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The Dictator-In-Chief—Will Joe Biden Become...


Lenin’s RED TERROR Is Now Coming to Pass in America’s Woke Cancel Culture!

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News of the Day

Vaccine Coercion From Big Tech (Video) (Citizen Free Press)

Drunk on Power: Some Politicians Just Can't Let Go of Their COVID Lockdowns (PJ Media)

SHOCKING JUMP in Vaccine Deaths Reported This Week at CDC-Linked VAERS Tracking Website (Gateway Pundit)

Emails: Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel Sought Arrest of Business Owner to Thwart Fox News Appearance (Breitbart)

The Battle to Suppress Hydroxychloroquine as a Cheap and Effective Drug for the Treatment of Covid-19 (Global Research)

Cancel Culture Is Now Going After Apple Pie (PJ Media)

Wealthy BLM Co-Founder BUILDS A WALL Around Her Million Dollar Estate (Gateway Pundit)

Outsourcing Production Of Virtually Everything Has Brought US Economy To Brink Of Nightmare Scenario (Zero Hedge)

AOC’s Aunt Blames Puerto Rico Politicians, Not Trump — “We Had The Assistance” (Gateway Pundit)

Houston Nurses Protest After Losing Their Jobs For Refusing COVID-19 Shots (Humans Are Free)

Rand Paul Says "Elitist" Fauci Believes Americans Too Stupid To See Through "Pseudoscience" (Zero Hedge)

Portland reels from deadly gang violence amid calls to defund police (Yahoo News)

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You have our permission to share all of our articles with your friends and family.

The Taming of Americans Is Almost Complete

Precursor to the Mark?

America Is At Death’s Door

What Do Cigarettes, DDT, and Radiation Have in Common?

You Will Have Nothing...AND YOU WILL LIKE IT!—Goals of the Great Reset

Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back

A Marxist Clarion Call For Self-Destruction—Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The End of the “Great Experiment” Looms Large

Has God Been Educated Out of Our Children?

The Dawning of a New Year

We Were Forewarned

From Sea to Shining Sea, “Crazy Times” Have Descended Upon America

The Transition of Power Hangs in the Balance—Will either candidate concede after this election?

Fleeing Babylon

The Green New Ordeal—California has given us a glimpse into the future of...

Black Lives Matter and the Occult Connection

A Snowflake Revolution—Cultural Marxism has polluted the minds of our youth and created...

What Happens After November Third

Truth Is Not the Enemy—From Isaiah to Today, God’s Truth Cannot Be Changed

The War on Law and Order

Cash Over Victims Is Detestable—How Hospitals and Others Profited From the Suffering of Americans

Nine Ways China Controls America

Who Died and Declared Bill Gates god?

The Blame Game

Dire Straits—Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Crisis

Operation Orange Man Bad

God or GOOGLE: In Whom Do You Trust?

A Message From Wanda

Our Children Are In Grave Danger

The Alien and UFO Delusion

The Revolution and Its End

Laying Up Treasures In Heaven

Tending a Better Garden—Let Not Hate Spoil the Fruits of Your Labor

Is the Dystopian Soylent Green Movie Here Today?

THE PSYCHOPATHS ARE AT THE THRESHOLD—Discover their hidden identity. It may save your life!

Understanding History, Politics, and Psychology

Psychopaths Appear Normal But Inwardly Are Evil Monsters

A Flotilla of Fools Heading Nowhere—Are Climate Change Activists Today’s Chicken Little?

Trafficking of Humans is Slavery—One of the United States’ Greatest Travesties

Truth Is An Endangered Species

A Hard Left

Is An Empty Heart the Devil’s Playground?

The Great Conspiracy

Doctrines of Devils and the Great Falling Away—A Reckoning Is At Hand

The Coming of the Green Barbarians and Their Green New Deal

One Nation Under “The Lobby”—Is America Under Their Control?

The New Face of Fahrenheit 451

Gun Owners Beware, They Are Coming For You!—This is Conspiracy Fact, Not Conspiracy Theory

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Can the Government Be Trusted With Our Health?

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Plague of Corruption: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science
COVID-19 and the Agendas to Come, Red-Pilled
Are We Being Conditioned to Take the Mark of the Beast? (TAPE) or (CD)

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Feature Article—July 2021 Newsletter

The Dictator-In-Chief—Will Joe Biden Become...


Lenin’s RED TERROR Is Now Coming to Pass in America’s Woke Cancel Culture!

