America citizens and Afghan allies were left behind, and now the State Department is denying private organizations from airlifting these people out of harms way. Billions of American taxpayer dollars were wasted in this endeavor. Military equipment, such as tanks, fixed-wing and rotary aircraft, mortars, drones, guns and ammunition were left behind to Taliban terrorists to use against us. Seemingly unaware of what the last Taliban regime did during its previous hold in Afghanistan, Biden and his administration believe they have softened and will capitulate to American requests. Meanwhile, China is looking to make inroads in Afghanistan by potentially moving military personnel into Bagram Air Field, and offering the Taliban its support. Is China making its play to become the new superpower of the world?

    The Usurpation of our God-Given Rights: Jerry Barrett is honored to welcome Pastor Butch Paugh to the program to discuss events transpiring that continue to erode our God-given rights. President Joe Biden recently issued a mandate for forced vaccinations in another usurpation of our rights. The most frustrating part is the willingness of the sheeple to follow right along with these draconian directives.

    The Tenets of the Protocols March Ever Forward: Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome author Mike S. King to the program. Although labeled a fraudulent document, the Zionist blueprint for the world continues its onward march towards a Utopian society for the Jews. Amazingly, this so-called work of fiction continues to accurately coincide with events proving its validity.


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