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November 2023 Set
November 2023 Set
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    Secrets (Volume 324): Jerry Barrett hosts and brings forth eye-opening secrets and facts so often covered up by the mass media: (1) Disney ranked number one in the GLAAD “Studio Responsibility Index” rating for including LGBTQ characters in their theatrical releases; (2) West Point is being sued for racial discrimination in its admissions policies; (3) Trump vows to investigate NBC and Comcast for treason if he wins the 2024 election; (4) Larry Krasner, Philadelphia District Attorney, urges judges to take it easy on “fundamentally law-abiding looters;” (5) CNN chief law enforcement analyst says the quiet part out loud about criminal justice reforms enacted by the looney left; (6) Mayor Brandon Johnson of Chicago wants to open government-run grocery stores; (7) Former State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, another Soros-controlled DA, releases a habitual offender early and mayhem ensues; (8) San Francisco has a new crime wave to tackle—Pirates!; (9) James O’Keefe is threatened with arrest after daring to film in Lahaina, Maui; (10) Germany is dusting off their coal-fired power plants for the upcoming winter months; (11) Phoenix, Arizona has been derelict in its duty to protects its citizens, and now a judge has ordered action; (12) Students in Pennsylvania stage a walkout in protest of the district’s ruling that transgenders can use whichever restroom they feel like at that time; (13) FDA is chastised by a U.S. Circuit Court Judge for its anti-ivermectin statements, but has yet to rectify their publications.

    The Quest for a Zionist Utopia: Jerry Barrett is honored to welcome Henry Makow to the program. The Illuminati is careening every forward at breakneck speed to implement their plan for a Utopian society. Nothing will impede the Zionist bankers progress. The destruction of the family unit, de-population via “vaccines,” the “scamdemic,” and the recent surge in gender dysphoria are all part and parcel to the egregious steps these satanists will take to achieve their ultimate goal. There is only way to stop these evil-doers.

    Precursor to World War III?: Jerry Barrett is pleased to welcome investigative reporter Pat McShay to the program. The recent events in Israel and Gaza are splashed across headlines in every media outlet in America. The atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists are abhorrant. Is this truth, or is there more to the story? Have pictures of beheaded babies been broadcast or published? Why did Netanyahu order the military to stand down for a number of hours during the alleged invasion? Will you be shocked to learn who created Hamas? Is this another false flag to incite American rage? Is Israel guilty of staging terroristic attacks on Palestinian civilians? Will a nuclear holocaust be the end result?

    Is the Open Border a Declaration of Open Season on Americans?: Shocking data from the Customs and Border Patrol reveals thousands of “special interest aliens” from Middle Eastern countries have crossed into America. The Biden administration has fostered a grave threat to its citizens, but controlled media will not tell you about this. You should understand how dire this situation could be and prepare yourself accordingly.

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