The Tyranny of Big Tech

The Tyranny of Big Tech
Amassing unimaginable amounts of personal data, giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple—once symbols of American ingenuity and freedom—have become a techno-oligarchy with overwhelming economic and political power. Decades of unchecked data collection have given Big Tech more targeted control over Americans’ daily lives than any company or government in the world. In The Tyranny of Big Tech, Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri argues that these mega-corporations—controlled by the robber barons of the modern era—are the gravest threat to American liberty in decades. To reverse course we must correct progressives’ mistakes of the past. Big Tech and its allies do not deal gently with those who cross them, and Senator Hawley proudly bears his own battle scars. The time is ripe to overcome the tyranny of Big Tech by reshaping the business and legal landscape of the digital world.

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200 Pages ~ Hardcover ~ $30.00

Midnight Ride: When Rogue Politicians Call for Martial Law

Midnight Ride
Midnight Ride is the sister film to James Jaeger’s previous film, Molon Labe, which explains what the Second Amendment and Militia Clauses are about and why they are “necessary” in order to maintain a “free state.” Midnight Ride goes on to explain what could happen if we ignore the advice of the Second Amendment and the Framers. What would happen if the dollar crashed taking the world financial system down? Would martial law be declared? How would this police state be used in the ensuing civil unrest? The founders of the United States asked these questions. They also answered them and this is why the U.S. Constitution not only acknowledges and guarantees the “right to keep and bear arms”—but the DUTY to be well-organized as state Militia reporting to their respective governors.

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111 Minutes ~ DVD ~ $20.00

Plague of Corruption: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science

Plague of Corruption
Dr. Judy Mikovits is a brilliant researcher shaking up the old boys’ club of science with her groundbreaking discoveries. And like many women who have trespassed into the world of men, she uncovered decades-old secrets that many would prefer to stay buried. From her doctoral thesis, which changed the treatment of HIV-AIDS, saving the lives of millions, to her spectacular discovery of a new family of human retroviruses, and her latest research which points to a new golden age of health, Dr. Mikovits has always been on the leading edge of science. Dr. Mikovits has seen the best and worst of science. If her suspicions are correct, we are looking at a complete realignment of scientific practices, including how we study and treat human disease. This is a behind the scenes look at the issues and egos which will determine the future health of humanity.

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261 Pages (Hardcover) ~ $27.00

COVID-19 and the Agendas to Come, Red-Pilled

COVID-19 and the Agendas to Come
Drawing on statements of numerous scholars from around the world—virologists, epidemiologists, immunologists, pathologists, microbiologists, infectious disease specialists, including Nobel Prize winners, as well as front-line ER physicians and family practice MDs—veteran journalist James Perloff asks hard questions about the global response to COVID-19. Perloff draws from mainstream publications and official government sources such as the CDC, as well as independent researchers whose work is increasingly hard to find online due to censorship by tech giants like FaceBook, Google and YouTube.

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216 Pages ~ $16.00

Deceiving the Sky: Inside Communist China’s Drive for Global Supremacy

Deceiving the Sky
The United States’ approach to China since the Communist regime in Beijing began the period of reform and opening in the 1980s was based on a promise that trade and engagement with China would result in a peaceful, democratic state. Forty years later the hope of producing a benign People’s Republic of China utterly failed. Successive American presidential administrations were fooled by ill-advised pro-China policymakers, intelligence analysts and business leaders who facilitated the rise not of a peaceful China but a threatening and expansionist nuclear-armed communist dictatorship not focused on a single overriding strategic objective: Weakening and destroying the United States of America. Deceiving the Sky: Inside Communist China’s Drive for Global Supremacy details the failure to understand the nature and activities of the dangers posed by China and what the United States can do in taking needed steps to counter the threats.

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256 Pages ~ Hardcover ~ $26.00

Texe Marrs’ groundbreaking research on the alarming explosion of psychopaths across America has serious implications for you and your loved ones. This is the first and only book to fully explore psychopathy from a political/social perspective. After first explaining the warped psychopathic mindset, Marrs goes on to describe how a sick and decadent society actually fosters psychopathic behavior and encourages disorderly, criminal, anti-social activity. Texe shows how psychopathic activity continues to cyclically increase in society until it finally reaches what he terms “Crazy Times.” This is a fantastic period in which anything goes and psychopaths practically run amok. Psychopathic con-men who claim to be the elite take charge of the government, make incomprehensible changes, and commence horrific crimes against normal humans. America is even now at the threshold of this terrible age of psychopathic destruction.

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208 Pages ~ Large Format ~ $25.00

Molon Labe: How the Second Amendment Guarantees America’s Freedom

Molon Labe

History has demonstrated time and again that, to the degree citizens are unarmed or disarmed, government suppression and tyranny are inevitable. The Founders of the United States knew these lessons well. This is why the U.S. Constitution not only acknowledges and guarantees the “right to keep and bear arms”—but the DUTY to be well-organized as State Militia reporting to their respective governors.

MOLON LABE explores the “power of the sword” and how it guarantees American’s freedom. The film includes such notables as: Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, Chuck Baldwin, Alex Jones, G. Edward Griffin, Edwin Vieira, Jr., Stewart Rhodes and Larry Pratt.

171 Minute DVD ~ $20.00
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Voices From the Dead

Voices From the Dead
Here, in the pages of this extraordinary book, you will discover the hidden secrets of Freemasonry. They are wrapped up in the sinister 30th Degree Knight Kadosh of the Masonic Lodge. The Masonic candidate will there meet Rabbi Bar Yochai, the long dead but suddenly alive man in the coffin. He will take four solemn oaths and he will be damned for doing so. His faith shall henceforth be the Mystery religion of Freemasonry. His guide shall be the Jewish Kabbalah. His destiny will be everlasting hell.

Texe Marrs • 160 pages • $18.00

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Voices From the Dead

Blood Covenant With Destiny—The Babylonian Talmud, the Jewish Kabbalah, and the Power of Prophecy

Blood Covenant with Destiny

They broke God’s Covenant. They betrayed and crucified their Messiah, Jesus Christ. They made a horrible covenant with death and agreement with hell. Now come the inevitable consequences. They are about to suffer the utmost tragedy, a result of their unspeakable Blood Covenant With Destiny. Discover how Bible Prophecy will soon totally smash the Jewish Nation and reduce its wicked Babylonian Talmud and Kabbalah to ashes. Jesus, Moses, Elijah, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Daniel and the Apostles have spoken. God’s truth will prevail.

Texe Marrs • 224 Pages • $20.00
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Hell's Mirror
Hell’s Mirror: Global Empire of the Illuminati Builders

Hell’s Mirror is the first book to unravel the warped and perverted minds of the Illuminati Elite. These wicked and diabolical men and women are doubleminded, and they are building a strange two-faced globalist empire right before our eyes. Here you will discover the inner secrets of these “Builders.” Throughout human history, these notorious gangsters have organized secrets societies based on their worship of Lucifer and their demonic-inspired ideas. Today, their globalist empire is almost at its zenith. Soon, they will be given the magic word by their Master, Lucifer, and the earth will be swept up instantly into a dramatic, human-killing bordello of death, sex, and consummate evil.

Texe Marrs ~ 224 pages ~ $25.00
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Feast of the Beast

Feast of the Beast
“The Day of Purification is when Gentiles will be forced to choose… Either be slaves or be dead!”

This is the first book written for both Gentiles and Jews which fully explains the doctrines of kabbalistic Judaism pertaining to the events of the Last Days. Kabbalistic Judaism teaches that when the Messiah of the Jews comes, the Jews will universally celebrate the Feast of the Beast. This will be a time of great joy as their Messiah promotes the Jews to godhood. He will make the Jews to reign over the whole earth as wise rulers and kings.

And exactly who is this Messiah who will promote the Jews to godhood and elevate them to global power while smiting the Gentiles? The Jewish Kabbalah tells us his name. You will be both shocked and dismayed to discover his identity.

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96 Pages ~ $15.00

The Destroyer: The Antichrist Is At Hand

The Destoyer

We have been forewarned. For over 2,000 years our forefathers whispered in awed tones that he was coming. Now, the Destroyer is at hand. The Bible assigns him the unimaginable number 666. He is said to be a psychopath: calculating, cruel and murderous. Lawless, he will nevertheless change times and laws. He is called by Daniel the “God of Forces;” yet he will destroy many through peace.

He will begin by rising from the pit of hell in that Great City, Jerusalem, known spiritually as Sodom and Egypt. In the Hebrew tongue, his name is Abaddon (“The Destroyer”) and in the Greek, Apollyon. Christians will know him simply as the Antichrist. Prepare now so that you will not be taken by surprise. He is at hand.

Texe Marrs’ Newest Book!
192 Pages ~ $20.00

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DNA Unearths Stunning Secrets:
Jews Are Khazars!

DNA Science and the Jewish Bloodline

Who are the Jews? What is their ancestry? Are the Jews a homogenous race? Are Jews descended from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?

Today, DNA science reveals that almost all the Jews in the world come from Khazaria. They are not of the blood lineage of Abraham and the prophets, but of King Bulan and the pagan peoples of the Caucasus. The ancestors of today’s Jews are not Israelites but are Khazarians. Now, everything changes!

256 Pages • Texe Marrs • $20.00
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Americans Will Not Go Quietly Into That Good Night
Americans Will Not Go Quietly Into That Good Night
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